14 Controversial Benefits of Russian Baby Yoga Among Parents, Do Not Try at Home!

Most of people may familiar with yoga, but the benefits of Russian baby yoga might a little bit strange. Therefore, this activity not yet common in many sport house or club. Traditional yoga is one of the common class, but baby yoga might be not famous. Therefore, no wonder if it is your first time […]

Benefits of Sarvangasana – A Yoga Pose Beneficial for the Entire Body

Yoga initially well known as part of religious practice but right now in modern world, yoga is already becoming the part of healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of people are practicing yoga in order to find the balance in their life and due to the amazing health benefits of yoga. While others are prefer […]

Here’s The Powerful Benefits of A Twenty Minutes Power Nap Daily

Sara C. Mednich, PhD, a sleep expert and an author of Take a Nap! Change Your Life stated that daytime naps may just be the perfect solution if you happen to be sleep-deprived! More than 85% of mammalian species are polyphasic sleepers (sleep for short periods throughout the day), but human, happens to be the […]

Amazing Benefits of Playing American Football for Mental Health

When it comes to healthy lifestyle, the goal is not only including the physical health but also mental health. It is something that is easily forgotten by many people. The fact is both physical and mental health are essential and important. Unfortunately, not many people realize or know how to maintain their mental health. Benefits […]

The Power and Health Benefits of Long Hugs

Have you ever feel so relieve when there is someone hugging you? Well, it is actually well known as the power of a hug. There are a lot of types of hugs popularly well known today from bear hugs, bear hugs and now is long hugs. According to some scientific studies, there are actually some […]

Have Fun and Enjoy the Health Benefits of Making Love Everyday

One of the key to long lasting relationship is maintaining the love you have with your partners. Who said that once you get married, a happily ever after will follow you? Even partners who have been together for years should maintain their love and making love is making everything easier yet more complicated because sometimes […]

12 Proven Benefits of Swimming for Weight Loss and Toning Muscles Faster

The benefits of swimming for weight loss and toning has been famous among many people. Therefore, it is a recommended exercise to perform for those who wish to reduce their weight. Furthermore, it is also a fun activity that make exercise feel different and not hard to do. This is the main reason children and […]

Do It Properly and Get the Benefits of Working Evening Shift for Health

When a person is talking about working evening shift, most people will think ‘Is he a security?’ Well, the fact is nowadays, evening shift doesn’t always related to security because hospital is open 24 hours; it means doctor and nurses should work evening shift as well. Not only medical practitioners, there are also some stores […]

You Don’t Need to Dip In, Sea Air is Actually Good for You!

Did you know that being around near ocean could actually save someone’s lives? I know, I know. With all the possibility of natural disaster, the thought of getting a sunburn, the thought of your beach body being judged, or whatever that prevent you from being on the seaside; beach probably the last holiday destination in […]

Find Out Here! Reasons Why You Should Always Make Love with Your Partner in the Morning

There are thousands reasons why you should make love with your partner but there are more reasons why you should always make love with your partner in the morning. There are a lot of people out there prefer to enjoy their sex life at night when the fact is, there are a lot of benefits […]