10 Incredible Health Benefits of Drinking Activated Charcoal

It has been known from many years ago that the benefits of drinking activated charcoal is good for the healthy stomach. This making the medicinal industries for stomach ache creating many types of drugs that based on activated carbon ingredients. Therefore, the demand of this ingredients is keep increasing every time by the same way […]

20 Surprisingly Health benefits of Alum for Everyday Life

Alum is one of the chemicals in the form of crystals that can easily dissolve into the water. Alum itself is known as a material for treating water or often called chlorine. The water mixed with alum can change the color becomes clearer than the original color. Alum itself has many forms such as stone, […]

6 Health Benefits of Argentum Nitricum (Silver Nitrate)

Lunar caustic or Argentum nitrium is a mineral that has been taken much attention for many years. Usually called as silver nitrate, the mineral is popular as it first used as healing treatment for wounds and injuries. It used to be an antiseptic due to the antibacterial and caustic properties. Nowadays, there are some studies […]

15 Proven Health Benefits of Phytochemicals (#1 Top)

Phytochemicals are the group of plant-derived compounds which can be found in fruits, vegetables, grains, and plant-based beverage such as wine and tea. Based on their chemical structure, phytochemicals can be divided into 3 general groups. They are phenolic acid, flavonoid, and stilbenes/lignans, where flavonoid is the most diverse group among them. These phytochemicals compound […]

41 Deadly Health Effects of Alcohol : Short & Long Terms

Do you often enjoy alcoholic drink while hangouts or in party? Yes, drinking alcohol is usually fun for some people and it has been a culture to drink alcohol in some countries. Alcohol has become a culture in our society nowadays especially western people. People will feel incomplete if they didnt enjoy alcohol like champagne […]