15 Health Benefits of Drinking Kava and Recommendation Intake

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If you ever feel super anxious at a time and nothing can stop you, you maybe will get the prescription from the doctor. If you ever read about health benefits of calea zacatechichi, this plant is also able to cure your anxiety. But then, it also might include a medicine made from kava.

Kava is a beverage that has been used for medical purpose since long time ago. But behind this plant, there is a secret that not everyone knows about it. Here are 15 devastating facts about health benefits of drinking kava. Check them out!

What is Kava Drink?

Kava is basically a drink from the root of Piper methysticum, which is a plant that originally came from western Pacific islands. To make the drink, the root of this plant is extracted and its water is the one processed into a beverage. In South Pacific, this drink is similar with alcohol in Western culture.

It becomes the social beverage and you will particularly find this drink whenever you came to a party around. This drink has been produced since long time ago by the locals, since they used it for ceremonial purpose. This beverage is believed able to cure anxiety, with the element inside it called kavalactones.

Is There Any Health Benefits By Drinking Kava?

There are already some researches conducted within this beverage. There are some good and bad health benefits by drinking this beverage. First, we will check the good side effects of drinking this beverage.

1. Relieves anxiety

This beverage has proven able to cure anxiety, as it’s already used by the South Pacific people as part of their medical treatment. And nowadays, the extract of this plant is processed into medicine for anti-anxiety medications. To get this medicine, you might want to get the proscription first from your doctor. Read More: Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea with Honey

2. Protects neurons

Some researches found that this beverage is able to protect our neurons, as the kavalactones will react with some molecules inside the neurons. Even though this research is barely known by public, further development about this reaction is still ongoing. But so far, people that have nerve health problem are mostly cured by this medicine.

3. Reduces pain

This beverage also has its role as natural anesthesia. Since it’s able to manipulate the nerves system, we will feel nothing even if there’s any physical contact occurred. Apply the extract of it into certain body part and it will work like the usual anesthetic.

4. Cures sleep-deprived problem

If you had this problem, you might get kava-extracted medicine from your doctor to cure it immediately. It also proved that its way more effective than placebo. But then the dosage must be under your doctor’s supervision. Check This: Health Benefits of Drinking Indian Black Tea

5. Reduces cancer risk

Some studies found out that the kavalactones inside this beverage is able to reduce the risk of cancer. Even though the studies are still limited to certain conditions, further researches are still conducted.

6. Reduces stress

Having this beverage when you’re stressed out will help you to ease some of it. Or by having a single dose of the medicine by mouth, it will work the same. But you need to be under your doctor’s supervision to have the medicine.

7. Cures hot flash

Hot flash is a symptom where your skin quickly gets red and you’ll get sweaty more often than usual. Usually, women who are around their early stage of menopause are mostly having this symptom. And by drinking kava, this symptom might be slowly cured. Thus, there are good health benefits of drinking kava.

Side Effects of Kava Drinks

Beside this good side effects, there are some bad side effects that our body will get if we got too much of this beverage inside our body. Here are some of the bad side effects.

1. Triggers liver damage

Kava is also having the same bad side effect like alcoholic drink in general. It might damage your liver if you consume it too much. Even for a healthy person, this drink is quite unsafe if the dosage is out of control. Find More: Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

2. Worsens depression

Under certain circumstances, this beverage will make your depression even worse than before. Contrary with the one explained above, if your body is rejecting the kavalactones, it might make you feel even more depressed than before.

3. Worsens Parkinson’s disease

Studies found out that this beverage might worsen those who are having Parkinson’s disease. It is highly recommended to avoid this beverage or the medicine if you have such condition.

4. Damages nerves system

Again, contrary with the explanation above, this beverage might damage your nerves system and all of those anesthetic treatment will give no effect on your body at all. It is highly recommended to not having this beverage, especially if you’re scheduled to have a surgery.

5. Damages babies

For women who are having their babies inside the womb, or those who are still breast-feeding, it’s better to avoid this beverage. Since the element inside the beverage will damages your babies’ nerves system. The kavalactones will get transferred into your babies through the blood or by the milk.

6. Causes ataxia

Having too much of this drink will cause ataxia. Ataxia is a case which your muscles will lose its strength and control. You’ll feel strangely weak and it might even make you can’t move at all.

7. Damages skin

Consuming this beverage too much might cause some changes on your skin. It will make your skin turned into scaly rash. It happened due to niacin deficiency and it occurs when you’re having too much of kava. Click This: Health Benefits of Drinking Milk and Dates

8. Causes drowsiness

Same as drinking alcohol, this beverage is better to be avoided if you’re driving or working with machines. Since this beverage will cause drowsiness and make you unsafe to drive or work with machines.

So that’s all 15 devastating facts about health benefits of drinking kava. It might help you in some cases, but it’s the best to consult the using of this beverage with your doctor to avoid any bad side effects happen to you. The doctor might give another alternatives if using kava as medical purpose is not fit for you. And last but not least, hope this information is helpful for you!