15 Unexpected Health Benefits of Cocktail Drinks

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Cocktail fruit is one of the favorite beverages in western. It brings warm sensation in the body and taste good in out mouth. Not only nice to taste, there are some benefits of drinking cocktail. So, while enjoying after office with friends, we can gain benefits from this activity too. Therefore, consuming fruit beer is beneficial.

First, it is important to introduce fruit beer cocktail. Fruit beer is made from a beer but rich with fruit extract such as syrup or lemonade to strength the taste in the beer. It is a fermented drink which is brewed from cereal grain and contain alcohol. To most people in country with cold season, consuming beer is good to warm the body. Therefore, brewing and drinking of beer has been recorded since in the ancient time. Until today, there are many companies that produce a various type of beers.

Nutrition Facts

Cocktail fruit has numerous of nutritional value. Including protein and vitamin B. The major component of the beer rich of flavonoids and source of many kind of minerals. Therefore, cocktail fruit are beneficial a lot. Below are the benefits of drinking cocktail:

1. Prevents Cancer

The component of xanthohumol in the beer capable to play a role of chemoprevention of cancer. It is also containing polyphenols that optimize the anti-cancer. It works by fend off the enzymes that can create cancer cell.

2. Protects Heart

The vitamin B6 can maintain a healthy heart by preventing the build of homocysteine. It works by preventing the clots formation in the arteries which commonly caused blockages blood. Furthermore, it reduce the inflammation during atherosclerosis and avoid plaque inside the blood vessels.

3. Increases Bone Density

Some people believe that it can increase bone density. Therefore, it is help with preventing bone fractures and osteoporosis. This is due to the levels of silicon that linked with the bone. The same way as the benefits of exercise for bone health.

4. Prevents Anemia

Fruit beer contain vitamin B12 and folic acid that can avoid anemia. Furthermore, it develop a good memory and concentration.

5. Delays Aging

The beer rich with vitamin E that can act as an anti-oxidan. Therefore, it brings youthful look, reduce wrinkles and delays aging signs. This is the same health benefits of  almond tea.

6. Prevents Gallstones

By consuming the beer it can affects the cholesterol levels. Therefore, it will decrease bile concentration and avoid the possibility of gallstones.

7. Improves Digestion

Fruit beer rich of dietary fiber and digestive properties. Therefore, it helps to improve the intestine digest by stimulate gastrin, gastric acid, and pancreatic enzyme. Furthermore, it helps to absorb important nutrients and eliminate unnecessary fat.

8. Reduces Risk of Kidney Stones

The high contain of potassium and magnesium can help to reduce the possibility of kudney stones. However, it needs further researches.

9. Reduce Stress

Most of alcoholic drinks are good to manipulate the feeling. Therefore, it is good to reduce the stresses and bring relaxation. This is the same health benefits of popping bubble wrap.

10. Diuretic Quality

Consuming fruit beer lead to significant urination increment. Therefore, it helps the body to eliminate toxins and avoid thicker blood. Furthermore, it helps to flush out waste material from the body.

11. Avoid Alzheimer’s disease

It can protect against Alzheimer’s. Since the composition of silicon can protect the brain from aluminum effects in the body. This is the main cause of Alzheimer.

12. Lower the Risk of Diabetes

Fruit beer contain alcohol which increase the insulin and help to prevent diabetes. Therefore, it is good in some amount to consume by diabetic patient. Furthermore, this is the same health benefits of  atis leaves for diabetes.

13. Reduce Cholesterol

It contains soluble fiber called beta-glucans that able to help in lowering cholesterol levels. Therefore, another health benefits of cocktail drinks is to maintain the cholesterol level in the blood.

14. Treat Dandruff

Fruit beers has high content of yeast and vitamin B. Rinse the hair with a bottle of beer two times a week can treat the dandruff. Therefore, another health benefits of cocktail drinks is to maintain a healthy scalp.

15. Avoid Strokes

The beer helps prevent blood clots. Therefore, it is good to avoid ischemic stroke. The arteries become flexible and blood flow can be improved. This is the same benefits of rumming for cardiovascular health.

How to Brew Fruit Beer?

Below is some easy step to brew a fruit beer:

  • Boil pale malt extract and hops for about an hour
  • Sterilize the mixture.
  • Cooled down the mixture and transferred to a fermenter.
  • Add yeast to start the fermentation process at the room temperature.
  • Add some flavored fruits such as lemon, pineapple or strawberry.
  • Once it is fully fermented put in a bottle and wait for 2-6 weeks before use.

Side Effects

Even though there are some health benefits of cocktail drinks, it is also contain side effects. Pay attention to below points before consuming too much fruit beers:

1. Consuming too many fruit beers can interferes the blood sugar level. Therefore, avoid consuming this drink everyday.

2. Most of the fruit beers contain added sugars. Therefore, it rich in calories. Hence, it is better to consuming the beer in excessive amounts.

3. The beer slow down the anti diuretic hormones. Therefore, consuming too many fruit beers will lead to frequent urinated and change the urine color into more dark. This also dangerous for the liver system.

4. Pregnant woman suggested to avoid this drink due to the capability of bring miscarriage.

5. Breastfeeding mother suggested to avoid consuming the beer due to the alcohol content which affecting the breastmilk can be harmful to the baby.

6. Drinking too much alcohol can make certain disorders of the nervous system and result a bad neurogical condition. It also can lead to dementia.