10 Incredible Health Benefits of Drinking Activated Charcoal

It has been known from many years ago that the benefits of drinking activated charcoal is good for the healthy stomach. This making the medicinal industries for stomach ache creating many types of drugs that based on activated carbon ingredients. Therefore, the demand of this ingredients is keep increasing every time by the same way […]

15 Health Benefits of Drinking Kava and Recommendation Intake

If you ever feel super anxious at a time and nothing can stop you, you maybe will get the prescription from the doctor. If you ever read about health benefits of calea zacatechichi, this plant is also able to cure your anxiety. But then, it also might include a medicine made from kava. Kava is […]

12 Health Benefits of Drinking 2 Glasses of Water in the Morning

When is the most important time in your life? The answer is in the morning. What you eat and what you drink in the morning is also the most important meal in your day. The suggestion of drinking 2 glasses or more water in the morning is not only myth but there are a lot […]

18 Fantastic Health Benefits of Drinking Vegetable Broth

Vegetable are nutritious and healthy foods for everyone. It will maintain your health and supply important nutrients. The same way of gaining health benefits of drinking vegetables broth. Not only delicious to try, it also bring many benefits. Vegetable broth is easy to made. Just collect some slices of vegetables such as carrots, green vegetables, […]

15 Unexpected Health Benefits of Cocktail Drinks

Cocktail fruit is one of the favorite beverages in western. It brings warm sensation in the body and taste good in out mouth. Not only nice to taste, there are some benefits of drinking cocktail. So, while enjoying after office with friends, we can gain benefits from this activity too. Therefore, consuming fruit beer is […]

16 Health Benefits of Drinking Tequila #Surprising

Still in theme of health benefits, now we will discuss a little about alcohol drinks. Do you know something about alcohol drinks? There are gin, vodka, wine, tequila, and others. But this time we will focus in tequila. Do you know something about tequila? Maybe you will answer: “Tequila is alcohol drinks.”. Yup, it is […]

25 Benefits of Drinking Hot Water for Health and Beauty

Water is the essential substances of human body. Likewise, 70% of our body consists of water and that is way the average people need at least 2 liters of water or 4-8 glass of water a day. It is due to water function to keep the work of our cells and organs. Meanwhile, water flows […]

19 Benefits of Drinking Water Every Morning (No.4 Amazing)

Benefits of Drinking Water Every Morning will give your body positive impacts. We all know that water is essential to human health, and it is one of the six basic nutrients which vital to our body along with carbohydrates, protein, fats,vitamins, and minerals but sometime it is often overlooked.Water is not just liquid, it is […]