25 Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits (No.3 Shocking Earth)

Did you put citrus fruits every time you are going shopping? If you didn’t perhaps it is the time for you to consider replace your juice box with natural orange juice you squeeze from fresh orange, buy some lemons to make some lemon water since warm lemon water in the morning could replace your addiction […]

36 Proven Mango Benefits For Health and Beauty

Mangoes are juicy and delicious, whether you eat them alone or add them to your favorite desserts. Moreover, this nice-tasted fruit is also really healthy, packed with many beneficial nutrients for your body, skin and hair. Eat mangoes and you will find it amazing not only to your tongue, but also your overall health. Mango […]

20 Verified Health Benefits of Longan (No.6 Insane)

Longan or dragon eye is one of the exotic fruit which is rich of certain nutrients, delicious and of course beneficial for human health. It is a lychee like fruit with taste which is also similar, delicious, sweet and fresh but the size is a bit smaller if compared to lychee. Longan has been well […]

20 Health Benefits of Passion Fruit (No.1 Insane)

Don’t be fooled by the creepy vine tree of passion fruit because behind that mysterious appearance this fruit has so many beneficial qualities for your health. With more than 500 varieties which are spread around the world, passion fruit is very popular fruit, though mostly passion fruit is easily found in almost all tropical and […]

20 Proven Health Benefits of Mangosteen (#Scientific Research)

Health benefits of mangosteen as anti-cancer properties have amazing proven evidence, many scientist already do some research about that. Mangosteen, which has the botanical name Garcinia mangostana is one of the fruits that called ‘the queen of the tropical fruit’. This fruit originates from the Sunda Islands in Indonesia. So, this fruit is basically grown […]

40 Benefits of Lemon Water For Health, Beauty (#1 Detox)

What is lemon water? You may thing that it is just lemon in water. The trend of lemon water as healthy daily drink is progressively increasing but finding out more about its benefits before you decided to follow the trend is highly recommended. Lemon is still in the citrus species, in category of bitter orange. […]

46 Benefits of Strawberry For Health, Skin, and Hair

The juicy and delicious taste of strawberry carries numerous benefits for your health, skin and hair with the precious nutrition and antioxidants. If you are a fan, you can simply eat this super fruit properly to reap its benefits and if you are not, what not to like? Strawberry Nutritional Values Folate Folate is an […]

23 Health Benefits of Squash (No.4 You Should Know)

Squash is a plant which originated from Americas and it is one of the major and earliest plants that cultivated in Mexico and North America, along with other plant such as maize and beans. The Mexican has been cultivated and consumed squash since 8,000 Bc and the American colonist later called it as squash which […]

17 Benefits of Organic Fruits and Vegetables for You

Before we talk about the benefits of organic fruits and vegetables if compared to non organic, perhaps refreshing our mind about the difference of those two products is highly recommended. It is true that the market trend shows that organic product is becoming the new favorite but as a smart buyer you cannot just follow […]

30 Proven Noni Fruits Benefits (#Surprising Medical Doctor)

Noni fruit or Morinda citrifolia is one of the exotic fruit which is rich in nutrients and beneficial for health. This fruit is widely known in South East of Asia, Australia and Hawaii but not everyone like to consume this fruit due to the smell. Well, even before you smell it the look is not […]