14 Controversial Benefits of Russian Baby Yoga Among Parents, Do Not Try at Home!

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Most of people may familiar with yoga, but the benefits of Russian baby yoga might a little bit strange. Therefore, this activity not yet common in many sport house or club. Traditional yoga is one of the common class, but baby yoga might be not famous. Therefore, no wonder if it is your first time of hearing this kind of sport. Furthermore, it even sound ridiculous and might lead you to thinking of baby doing some yoga.

However, apparently this thinking is quite true. Some baby clinic has recommended this weird activity as one of the healthy thing that can be done for the babies. Therefore, there are some clinics that provide this baby yoga and help to perform the yoga to the baby with high standard of safety.

Of course, not every parents will agree with this activity for their babies. Furthermore, some even thinking that this is too extreme to perform. Therefore, this is also not preferred by some of the parents. But in case you might interesting to know further, below are some details explanation on this yoga for babies.

Benefits of Russian Baby Yoga

The activity claim can bring many advantages for the babies. However, some of this advantages might need further research. Furthermore, this is apparently not yet commonly done among parents. Therefore, the benefits before might seems not fully true. But somehow, there is no wrong with believe on below benefits of Russian baby yoga for the health and baby’s wellness.

1. Elasticity

The most well known benefit to perform the yoga for the baby is to help with the body elasticity. As babies are quite elastic body. Therefore, it will maintain their elasticity longer. This is the same mechanism when the health benefits of hatha yoga bring advantages on baby elasticity too.

2. Flexibility

The yoga also can help to bring more flexibility on the baby muscle and bone. Therefore, some parents prefer to do this activity to their baby. They wish that the baby muscle flexibility can stay remind longer.

3. Wellness

Some also believe that Russian baby yoga will lead to baby wellness. This might be true, but some side effects needs to consider too.

4. Baby Emotional

Baby yoga is one of the good way to bring better emotional of the baby’s feeling. Therefore, most babies always happy after perform this activity. However, some also cry because of uncomforted feeling of them. This is the same benefits of lion pose in yoga that help the emotional for the baby too.

5. Blood Circulation

Another advantages of the activity is to bring better blood circulation. Therefore, it can mange better blood receive to the brain area of the baby. This can help to improve many health and motoric of the baby too.

6. Better Digestion

Benefits of Russian baby yoga also including to help with better digestive system. Therefore, it will bring a good intestine movement in baby. However, this might be need further research and evidence. 

7. Avoid Colic

A good digestion means help to avoid some digestive problems such as constipation. Another common problem on newborn babies are colic. Therefore, the yoga wish to get away this symptoms. This might be the same way as the health benefits of purple hull peas to avoid some of digestive problems.

8. Improve Metabolism

Doing the baby yoga will lead to improve body metabolic system. It can help to produce more energy while the baby doing the practice. Therefore, it will be a good way to in manage better energy process.

9. Relaxing Muscle

The activity also believe will help to relax the baby muscle. As it helps on flexibility and the body elasticity, it will bring to avoid muscle tension. Mainly in a baby which still in developing phase and doing lots of activity.

10. Improve Sleepiness

Yoga activity on the baby will lead them to feel tired. Since it needs a lot of energy to perform the yoga. Therefore, it will make the baby feel more sleepy and can lead to a better sleepiness. This is the same health benefits co-sleeping with your child that also lead to a better sleep improvement.

11. Relieve Teething Pain

The yoga will help to reduce the teething pain. Mainly on the baby that still grow their teeth. However, it needs more prove whether the yoga related to relieve the pain.

12. Height Development

Doing yoga and other sports activity will good to stimulate baby development. Therefore, it can be another way to improve the height development of the baby.

13. Better Respiratory

Yoga also good for baby with nasal problems. It will help them ease to breath and clean the mucus from respiratory system. Therefore, it will provide better respiratory health. This is the same health benefits of nasal rinse that also work to improve the respiratory system.

14. Remove Toxin

Some parents believe that baby yoga will lead to a better detoxification process on their baby. Therefore, it will lead to remove and flush out toxin away through sweating. However, this benefits still needs further evidence to prove.

Side Effects of Russian Baby Yoga

Even it is claim that the baby yoga are full with benefits, still some medical practitioner suggest that the activity may lead to some side effects. For further information, below are some cautions related with the baby yoga:

  • Do not ever perform the yoga without supervision or trained by suitable instructor. Since this activity can lead to injuries. Therefore, make sure to use the professional trainer if want to try this yoga to your baby.
  • Make sure not to shake the baby to hard as it might lead to brain injuries. Newborn usually are quite weak and still in developing phase. Therefore, it is suggested to take the activity carefully or under pediatrician supervision.
  • In some cases, this activity lead to baby abuse. Therefore, make sure to convenient before perform the yoga. Otherwise, in psychological side, it is not recommended.

Those all the controversial benefits of Russian baby yoga that might agree by some people but rejected by some parents too. Therefore, always ask for professional supervision if decide to perform the yoga. Otherwise, do not push your self into the limit and last with some regret. It is better not to be main stream and choose other health activities for your baby that more safe but beneficial too. Hence, the decision is in your hand, parents!