25 Health Benefits of Watermelon (No.6 Insane)

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Watermelon is a perfect choice for summer fruit. Even before you taste it the red color of the fruit is enough to cause mouthwatering effect though there is also variety with yellow color but it won’t reduce how delicious the look of this fruit is. Watermelon is well known as fruit with delicious and sweet taste. Unlike some other fruits which have varieties of taste watermelon always taste sweet.

Besides being taste and delicious, watermelon is also very beneficial for human health. It is not only an assumption or random opinion but already scientifically backed up. For the details, perhaps the explanation below about the nutrients as well as the benefits of watermelon will give you a new perspective toward this summer fruit.

Nutrients Contained in Watermelon

Watermelon (Raw)

Serving per 100 gram

General Information
Protein0.6 g
Carbohydrate7.6 g
Sugar6.2 g
Fiber0.4 g
Vitamin C8.1 mg (9%)
Vitamin A28 µg (3%)
Vitamin B10.03 mg (3%)Thiamine
Vitamin B20.02 mg (2%)Riboflavin
Vitamin B30.18 mg (1%)Niacin
Vitamin B50.22 mg (4%)Panthothenic Acid
Vitamin B60.05 mg (3%)Pyridoxine
Folate3 µg (1%)
Choline4.1 mg (1%)
Calcium7 mg (1%)
Iron0.24 mg (3%)
Magnesium10 mg (3%)
Phosphorous11 mg (2%)
Potassium112 mg (2%)
Zinc0.1 mg (1%)
Copper0.04 mg (5%)
Manganese0.04 mg (2%)
Selenium0.4 µg (1%)
Amino Acid
Glutamic Acid63 mgActually there are more amino acid like Isoleucin, leucine, serine, alanine, tyrosine but the amount is not significant mostly below 20 mg.
Lysine62 mg
Arginine59 mg
Aspartic Acid39 mg
Threonine27 mg
Proline24 mg

Health Benefits of Watermelon

  1. Prevent the Development of Asthma

Some studies said that the risk of asthma could be reduced if a person is consuming certain nutrients regularly and one of the nutrients recommended is Vitamin C. Watermelon is one of the recommended fruit to consume because the content of Vitamin C found in watermelon is relatively high compared to other fruits.

  1. Controlling Blood Pressure

Blood pressure level is closely related to the condition of blood vessels, the more relax the blood vessels are the better the blood circulation is so the blood pressure could be controlled. Watermelon is rich of amino acid called citrulline. Then citrulline will be converted into arginine which together with NOS or nitric oxide synthase will produce nitric oxide or NO. NO itself has prominent role in expanding and relaxing the blood vessels which will affect the blood circulation. Normal blood circulation means normal blood pressure.

  1. Prevent the Development of Cancerous Cells

Watermelon is not only rich Vitamin C which is prominent antioxidant that could prevent the damages caused by free radicals that could lead to the development of cancerous cells as well as trig the mutation of DNA but watermelon is also rich of lycopene which some researches have proven that this substance could fight cancerous cells effectively. So, watermelon is like having two layers of protection toward cancer.

  1. Good for Digestive Tract

To maintain the health of digestive tract is just simply consuming water and fiber in adequate amount. Watermelon is rich water though the fiber contained is not that high but still enough to promote good digestive tract so in other words by consuming watermelon you could provide enough water and fiber to prevent some digestion problem like constipation and other stomach condition. Fiber if combined with water will turn into gel-like compound that will detoxify your intestine for healthy digestive tract.

  1. Prevent Dehydration

The easiest way to deal with dehydration is making sure that you drink enough water. Do you know that 92% of watermelon is water? So, watermelon is good source of water that your body needs to prevent your body from dehydration. Besides that watermelon is also rich of electrolyte so the process of replacing the liquid loss due to some activities could be done a bit faster. One more advantage is that watermelon is coming with delicious, sweet and fresh taste compared to regular mineral water. That’s why watermelon is called as a perfect summer fruit; there is no delicious way to deal with the summer heat but drinking a glass of watermelon juice.

  1. Lowering the Risk of Kidney Disorder

As rich in potassium and water of course watermelon is good for the health of your kidney. Potassium will function as detoxification substance that will clean and wash out all toxins that could endanger the kidney. If those toxins are not regularly removed from kidney, the effect of the accumulation is not only preventing kidney to function optimally but also increase the risk of the development of kidney stone. Water will assist in increasing the frequent of urination which will bring all of the toxins away from kidney. However, too much potassium could be harmful as well; further explanation will be discussed in the point warning and caution below.

  1. Prevent Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is caused by a condition in where body is suffering from dehydration and the condition around is too hot that will make the dehydrated body condition worse. Watermelon which is so rich of water is recommended to consume during summer season to keep your body hydrated. Besides that water contained in watermelon is also having prominent role to stimulate the production of sweat to keep your body temperature under control and prevent it from heat stroke. One important to note, sweating is a body mechanism that will keep the body temperature so could adapt with the current environment condition.

  1. Improve Cardiac Function

Healthy heart means healthy life. Once your heart function is disturbed the effect could be dangerous. Watermelon contains high amount of amino acid called citrulline which has function to promotes relax blood vessel which will assist in easing the heart work. Furthermore, potassium found in watermelon is also effective to reduce the excess amount of sodium in your body to promote healthy heart and reduce the risk of heart attack. There are also some minerals found in watermelon like iron, zinc, copper and manganese which also have big contribution in promote healthy heart.

  1. Fighting Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is closely related to age. The cells degeneration will happen, though it is impossible to stop but the process is possible to be slowed down. Watermelon which is rich of lycopene, beta carotene and vitamin C could slow down the degeneration of cells and at the same time improve the regeneration of cells. Consuming watermelon regularly will reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration in old ages.

  1. Curing Erectile Dysfunction

Most people don’t realize that erectile dysfunction is closely related to their blood vessels condition. If the flow of blood in erectile organ is disturbed and then the risk of erectile dysfunction will increase. Watermelon is like a natural enhancer because it contains amino acid which will be turned into arginine which is beneficial to cure erectile dysfunction by relaxing the blood vessels and improve the flow of blood in erectile organ which will affect the libido.

  1. Good for Eye Health

Watermelon is rich of vitamin C, vitamin A and certain types of antioxidant like lycopene and beta carotene. Those substances have been proven scientifically to be effective in maintaining eye health. The same substances are also effective to slow down the degeneration of membrane cells of eye which will cause blur vision and blindness in elderly.

  1. Rich Source of Antioxidant

You cannot take free radicals for granted today since free radicals could endanger your life. Pollution and unhealthy lifestyle could increase the risk of free radicals entering your body. Damaged cells caused by free radicals could lead to certain conditions from decreasing your immunity system up to the development of cancerous cells. Watermelon is the easies and one of the delicious ways to make sure your body receives enough antioxidant to fight free radicals from causing serious damage in your body.

  1. Relieve Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness could be suffered by anyone during workout or just by doing other physical activities. Drinking a glass of watermelon juice could assist in relieving the muscle soreness. The amino acid called l-citrulline is the reason behind that relieve. This amino acid is not only effective to relax blood vessels but also effective to relax sore muscles. Besides that watermelon is also rich of water and electrolyte that could assist in bringing back the liquid loss during workout a bit faster.

  1. Maintaining Bone Health

Do you know that to maintain bone health calcium is not the only substance that is required? Though of course, watermelon is relatively rich of potassium which is good to retain calcium for stronger and healthier bones. But it is not all; watermelon which is rich of dietary lycopene is also having function to maintain the bone health by reducing the oxidative stress which happens in the bones and joints.

  1. Good for Weight Loss

Water and fiber contained in watermelon is good for those who are currently in weight loss program. They will contribute in healthy digestive tract that will improve the metabolism system to make sure all nutrients are absorbed optimally and prevent the excess accumulation of fats in the cells. Besides that the l-citrulline contained in watermelon also has prominent function in making sure the cells to create less fat by blocking the activity of TNAP. So, there are two reasons here why you should put watermelon as part of your daily weight loss diet program.

  1. Anti Inflammatory

Watermelon is containing two powerful substances that could act as powerful anti inflammatory; they are lycopene and cucubitacin E which are relatively high found in watermelon. Those two properties have been proven to be effective in reducing inflammation.

  1. Good for Diuretic System

Water contained in watermelon will increase the frequent of urination. Urination has important function like removing unnecessary substances from kidney. Healthy kidney means healthy diuretic system. Actually, drinking enough water daily is enough to keep your diuretic system healthy however watermelon has another perks caused by its delicious and sweet taste.

  1. Nerve System Support

Potassium is powerful electrolyte which has function to regulate the activity of nerve system. Watermelon is containing relatively high of potassium so it is good for your nerve system as well.

  1. Contribute in Formulating Alkaline in the Body

The awareness of people toward the importance of alkaline for human body is progressively increasing today. Most of them are conducting alkaline therapy to make sure the formulation of alkaline in their body is enough to support their healthy lifestyle. Alkaline has prominent function in balancing high-acid that will lead to certain illness. Actually, just by consuming watermelon regularly could increase the formulation of alkaline in the body.

  1. Immunity Support

Watermelon is rich of vitamin C and also one of the natural sources of antioxidant so of course watermelon could act as immunity booster as well.

  1. Maintaining Healthy Skin

Watermelon is powerful source of antioxidant that will protect your healthy skin cells by slowing down the degeneration of skill cells and increasing the regeneration of new skin cells. Besides that, vitamin C will promote the production of collagen that will make your skin look firmer, younger and more glowing.

  1. Decrease the Stroke Risk

Stroke will happen when the blood vessels that will used to distribute blood and oxygen to the brain is disturbed. Watermelon is containing amino acid called l-citrulline which has function to relax, expand the blood vessels and at the same time improve the regulation of blood to the brain.

  1. Wound Healing

Collagen has prominent role in making the wound healing process faster. However, enzymes that form collagen will not function optimally without vitamin C. That’s why consuming watermelon will make sure the availability of vitamin C in your body to optimize the production of collagen.

  1. Improve Artery Function

Artery will function optimally when there is no disturbance and relax blood vessels will improve the function as well. L-citrulline contained in watermelon has prominent role in relaxing the blood vessels and expand the vessels so blood will circulate without disturbance.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Hypertension

Hypertension will happen when the blood circulation to and from the heart is disturbed. The disturbed blood circulation will cause heart to work a bit harder and the effect is hypertension. By consuming watermelon which rich of amino acid called l-citrulline could reduce the risk of hypertension by making sure the circulation of blood from and to the heart is flowing optimally.


Warning and cautions of consuming too much Watermelon

  1. Allergic Reaction

Consuming too much watermelon may cause some allergic reaction like skin rash and facial swelling. Though it doesn’t occur to everyone but those who have allergic reaction toward carrot and cucumber may have higher risk to get the similar reaction toward watermelon.

  1. Intestinal Problem

Lycopene may be one of the powerful antioxidant that could fight a lot of medical conditions however too much lycopene in your body could be harmful as well. The symptoms that might occur if your body is containing too much lycopene are like bloating, gas and indigestion. Those conditions will lead to some more serious conditions like diarrhea and vomiting.

  1. Not Good for Diabetic

For those who have been diagnosed with diabetes should avoid consuming watermelon in all cost. It is due to the high amount of sugar contained in watermelon could make the diabetic condition worse.

  1. Low Level of Blood Pressure

Watermelon is effective and natural solution to lower blood pressure. However, if someone already suffering low blood pressure then avoiding consuming watermelon in all cost is highly recommended to prevent the worse condition.

  1. Increasing the Risk of Gestational Diabetes during Pregnancy

The high sugar content found in watermelon could increase the risk of gestational diabetes in pregnant women. However, if you could make sure to control the amount of consumption watermelon also contains a lot of nutrients that are good for pregnant women. (Read : Health Benefits of Watermelon During Pregnancy)

  1. Fatigue

Do you know that too much water in your body could be harmful as well? One of the effect if you are consuming too much watermelon is the excess amount of water will lead to a certain condition like fatigue and unexplainable exhaustion.

  1. Cardiovascular Problem

Potassium in moderate amount is good for cardiac health however watermelon contains high amount of potassium so consume it in wise dosage is recommended because high dosage of potassium in body system will cause the opposite like cardiac arrest, irregular or weak pulse.

  1. Impotence

Watermelon is also considered to be natural Viagra. However, though the substance is good to enhance libido, but when it is too much the effect is the opposite. So, by knowing about its benefits you should aware of the side effects as well to prevent whatever medical problems that might occur.

  1. Kidney Problem

The high content of potassium in watermelon could be dangerous if you are consuming this delicious fruit in high dosage. It will lead to the excess amount of potassium in the blood. Excess amount of potassium could be harmful for your kidney.

It is important for you to take note that even healthy fruit like watermelon still could be harmful for your body if it is not consumed wisely. It is true that knowing how beneficial watermelon for your body is very important but you should aware of the side effect as well. Surely you don’t want to consume watermelon just to suffer the opposite effect because you don’t know the safe dosage to be consumed.