The African Secret! Health Benefits of Oil Bean Seed

Protein is one of the essential nutrients required for human body metabolism. The main function and health benefits of protein are including maintaining the health of muscle mass and the build of muscle tones. Unfortunately, in some countries, protein deficiencies are quite common cases and the same thing applies for vegetarians as well. Oil Bean […]

Health Benefits of Marula Oil – Beauty Secret from Africa

Africa is one of the places where secrets were well kept. Marula oil is among the secret that the Africans decided to share with the world, a secret from ancient time which contains all the goodness and wellness for human life. The health benefits of marula oil are no longer a secret now and since […]

Top 10 List of Medicinal Plants in South Africa

What do you know about South Africa? Most people thought South Africa is a country so far away, the place where wild animals are live freely, very dry and vast expanse of nature. Well, those thoughts are actually true and South Africa also rich of fauna and some of them could not be found in […]

20 List of African Fruits and The Health Benefits People Should Know

For those who live far away from Africa must thought this continent is unreachable and only consisting of plain desert and elephants. Well, if you are one of those people and then you thought wrong because Africa is so extensive and in some ways are gifted with both exotic animals and plants. So, you will […]