23 Amazing Benefits of Black Pepper (No.5 None Know)

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There are two kinds of pepper based on the processing: black pepper and white pepper. Black pepper is obtained from the fruit that still green, then dried in the sun. Therefore, obtained wrinkled pepper fruit and blackish color. White pepper is obtained from the nearly ripe fruit, soaked and peeled, then dried to white.

Black pepper included in the Regnum Plantae, division Spermatophyta, classes Dicotyledoneae, ordo Piperales, family Piperaceae, genus Piper, species Piper nigrum L. Black pepper was discovered in the area Western Ghast, India. It found growing wild in the mountainous regions of Assam (India) and northern Burma. This plant then cultivated and become valuable when it began to be introduced to Europe and was known by the Greeks and Romans

The Characteristic Of Black Pepper

Pepper has a spicy flavor, distinctive smell and aromatic. The spicy flavor of black pepper, 90-95% are caused by the presence of trans-piperine. Levels of piperine in black pepper ranged 2-5% percent in dried fruit and consists of acidic compounds and acid amides piperine. The spicy flavor of black pepper will still be felt even when dissolved in water.

The spicy flavor also caused by the kavisin which is an isomer bases piperine. Other substances that produce an aromatic odor is the essential oil as much as 1-2.5% that contains piperonal, eugenol, safrole, methyl eugenol, and mirystissin. Black pepper also contains monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes.

Nutrition Facts Of Black Pepper (100 grams)

Some people maybe don’t know about black pepper, but, it has so many good nutrients for the body.

  • Energy (kj) 1067 equivalent 255 kcal
  • Fat 3.26 (g)
  • Fat, Saturated 0.98 (g)
  • Cholesterol 0 (mg)
  • Protein 10.95 (g)
  • Carbohydrates 64.81 (g)
  • Fibers 26.5 (g)
  • Sugar 0.64 (g)
  • Sodium 44 (mg)
  • Potassium 1259 (mg)

Health Benefits of Black Pepper

Black pepper is a spice that is often used to strengthen the taste of food. Besides being used as herbs, it also often used as a traditional medicine. Black pepper has health benefits for our body:

1. Antidepressants

The Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology states that cognitive function of the brain can be improved with piperine, and it helps alleviate depression.

In this Journal also explained that consume black pepper regularly can help the brain function better work.

The simple way, you can add the black pepper to the food. You know, it can make you smarter and not get depression easily.

2. Preventing Cancer Cells

Another study revealed that black pepper can prevent the development of:

  • Skin cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Breast cancer

So, How black pepper can do it?

Based on research conducted by the University of Michigan, Cancer Center found that black pepper can prevent the development of breast cancer cells. This is because the piperine in black pepper has a role in preventing cancer. This study also mentioned if black pepper combined with turmeric, black pepper will be the higher anticancer.

Besides has the piperine, black pepper also contains antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, flavonoids, carotenoids and others. Its content can help to eliminate harmful free radicals and protects the body from cancer.

3. Increase Sexual Stamina

Black pepper will work on the synthesis of nitric oxide in the hole of the blood vessels layer. Nitric Oxide is mainly affecting sex drive, especially when erect. Increased sex drive occurs primarily in men. To get these benefits, people can consume black pepper in cooked food or drink. Ingredients you have to prepare:

  • Black pepper 10 grams
  • Red ginger 20 grams
  • Ginseng 10 grams
  • Earth peg 10 grams
  • Pure coffee taste.

How to mix:

Drain all the ingredients to be ground into a powder, after all the dry ingredients and mash until smooth. Add pure coffee taste.

How to drink:

Pour one cup of boiling water, put all the ingredients of that set.

Do not wait until cold, immediately drink while it still warm. add sugar or honey to reduce the bitter taste. Drink every night or one hour before sexual intercourse begins.

4. As Laxative Menstruation

According to Prof Hembing Wijayakusuma in his book Plants Efficacious Drug. Chemical properties of pepper are spicy, distinctive smell, aromatic, and has a pharmacological effect on a laxative menstruation.

At the time of menstruation, women usually experience some health problems such as: a headache, abdominal pain, stiffness in the waist area, feeling pain around the breast, irritability, bad body odor and vaginal discharge.

There are several things that can be done to overcome these disorders, among others: reducing the consumption of ice, light exercise such as yoga, regularly clean the female organs (can be given antiseptic) and consume water approximately 8 glasses per day.

Moreover, it can be helped by taking herbs regularly 2 to 3 days before menstruation until the end of menstruation. Herbs that can be used include: ginger, fennel, turmeric, coriander, betel leaves, tamarind, black pepper, cinnamon, black cumin. Besides Black pepper also serves as a stamina enhancer.

5. As Asthma Drugs

Pepper can be used for the treatment of respiratory such as asthma, cough with phlegm etc. As an asthma drug, can be done by taking 10 grains of pepper, 8 betel leaves and pulverized and then add 1 teaspoon of eucalyptus oil. Concoction stirred and then applied on the neck and chest.

6. Reduce Nasal Congestion

Black pepper can reduce nasal congestion. Not only that, the antibacterial properties of the black pepper can be used as a natural remedy to cure colds and coughs. The pain arising from sinusitis and nasal congestion can be reduced with black pepper.

7. Overcoming Anorexia

Black pepper can raise appetite for anorexics. Anorexia is a disorder of the appetite because they do not want to maintain a healthy body weight and fat because of fear of self-image.

Anorexia often experienced by woman, the onset of anorexia is usually because of a desire to have a slender body that they refused food or nutrient intake according to his needs.

Adding a bit of black pepper in the meal can help cure anorexia slowly.

8. Helps The Digestive System

Black pepper helps in digestion because of piperine from black pepper stimulates the appetite by stimulating the stomach in order to produce hydrochloric acid. This acid is the acid that is essential for digesting proteins and other food that has been in the belly.

When to eat that is not digested properly it will cause flatulence, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation and acidity in the body. Hydrochloric acid is secreted in excess will help prevent this condition are.

To help digestion, add one tablespoon (depending on the number of servings of food that is being prepared) freshly ground black pepper, while cooking. It will add flavor to the dish and keep the stomach to stay healthy.

9. Wound Healing

Black pepper can heal wounds. When you are exposed to injuries such as scratches knife, sprinkle black pepper on top of cuts or scratches. This will help stop the bleeding and can kill germs in the wound.

10. Relieves Flu

To you who are suffering from flu, a good time to add a black pepper on your food. Black pepper will smooth the flow of blood in the head and loosen respiratory tract clogged because of the flu. The sensation of spicy pepper well suited for the symptoms arising from influenza like as headache, nausea and abdominal bloating.

11. Relieve Flatulence

The famous of black pepper is carminative properties that can prevent the formation of gas. It can relieve the discomfort caused by bloating and abdominal pain (colic). Add black pepper to food, instead of chili powder will help relieve flatulence.

12. Preventing Heart Disease

Heart disease is caused by cholesterol levels in the blood. If you want to solve it, the piperine in black pepper can balance the levels of blood cholesterol, and avoid or treat heart disease

13. Preventing Infection From Insect Bites

Black pepper can prevent infection from insect bites because black pepper has antibacterial properties. Pepper is also beneficial in the diet help to keep your arteries clean.

14. Reduce Tooth Pain

Salt mixed with black pepper will become effective toothache medicine, especially when toothache becomes very annoying. Pepper and salt has a natural ingredient which is able to kill germs and overcoming the pain of toothache. Mix black pepper and salt with a few cups of water to become a paste. Apply this paste pepper and salt on a sore tooth and leave for a few minutes until the natural properties of the natural material is absorbed, do it for several days until a toothache subsided.

15. Increase Metabolism

Black pepper can help break down fat cells faster and help you lose weight. It also can increase the body’s metabolism so the weight loss process can be done easily. Black pepper can cause a person to sweat and urination, it is to help eliminate toxins and also help clean the arteries to cleanse the blood of toxins.

Benefits Of Black Pepper for Beauty

16. To lose weight

Black pepper can help you lose weight because black pepper can assist proper assimilation (in extracting all the nutrients) food. In addition, the outer layer containing phytonutrients that can powerfully stimulate the breakdown of fat cells. It also causes sweating and urination, it is great for removing toxins from the body. All these activities are collective will help in weight loss. For effective weight loss, just sprinkle black pepper on food. But do not eat too much.

17. Can Cure Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin disease that causes some areas of skin lose their normal pigment and turn white. The content of piperine contained in pepper help to stimulate the skin to produce pigment, it is revealed from studies in London. For vertiligo, combining the piperine and ultra violet light therapy is much better compared to other treatments. Another possibility is to reduce the possibility of skin cancer from excessive ultraviolet radiation.

18. Nourish Skin

It turned out that black pepper can act as an exfoliant. When black pepper crushed and added to a facial scrub can help to stimulate circulation, slough off dead skin, and helps deliver more nutrients to the skin. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory in black pepper will help and keep the skin from infections such as acne.

19. Eliminate Dandruff

This is due to anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of the black pepper that can get rid of dandruff. To overcome the problems of dandruff in the hair, you only need to mix a teaspoon of black pepper that has been mashed and then mixed with yogurt. Once well blended and apply on the hair and then let stand about 30 minutes. After that, rinse hair with water without use shampoo.

The next day then the hair is rinsed with shampoo. Because tough black pepper can cause scalp burns, therefore, do not use too much.

20. Prevent Acne

To cope with acne can use black pepper in a way be black pepper as the mask. As the mask, black pepper can decrease the dead skin cells, smooth the flow of oxygen in the skin, nourish the skin and be antibacterial for the cause of acne.

21. Make a Strong and Thick Hair

In addition to using aloe vera, celery, pecans. It turned out that black pepper can also make your hair becomes thicker and stronger.

It is very easy is to make the hair musk made of black pepper and lemon seeds. To make it you just need to mix one teaspoon of black pepper powder, one teaspoon lemon seed that has been mashed and mixed with a few drops of olive oil until thickened.

After that put the musk of black pepper hair into your scalp until uniform, then let stand for 20 minutes, then after 20 minutes wash the hair with warm water and then wash with shampoo.

By wearing musk of black pepper on hair regularly will grow faster, hair becomes thick and healthy natural course.

22. Eliminating Gray Hair

Gray or white hair on the head is usually synonymous with someone who had grown older. However it turns out, there are many young people who are under 30 years old have gray hair. Usually, it is caused due to stress or a lack of pigment in the hair after the hair follicle can no longer dye your hair, so that arose gray.

To get rid of gray hair so it will not interfere with the appearance, you can also avail of black pepper, the way is very easy. Mix one gram of black pepper with one hundred grams of unsweetened yogurt. After that, apply gently on the scalp and hair, let stand for one hour. After that wash hair with warm water and shampoo.

Do this treatment every week, so your hair looks more beautiful without gray hair. In addition to using black pepper, you can also use civet coffee mixed with yogurt to get the same benefits.

23. Prevent Baldness

To prevent baldness, you can actually do a way home simply by using black pepper, called black pepper shampoo.

The trick is to utilize a mixture of black pepper and yogurt. Black pepper paste is then rubbed on the hair, such as when using shampoo. After that, allow a few minutes, then rinse and wash hair with a shampoo.

Side Effects of Black Pepper

1. Irritable bowel. its piperine in black pepper is hot to the bowel. So, patients who have undergone abdominal surgery must be careful in consuming because black pepper has the irritating effect on the bowel.

2. Burning sensation. Because pepper is hot, you should make a limit for consuming black pepper. if not, it can cause burning sensation in:

  • Stomach, In some cases, overuse of black pepper can cause severe burning in the stomach. But the burning sensation is temporary.
  • Skin. Avoid using pepper directly on the skin can cause the skin burning.
  • Eyes. In addition, to the abdomen pepper also creates a burning sensation in eyes. and if it gets into the eyes it can cause burning and redness in eyes.

3. Black pepper can cause sneezing.

4. Can cause gastrointestinal. People with gastrointestinal illness can gastrointestinal problems if consumed excessively black pepper.

5. Black Pepper can create difficulties during pregnancy and breastfeeding. When pregnant, the body will be sensitive to spices. So if you feel addicted to the taste, can be added to a favorite dish but in a minimal amount. Because the hot and spicy taste of pepper can be transferred into breastfeeding.

6. Pepper can increase the level of dryness. If you have dry skin, too much black pepper is certainly going to add to it. So limit your consumption of pepper.

7. Increase body heat. Do not widely consumed in summer. When the summer is hot, do not add too much pepper as it can increase body heat and can even cause a bloody nose.


Patients taking cyclosporine A, digoxin, cholinergic, and cytochrome P450 should avoid the consumption of black pepper. Despite black pepper has many benefits, it also has side effects if taken incorrectly. So, let’s consume black pepper wisely.