37 Health Benefits of Oranges (#Scientific Base)

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Orange considered as one of the healthiest fruit in the world with much lesser side effects if compared to all the health benefits of oranges. Orange comes from the citrus species and generally divided into two category based on the flavor, sweet and bitter. Though orange was widely known to grow in tropical climates but orange tree could be found in almost every corner of the world. And when speaking of variety of orange there are more than 100 varieties, each variety has its own name and almost in every country as its own variety of orange. That’s one of the reason why orange is very popular around the world.

Fun fact about orange is the fruit comes first before the color. Originally the word orange derived from the word ‘narange’ which originated from Arabic word ‘naranj’ from around 14th century while the word orange used as color was used for the first time in 1542.

However, the origin of orange was already found around 4,000 BC in South East of Asia and then the popularity of orange was spread to India and Middle East until 15th century when orange was first introduced to Europe. One more interesting fact about orange is, in the late of 15th century Christopher Columbus is the first one who planted and introduced orange in the Caribbean Island.

Nutritional Breakdown of Oranges:

Serving: 1 Medium-size Orange (131 grams)
General NutrientsDV/DRI 
Vitamin C93%
Vitamin A14%
Vitamin B19%
Panthothenic Acid7%

Health Benefits of Oranges:

From the table mentioned above, it shows that Vitamin C is dominating the nutrients contained in orange. Perhaps that is why Vitamin C is always linked to orange. However, through this fruit we will find out how wonderful vitamin C for your body is. Below are some health benefits of orange that will make you realize how big the contribution of orange in keeping your body healthy:

  1. Boosting Immune System

Do you know that just by consuming one medium-size orange you already able to fulfill almost 75% vitamin C required by your body? Since vitamin C has prominent role as antioxidant that could assist in protecting cells and fight free radical, surely orange is also able to function as the natural booster of immune system. There is no more delicious way to deal with cough and cold but a glass of orange juice.

  1. Natural Anti-Inflammation

Orange is still in citrus variety and citrus has been widely known to be excellent source of anti-inflammation agents. Unhealthy lifestyle and diet could lead to some inflammation issues in your body and orange has effective properties in fighting those conditions.

  1. Prevent Cancer

Besides antioxidant compound which is relatively high found in orange that could provide additional protection of healthy cells from free radical. Orange also contains a compound called D-limonene which has been proven to be effective in preventing the development of cancerous cells and fighting against several types of cancer like breast cancer and lung cancer.

  1. Natural Detox

Vitamin A and vitamin C, if they are working together they could improve the kidney function. Those two substances could improve the kidney function, so all toxins in the body could be removed completely. In other words, orange is also functioning as natural detox.

  1. Assisting the Regeneration of New Cells

As rich of antioxidant orange is also good for the regeneration of cells. That is why orange is also well known as powerful anti-aging. The antioxidant properties will assist in protecting the healthy cells, repairing the damaged cells and regenerating new cells.

  1. Contained Healthy Carbohydrate

Carbohydrate is one of the important nutrients that needed by human body. Sugar contained in carbohydrate will be turned into glucose that will produce either fats or energy. Orange contained healthy amount of carbohydrate as well as rich of vitamin C and fiber. So, all the nutrients needed by your body available in orange in moderate amount that will not endanger your healthy lifestyle.

  1. Regulating Blood Pressure

As natural antioxidant and rich of soluble fiber of course orange is good for blood pressure. Some properties contained in orange could assist in removing dangerous substances like cholesterol and plaques that were accumulated in the blood vessel that affects the blood circulation. Good blood circulation means healthy level of blood pressure.

  1. Maintain Eye Health and Vision

Orange is rich of vitamin A which is effective in fighting age-related macular degeneration disease which closely related to vision condition. In the worst case, that condition could lead to blindness in senior age. Since vitamin A also able to assist your eyes to absorb light, orange could improve night vision as well.

  1. Good for Digestive System

The content of fiber is relatively high so it is good for those who have digestion problem. Soluble fiber contained in orange will help in normalizing the move of waste and food inside the intestine system and at the same time removing all the necessary substances.

  1. Effective in Fighting Viral Infection

Viral infections like cold, cough, soar throat and many more might be easy to deal with but not easy to avoid. Orange which is rich of vitamin C and functioning as excellent antioxidant could provide additional protection to prevent all viral infections to enter your body by boosting your immunity system.

  1. Boosting Heart Health

Natural substances found in orange like vitamin C, fiber, potassium and choline are substances which are already proven to be good for heart health. Especially vitamin C, as antioxidant it will take care of free radicals that could cause the accumulation of plaque in arteries which could lead to several heart conditions.

  1. Preventing Kidney Problem and the Development of Kidney Stones

Drinking orange in moderate amount could assist in preventing kidney problem as well as reducing the risk of the development of kidney stones. It is because of the high content of vitamin A found in orange. Vitamin A could optimize the function of kidney, so all toxins in the body could be removed completely.

  1. Good for Liver

Recent studies conducted showed that one of vitamin A’s compounds well known as carotenoids has been proven to be able in reducing the risk of liver cancer.

  1. Assisting in Lowering Cholesterol Level

One of the amazing functions of soluble fiber which is relatively high found in orange is it could bind the cholesterol compounds found inside the intestine to be wash out from the body. That’s why orange is effective in lowering the cholesterol level.

  1. Good for Pregnant Mother

Pregnant mother needs all the important nutrients to keep them fit during pregnancy as well as nutrients required for the development of the fetal. Vitamin C contained in orange could assist a pregnant mother in optimizing the absorption of iron which is essential for the production of red blood cells. Furthermore, vitamin B9 or folate is also good for the brain development of the fetal.

  1. Considered as Super Food for Brain

As rich of folate of course orange could be considered as super food for brain development. Besides that orange also contains some important substances that could help in maintaining memory function.

  1. Improving Sperm Quality in Male

Orange is an excellent as well as the easiest solution for male to enhance their fertility. Vitamin C as antioxidant is widely known as cell protector that could assist in repairing the damaged cells. Furthermore, it is also able to protect sperm from being damaged genetically.

  1. Additional Protection Against Cardiovascular Diseases

One of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases is the high level of cholesterol in the body. Orange has ability to reduce the production of bad cholesterol and at the same time increase the production of good cholesterol. So, substances contained in orange are like the additional protection against any cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Protecting Respiratory Health

For smoker the risk of lung cancer is higher and the risk of any respiratory condition is even higher. Recent studies stated that all foods that are rich of beta-cryptoxanthin has significant role in reducing the risk of respiration conditions and orange is one of the fruits that are rich of that substance.

  1. Recommended for Weight Loss Diet

As rich in fiber of course orange is good for weight loss diet program. However, there is one important thing you should note, for weight loss diet, eating orange is much more recommended than drinking the juice because the content of fiber will be loss after the squeezing process.

  1. Good for Diabetes Patients

Because of the high content of fiber in orange, it also able to assist patient with diabetes in controlling the blood sugar level. Healthy digestion means optimal removal of unnecessary substances that could cause the increasing of blood sugar level.

  1. Maintaining Bone and Teeth Health

Health Benefits of Oranges for strength bone and teeth is very important. Well, as rich in calcium orange is also one of the recommended fruits that are good to help in maintaining the healthy bone and teeth.

Beauty Benefits of Oranges:

Apart from all the benefits of your health, orange also could do wonders to your skin and hair. Not only the orange itself, the juice and the peels also have their own contributions to your skin and hair. Below are some further explanations as well as some tips:

  1. Natural Skin Moisturizer

Orange is not only well known due to its acidic content but also vitamin C which will increase the production of collagen. Collagen in your skin has prominent role in moisturizing your skin so it will look fairer, brighter and firm.

  1. Reducing Dark Spots

What people mostly do to the orange peels is throwing them away after they consume the fruits. Well, don’t do that, the vitamin C contained in orange peels could help you reducing or even removing dark spots in your skin. What you should do is just drying them in the sun and then grinding them to be used as scrub.

  1. Home Remedy Treatment for Acnes

Any citrus contained high citric acid content and orange is not the exception. The citric acid here is very effective to treat acnes. In this matter, you could utilize both the orange juice as well as the orange peels. Make them into paste and use them like you use face mask.

  1. Natural Skin Whitening Solution

As antioxidant, vitamin C contained in orange surely could work as natural skin whitening as well. However, for much more effective result, you could use some tea spoons of orange juice to be mix with orange peels which already made into paste. Use them as face mask regularly for fairer skin.

  1. Anti-Aging Benefits

All fruits which are containing high antioxidant content always have anti aging benefits due to its quality on protecting cells from free radicals that could cause damaged skin cells.

  1. Removing Blackheads

Getting rid of blackheads sometimes is very painful. However, by using orange peels you could avoid the painful part and enjoy the excellent result. You just need to make sure to wash them off with warm water which functioning as the pore opener so the blackheads could be extracted completely.

  1. For Glowing Face Skin

Vitamin C is also able to optimize the production of collagen. This substance has big contribution in making your face skin firm and moist.

  1. Natural Face Oil Control

Vitamin C contained in orange peels is an antioxidant which is as powerful as the fruit itself. That is why the peels is not only good to deal with the dark spots but also able to unclog the excess oil and dirt that could cause some skin conditions like acnes and blackheads.

  1. Shrinking the Open Pores

All the process like removing the excess oil, blackheads and treating acnes will leave your pores opened. The acidic content in orange is also able to help shrinking your open pores.

  1. No More Wrinkles

Orange is natural antioxidant that is good for your skin. By protecting the healthy skin cells from free radical, repairing the damaged skin cells caused by UV rays and regenerating the new cells, you will have much healthier skin with wrinkles-free.

  1. Removing Dead Cells

The others skin condition that could affect your confidence is having dull skin face. Orange peels could be used as scrub to remove all the dead cells and you could say good bye to your dull skin face instantly.

  1. As Skin Refreshing Spray

There are a lots of skin spray products, most of them claimed to be effective in refreshing your skin face instantly. You could make natural skin spray just by boiling the orange peels, keeping them for one day and you could use the liquid the next day as sprayer to refresh your tired skin.

  1. Natural Conditioner

Sometimes your shampoo product comes with conditioner but you could replace it with natural conditioner made from orange juice. Combining the orange juice with honey for maximum result is highly recommended. After all the exposure of chemical compounds contained in your shampoo products, this natural conditioner will bring back all the natural quality of your hair to its best.

  1. Natural Dandruff Treatment

To treat dandruff naturally there are two ways you could do:

  • First by using the juice of orange peel. The acidic contained in orange peel could assist in treating dandruff.
  • Second by grinding the orange peel. Apply it to your scalp, let it work for several minutes and rinse your hair to remove the dandruff as well as clean your scalp.
  1. Stimulating Hair Growth

By consuming orange regularly could help in stimulating the hair growth. Flovanoid and vitamin C contained in orange could assist the circulation of oxygen to your scalp. Healthy oxygen circulation in your scalp means healthy hair growth.

Cautions of Oranges:

  1. Rich of Acidic Liquid

Too much acidic content in your body could upset your stomach and orange is one of the fruits which is contained high acidic content. However, consuming the fruit daily is still acceptable but if you have acute stomach condition you should avoid drinking the orange juice which is mostly produced from more than one orange. One medium size orange every day will not cause any harm for your stomach.

  1. Could Lead Complication to Diabetes Patients

This case is similar with the previous point. All nutrients contained in orange is good even for diabetes patient however if too much then it could lead to some complication. It is due the sugar contained in orange. Drinking too much orange juice may cause the problem that’s why only consuming it in adequate amount daily. However, avoiding processed orange juice, canned orange or any products made from orange is highly recommended due to some additional substances like sugar and sodium that are dangerous for diabetes patients.

Speaking of choice of orange to be consumed, sweet orange is much more popular compared to bitter orange varieties. So, how about bitter orange varieties? Well, even bitter orange varieties are as rich in nutrients as sweet orange, its only disadvantages is the flavor which is bitter and not pleasant to consume. However, while sweet orange mostly consumed or produced as orange juice, bitter orange varieties were widely used to produce orange marmalade or jam. In some liquor industry bitter orange is used as part of the flavoring ingredients. Besides in food and beverage industry, orange is also widely used as part of cosmetic ingredients due to its aromatic smell.