Don’t Throw It Away, 11 Health Benefits of the Watermelon Rind

The skin, otherwise called the rind — that white piece of the fruit between the pink tissue and hard green skin — is not just palatable, but it is also a strong source of supplements that end up being entirely unexpected than those in watermelon tissue. In this way, it is practically like two fruits […]

Health Benefits of Drinking Cold Pressed Watermelon Juice

Cold pressed juices are new techniques of serving a juice by extracting the fruit or vegetable juice with the help of hydraulic press, as opposed to traditional methods such as centrifugal or single-auger. Cold pressed juices are unique by eliminating pasteurization, utilizing high-pressure processing (HPP), and can last up to 5 days inside the refrigerator. […]

15 Benefits of Watermelon for Males and Females Fertility

Watermelon is not only a fruit that tastes delicious and fresh to consume, it also proven to be very good for the body’s health and can overcome many health problems. Watermelon have a lot of nutrition in it such as vitamin A, vitamin C, phytonutrient citrulline, beta carotene, lycopene, and other compounds that are needed […]

4 Unexpected Health Benefits of Watermelon for Low Blood Pressure

Some of you might thought that this fruit will be harmful when consumed by people with low blood pressure background. Who would’ve known that it is actually a wrong thought. Watermelon is one of fruits that have a big size with lots of seeds that comes in little size. Besides of its big size compared […]

10 Secret Health Benefits of Watermelon Peel Just Revealed

We ought to dump watermelon skins into the bin after we munch on its red watery flesh. Little we know that watermelon skin actually has health advantages of its own. Yes, it is true that the flesh is the central part of watermelon consumption, but don’t be fooled by the skin. It indeed has its […]

10 Unbelievable Health Benefits Watermelon in Early Pregnancy

Pregnant women are encouraged to consume fruits and vegetables. This is because fruits and vegetables contain many of the nutrients needed during pregnancy. One of the recommended fruits is the health benefits of watermelon in early pregnancy. In addition to the cheap price, it tastes sweet and easy to get, watermelon contains several nutrients, namely: […]

10 Health Benefits of Watermelon and Cucumber Juice for Healthy Life

Do you like juice? How about watermelon and cucumber juice? The content of the cucumber is the same as the watermelon, which is 95% water, which serves to hydrate the body, especially during the summer season. Both the fruit blend is very delicious if consumed in the form of juice. Besides the price is affordable […]

9 Proven Health Benefits of Sprouted Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon, known as a refreshing fruit that it seeds are perfectly safe to be eaten. It seeds are not only safe but contained much of nutrients with the details or you can read health benefits of watermelon seeds: The Nutrition Content of Watermelon Seeds:  There are 600 calories in 100 gram of watermelon seeds. Fat […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon and Cantaloupe

Who does not know Health Benefits of Watermelon and Cantaloupe? Yes, both fruit is one of the most favored fruit. Besides the cheap price, it also feels soft and sweet. However, did you know that watermelons and cantaloupe have surprising benefits? According to The Journal of Food Science who examined that, 100 grams of cantaloupe […]

9 Incredible Health Benefits of Watermelon for Hair Growth

Watermelon is a member of Cucurbitaceae or as known as cucumber family that roots in Afrika and recorded harvest in Egypt for the first time around 5000 years ago with many Health Benefits of Watermelon. Now we can find it anywhere because they were sprouted throughout Asia and Europe and most people like it. It […]