Health Benefits of Soondubu Jjigae – Korean Food You’ll Love

Soondubu jjgae is a kind of food in the form of soup originating from the country of South Korea and usually interested in this dish is more vulnerable to old age because of its soft texture. Here are more about Health Benefits of Galbijjim No wonder this food is often eaten during the rainy or snowy season because […]

Health Benefits of Budae Jjigae – Health Korean Food You’ll Love

Budae jjigae is a Korean cuisine that used to have a history that this dish Made by army during the ancient war when they were starving so they got food in America in the form of sausage and ham then they processed it using gochujang spice into jjgae buddae. the meaning of the word budae is troop while jjgae is soup. Here are more about Health Benefits of Quesadillas […]

The Powerful Health Benefits of Kung Pao Kitchen with Green Beans

Kung pao chicken with green beans is one dish that has a history of cuisine that is accidentally made as a result of being trapped by a cook. The name kung pao comes from a nickname, ding baozhen. Consumption of kung poa food chicken with green beans also has its own advantages, including the following:   1. touch various flavors Here’s the […]

Powerful Health Benefits of Mapo Tofu – Tasty and Healthy

Mapo tofu is a kind of food that is popular among the hoa people from the Sichuan province of China which was in the qing dynasty, so it is not surprising that in many times there are many restaurants that open these recipes like in Tokyo. The word from mapo means numb so that the mapo tofu dish is famous for its […]

3 Powerful Health Benefits of Plantago Lanceolata (Plantain Herbs)

Plantago lanceolate or commonly called banana ribwort is an herb that always grows and has taproots that grow well. The leaves also have stalks that are around 2.5-30 cm long. This plant is very similar to a sharp sword while the flower stalk is longer than the leaves. This plant was first discovered in western Norway.  The advantages of this plant can live anywhere like in dry grasslands or rainforests. Aside from being used as a simple game called the weapon of guns by the children of the English and Irish countries it turns out that plant lanceolata also has many advantages when we consume it. The following is an explanation of […]

Powerful Health Benefits of Common Mallow – America Medical Plant

The common mallow is a type of flowering plant that blooms during spring to autumn which is also considered a medicinal plant by Americans. This plant can survive with dry and hard soil conditions.  To recognize the common mallow plants there are several distinctive features that we need to know, namely: the common plant stem of the mallow is covered with small hair and usually has a circular shoot shape, to reach one meter high, the color of the leaves is dark green, while the color of the flower depends on the species namely between pink and dark purple and the size of the flower reaches 2-5 cm, for the shape of the fruit similar to the ring and divided into many small seeds. Nutritional content of the common mallow There are so many nutrients in this common mallow plant that we […]

3 Health Benefits of An Xi Xiang (Benzoinum) – Chinese Herbs Healing

An Xi xiang or also called benzoin comes from styrax trees which grow in geographical locations such as China, Thailand and so on because these plants grow on land that has high porosity which facilitates water absorption. In flavor China from xi xiang that is combined between bitter and spicy which is often used as […]