23 Health Benefits of 1 Hour Walking Every Day

People often take the benefits of one hour walking for granted, especially in this modern era, because nowadays many vehicles available. Practicing one hour walking constantly is good for making us fit. Walking is the simplest form of sport. We can practice it in our daily basis, such as walking to school or office. The […]

25 Health Benefits of Enjoying your Job (#3 Surprising You)

Have you ever consider that your job may affected your health? Because the fact is working not always about good salary and good company but it’s also about your fulfillment in life. Doing a job you love will definitely bring you happiness. And this happiness is the key of your health. So we can say […]

16 Proven Health Benefits of Sauna (No.1 Incredible)

Who doesn’t know about sauna? Nowadays, Sauna bathes are health activities which are practiced by many people from different ages including youth and older. Sauna is also get meaning of a small room or building which is designed as a place where people can experience dry or wet heat from the steam and get perspiration. […]