5 Mental Health Benefits of Gardening for Adults You Need to Know

Living a modern life is like two-edged blades. Sometimes, everything feels so easy. It’s easy to bring together, getting anything, circling around the world of information with a slight work of a thumb. Leaving the traditional ways, we could feel like conquering everything, until something’s awakened. A dark cloud lingering in everyone’s mind, holding a […]

Benefits of Renewable Energy in Developing Countries for Health

Renewable energy is energy that comes from nature and the amount is unlimited so it can be refilled at any time. An example of renewable energy is solar thermal energy that can be utilized as electrical energy. Also, energy from hydropower is widely used as a source of electricity. Read more about health benefits of […]

Here’s The Powerful Benefits of A Twenty Minutes Power Nap Daily

Sara C. Mednich, PhD, a sleep expert and an author of Take a Nap! Change Your Life stated that daytime naps may just be the perfect solution if you happen to be sleep-deprived! More than 85% of mammalian species are polyphasic sleepers (sleep for short periods throughout the day), but human, happens to be the […]

7 Health Benefits of Drinking Through A Straw

Drinking through a straw acts as a representative of the oldest eating utensils ever made. It is popular as the industrial revolution of 1800s introduce of rye grass straw. Furthermore, the popularity increases by the industrial production of paper straws. Straw has the ability to transfer beverages from its container to the user’s mouth by […]

9 Facts Health Benefits of Playing Domino

Domino is a simple game, probably comes from China a long time ago and now being popular in all over the world. The word domino is likely comes from the Latin word dominus and it means “master of the house.”. What makes the game simple? It is because the players just need a set of […]

10 Health Benefits of Balinese Massage

The traditional Indonesian massage belongs to Bali, or it is a popular place for travelers from all over the world that come to Indonesia. The massage was popular at the beginning of the 20th century, when the people of visionary artists were amazed to the city they called as “island of Paradise”. Moreover, the health […]

10 Health Benefits of Knitting (Mental and Physical Health)

Knitting tends to be known as an activity for granny while actually any age of people can enjoy the activity even get many health benefits. Both to make scarf and pattern, doing knitting related to the improving of mental as well as physical health. Furthermore, it cost not too much money with simple steps and […]

10 Suprising Health Benefits of Fish for Breakfast Bodybuilding

Eating in the morning or commonly called breakfast has become a habit for most people in the world. In general, starting a morning activity with breakfast provides sufficient energy intake for the move. This advice was also delivered by a health trainer from London-based Embody Fitness, Greg Crosthwaite. He suggests breakfast with fish or meat […]

10 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Foot Massage Pressure Point

Foot massage is one of the healthful activities of the body. In the legs, there are nerve points associated with the organs in the body. In addition, the nerve point is usually used by a massage expert to cure various diseases. Therefore, many massage parlors offer health benefits of foot massage pressure points. In addition […]