23 Health Benefits of Macadamia Nuts (No.11 Shocking)

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Who among you who never heard about macadamia nut? It is a kind of nut which usually used in some products such as chocolate, candies, cake, muffin and others. We also can found it as ingredients of some beauty product such as shampoo, skin lotion and hair treatment product.

Macadamia or known as Macadamia integrifolia and Macadamia tetraphylaa is native to eastern Australia and Indonesia especially Sulawesi Island. It also called as Queensland nut, bush nut, queen of nuts, gyndi, jindili, boombera and bauple nut. The plant of macadamia nuts is belong to Proteaceae family. This macadamia plant is a subtropical tree which produce round, creamy, sweet and a fine nut. It grow best during rainy season whole year and doesn’t suit too hot temperature in summer.

Nutrition fact

Macadamia can be enjoyed as part of healthy diet since it contains many nutrients that give a lot benefits to the body. It contain most healthy monounsaturated fat and the level of its monounsaturated fat is same to olive oil. They don’t contains any cholesterol which is bad to the body. Macadamia is also rich in other nutrients such as protein, vitamin and mineral. Check the table below to know the nutrient content of macadamia nuts in 100gr of serving.




Energy (kJ)


Protein (g)


Total fat (g)


Saturated fat (g)


monounsaturated (g)


polyunsaturated (g)


omega-3 (mg) as ALA99


Carbohydrate, total (g)


Carbohydrate, sugars (g)


Dietary fibre (g)


Sodium (mg)


Potassium (mg)




Iron (mg)


Zinc (mg)


Copper (mg)


Magnesium (mg)


Manganese (mg)


Plant sterols (mg)



Health Benefits of Macadamia Nuts for human health have any proven evidence around the world from simple uses to preventing serious diseases.

1. Lowering cholesterol level

Macadamias contain high level of mono-unsaturated fat such as oleic acid and palmitoleic acid. According to study this monounsaturated fat can decrease the level of LDL or Low Density Lipoprotein or “bad fat” and increase the level of HDL or High Density Lipoprotein that also known as “good fat”. Regular consumption of macadamia nuts can maintain healthy blood profile and keep the cholesterol level.

2. Prevent atherosclerosis

A study that published in Journal of the American College of Nutrition reported that consuming 40-90gr of macadamias nut per day for 4 weeks can reduce the chance of blood vessel or arteries thickening or which known as atherosclerosis. This benefits is also perform by the reduction of cholesterol since macadamia nuts can inhibit the accumulation of cholesterol in blood vessel.

3. Reduce the risk of heart disease

Many studies have been reported that people who eat a handful of macadamia nuts regularly has lower percentage of experience heart disease compared to those who don’t eat nuts. Macadamias are rich of of minerals such as magnesium, manganese, calcium, iron, and zinc. 100 g of macadamia nuts can provide 3.6 µg of selenium. Selenium is a mineral which also known having cardio-protective activity and it is also an antioxidant-cofactor of glutathione peroxidase enzyme.

4. Fight inflammation

Macadamia contains some amounts of vitamin and mineral which are antioxidants and act as anti-inflammatory properties. Eating a handful of macadamia nuts can help you to prevent from inflammation.

5. Reduce oxidation stress

According to a study, eating 40-90mg of macadamia nuts per day can reduce oxidation stress that caused by free radical effect. Oxidation stress is a condition that causing tissue and cell damage. Oxidation stress can be dangerous since its one leading factor of certain disease such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. It also the one who lead aging process in man. This benefits brought to you by the presence of Vitamin A and E in macadamia. Both of those vitamins act as antioxidant that can fight harmful free radical effect and prevent cell membrane and DNA from damage.

6. Prevent cancer

Health Benefits of Macadamia Nuts for cancer preventing is one of the best. This benefit is particularly one of the most wanted benefit that man want to get from consuming plant product. Macadamia contains high level of flavonoid. In nature, flavonoid is the protector of all plant cell.

It protects the plant cell from toxin and other substance or factor that come from the environment. When consuming macadamia, this flavonoid will enter the body and acts as antioxidant that protect the body cell from free radical. As we know that free radical is the main cause of certain types of cancer such as breast, cervical, prostate, stomach and lung cancer.

7. Maintain lower blood pressure

Macadamia contain high potassium number and it is good for keeping blood pressure. Potassium is known for its effect in maintain normal heart beat and blood pressure. Macadamia is also low in sodium which make it good snack for people who suffer hypertension.

8. Improve digestion

Fiber is required in the digestion process and it has been proven scientifically. From 100 g of macadamia nut you can get 8.6 g or 23% of RDA or recommended daily allowance oof fiber. This amount of fiber is similar to the amount of fiber in a slice of wholegrain bread. Fiber can improve bowel movement and healthy digestion.

9. Promote effective metabolism

Macadamia contains many vitamin B-complex which contribute in the body metabolism. It contains niacin, pyridoxin, thiamin and riboflavin that are the co-factor of some metabolic enzyme. By contains high number of those vitamin, macadamia help the body to produce energy for cell and the whole body.

10. Prevent anemia

Macadamia is good source of iron that known can prevent the body from lack of red blood cell. Lack of red blood cell can cause anemia. Anemia can disturb the body function on oxygen transport resulting in weak body, low stamina and other metabolic problem.consuming 30 g of macadamia nuts will fulfill your 14% daily intake of iron in man and 6% for women.

11. Help in lost weight

Macadamia are excellent source of fiber that can make you full and since its low in calories, you dont need to worry to have it as snack. Even macadamia contain high fat but according to some research macadamia nuts does not cause weight gain. People who eat nuts regularly has lower Body Mass Index. Consuming macadamia nuts can also prevent you from food craving especially sweet food. Isn’t it a good news ?

12. Make glowing skin

We used to find macadamia as ingredients of several skin product. Macadamia contains vitamin and natural oil that can make your skin glowing and healthy. The antioxidant content of macadamia will prevent your skin from aging and the natural oil will make your skin smooth and supple.

13. Moisturize skin

The natural oil which contains in macadamia nuts will not only make your skin glowing. It will also moisturize your dry skin. Nowadays you can easily found macadamia oil in market and you can use it as lotion just as you use olive oil.

14. Strengthen hair

Not only for skin, macadamia nuts also provide benefits for hair. Its natural oil can help to smoothed the hair and nourish hair root so it grow stronger.

15. Relieve stress

Stress is one mental problem that used to experience by people nowadays especially to modern people. Eating some amount of macadamia nuts can help to relieve stress and the oil can also be used to massage your body in order to calming the muscle and nerve.

16. Strengthen nail

Nail contains almost same substance with hair and it is also made from protein. Macadamia nuts contains high level of protein and antioxidant that can maintain healthy and strong nail. Rubbing macadamia oil on nails is believed can improve their beauty

17. Strengthen bones

Macadamia contains some amount of calcium that can help your body to keep strong bones. Calsium is important in keeping bone mass and it also can prevent us from osteoporosis.

18. Maintain brain function

Macadamia promotes healthy nervous system. It contains copper that required in the neurotransmitter formation. This neurotransmitter help to transfer the chemical signal along the brain.

19. Prevent Alzheimer

Since macadamia has great effect to brain, it make the brain cells healthier and it also prevent the brain cell from damage that lead to neurological disorder such as Alzheimer. So if you want to stay focus and having healthy brain in old age keep consuming macadamia nuts.

20 Provide energy

Macadamia contains some amount of calories that contributes the improvement of energy level in the body. It also contains protein, the other source of energy. Eating a handful of macadamia nut can make you fell full for some times.

21. Prevent celiac disease

Macadamia is one of kind of plant based food that is free from gluten ( a protein that usually found in plant especially wheat). Some people having allergy to gluten and cant tolerate any gluten in food or known as celiac disease. Macadamia is used as the based of gluten-free food and it is perfect snack people who suffer from celiac disease.

22. prevent diabetes

A study by some research in Louisiana State University show that consuming some kinds of nuts including macadamia can decrease the chance of developing type 2 diabetes. Macadamia contains low calories and low glycemic index which makes it good snack for diabetes patient.

23. Improve vision

Macadamia contains Essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 also vitamin B1 that help in maintain healthy eyes and prevent the eyes from developing cataracts.

Health Risk of Macadamia

Just like other types of nuts, macadamia nuts may cause allergy to some people. Excessive consumption of macadamia nuts can cause weakness, vomiting, tremors, hyperthermia and even loss of coordination. It is also toxic for some pets such as dog. Make sure you don’t have any allergy history of eating nuts before consuming macadamia

How To Purchase and Store

When you gonna purchase some macadamia nuts in store better check these tips :

  • If you choose macadamia nuts, choose only crisp, plump and perfect kernels.
  • Select the nuts with clean shell that free from cracks and hole
  • Store the nuts in air tight jar or container. You can put it in fridge or even freezer.
  • Macadamia nuts can be stored in fridge for about four month and six months in freezer.
  • Just take it from fridge and keep it in normal temperature before eating.

How to Enjoy Macadamia Nuts

These are some ways that you can use to enjoy the delicate flavor of macadamia nuts :

  • You can make macadamia as great breakfast stuff by adding it to your oatmeal
  • Grind the nuts and mix it with any cake ingredients or even ice cream.
  • It also can be use as yummy toppings for ice cream or frozen dessert
  • Add some sprinkle of macadamia pieces into your salad, pasta or baked chicken or fish
  • Macadamia can also be processed as butter and can be use as alternative of peanut butter

Are you interesting to start making macadamia as your daily snack or meal? Go grab the macadamia on store and get the benefits.