8 Health Benefits of Baking Soda for Candida and Yeast Infection

There are a lot of studies which are focusing on the health benefits of baking soda. Baking soda is a chemical compound well known as sodium bicarbonate commonly used for baking and cooking. However, due to its ability to balance the level of acid in human body, baking soda is considered one of the chemical […]

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Drinking Activated Charcoal

It has been known from many years ago that the benefits of drinking activated charcoal is good for the healthy stomach. This making the medicinal industries for stomach ache creating many types of drugs that based on activated carbon ingredients. Therefore, the demand of this ingredients is keep increasing every time by the same way […]

20 Surprisingly Health benefits of Alum for Everyday Life

Alum is one of the chemicals in the form of crystals that can easily dissolve into the water. Alum itself is known as a material for treating water or often called chlorine. The water mixed with alum can change the color becomes clearer than the original color. Alum itself has many forms such as stone, […]

6 Health Benefits of Argentum Nitricum (Silver Nitrate)

Lunar caustic or Argentum nitrium is a mineral that has been taken much attention for many years. Usually called as silver nitrate, the mineral is popular as it first used as healing treatment for wounds and injuries. It used to be an antiseptic due to the antibacterial and caustic properties. Nowadays, there are some studies […]

44 Benefits of Baking Soda – Beauty – Household Work Uses

Baking soda (Hydrogen Carbonate) is the chemical material that uses in cooking ingredients. By its function, baking soda uses to bake a cake making its dough baked well. Surprisingly, baking soda is not only uses in baking process yet it has many beneficial in household properties such as to clean stuff. Thus, here are the […]

14 Health Risks of Amalgam Fillings (No.13 Terrible)

Amalgam is a liquid mercury and the mixture of metal alloy that is used to fill teeth cavities. Low-copper amalgam normally consists of 50% mercury, 22-23% silver, 14% tin, 8% copper and other trace metals. The percentage of mercury in amalgam is higher than the other metals because mercury can easily interact with water. Besides, […]

20 Health Risks of Arsenic (No.6 Deadly)

Do you know what arsenic is? Arsenic is the type of natural sources that comes from the earth’s crust and at the moment has already distributed throughout the environment, whether it is in air, water, and land. But, the main problem is that the inorganic arsenic, which you could find in water, air, and land, […]

20 Health Risks of Artificial Sweetener (No.3 Terrible)

If you’re in the diet and if you don’t want to take the calories intake from the sugar, you might want to change your sugar into artificial sweetener. Artificial sweeteners have lower amount of calories compared with the sugar, so there is no surprise at all that artificial sweeteners are included in the soft drinks, […]

20 Benefits of Oxygen For Brain, Detox, and Health

Speaking of the benefits of oxygen, the first thing that’s crossing your mind must be ‘breathing’. Well, it is true but oxygen is not only used for breathing but much more than that. Everybody knows that without oxygen, there’s no life.  So, in other words, oxygen is a very essential element in this earth. Luckily, […]

25 Health Benefits of Chlorophyll For Human Body

We bet that you ever hear the substance called chlorophyll. Yes, chlorophyll basically is the green pigment in the plants that will be very beneficial to facilitate the absorption of the light from the sun, which is commonly called as photosynthesis, so that the plants could create their won foods. Chlorophyll is also widely known […]