Benefits of Mulching Leaves into My Grass – Saving Time, Energy and Money

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Gardening could be really fun but could be really frustrating as well. It is depending on how much you know about the art of gardening. Dried leaves from fallen tree could be really annoying, especially when they cover your beautiful grass. Some people may not think twice to rake them off from their lawn but do you know that there are a lot of benefits of mulching leaves into my grass? So, instead of rake them, you should just simply mulch them in your lawn. The list of benefits below will tell you in details that sometimes, easier solution comes with better benefits.

  1. Could Act as Weed Control Agent

It is a common knowledge that dried leaves could act as compost for plants. However, you should know how to utilize them. You cannot just leaves them in your yard instead you need to mulch them first so they could act as weed control agent. If you don’t mulch them, they will cover your beautiful lawn and kill them.

  1. Leaves as Natural Fertilizer

Instead of using chemical-based fertilizer to feed your soil and lawn, utilizing leaves in your yard is highly recommended because they could act as natural fertilizer. In other words, you don’t need to spend more money just buy fertilizer because nature has provided it to you for free.

  1. Saving Time and Energy

Well, though some people are so old-fashioned and prefer to make the look of their garden leaves free. The fact is you don’t need to worry that the mulched leaves will make your garden look ugly. Technology has provided you with solution to save time and energy because some lawn mowers are especially designed for this purpose.

  1. Easy on the Wallet

As mentioned in some points above by mulching your leaves instead of raking them is super easy on the wallet because you could solve a lot of problems in one solution only because by mulching your leaves, you are not only able to solve the dried leaves problems covering your garden but also providing your lawn with nutritious foods.

  1. Much Easier to Do

Why don’t you try to measure the energy, time and money you should spend when raking the leaves and mulching the leaves? It is no surprise that by mulching the leaves is much easier to do because you just need to use the regular lawn mower.

  1. Applicable for All Kinds of Leaves

You could use all kinds of lawn mower to mulch the leaves. You will find the tips of how to use lawn mower to mulch the leaves in the end of this article. However, when it comes to raking, some leaves are just super difficult to rake while lawn mower is applicable for all kinds of leaves.

  1. Good for Soil

If you compare it to chemical based fertilizer to feed your soil, using natural fertilizer like compost made by mulched leaves is good and healthier for the soil. Besides, you could do it at the same time as mowing your lawn.

  1. Optimizes the Works of Microbes

Microbes or worms have essential role in decomposition the leaves. However, you cannot just leave the leaves without mulching them because it would make the lawn lack of oxygen and sun. The result will be otherwise which could kill the grass. When you mulch the leaves, microbes could work easily and efficiently.

  1. Faster than Raking

Some people may prefer to rake their lawn. However, when it comes to time consuming, using lawn mower is faster compared to rake them manually. In other words, you could save a lot of time just by using technology instead of your own power.

  1. Prevents the Growth of Dandelion

A study conducted in MSU stated that when using mulching method is possible to prevent the growth of dandelion up to 100% in three years. However, it is depending on how much trees you have in your garden, so you probably need to mow the lawn once a week which is could be more or less.

  1. Reduces the Occurrence of Weed

As mentioned in the previous point, not only dandelion, mulching your leaves could help reducing the occurrence of unwanted weed as well. It is not only applicable for your lawn but also applicable for your flower beds.

  1. Adds Nutrients to the Lawn and Soil

A lot of people don’t realize that by mulching the leaves instead of raking it could provide or add nutrients to the lawn and soil. Unfortunately, some people are so afraid that by mulching them will make their lawn look ugly due to brown colour caused by dried leaves among green grass. If you set your mower with the right setting, you shouldn’t worry about this matter.

How to Mulch Leaves into Your Grass

Not a lot of people realize that by mulching the leaves into their grass is not only giving their lawn and soil more nutrients but also super easy on the wallet. Why? As mentioned above, to have healthier soil, especially for you who love gardening, you could save a lot of money for fertilizer just to provide nutrients to your soil because leaves could be turned into high nutrients compost, good for soil. The list below is the steps you should take of how to mulch the leaves into your grass correctly.

  • First step is storing your rake and instead taking out your lawn mower.
  • Second is taking off the grass catcher from your lawn mower.
  • And then reducing the leaves clutter into dime-size pieces.
  • Mower your lawn.

Those processes will cut both grasses and leaves into dime-size pieces. It makes the microbes to work in easier way to turn the leaves and grasses into composts to feed your lawn. The result is, after fall season ended, you will find your grass becomes greener in spring.

So, perhaps it is the time for you to open your mind about the benefits of mulching leaves into my grass. You could keep your rake and save your energy to get rid of those annoying fallen leaves, because just by using your lawn mower, you could handle all problems only in one simple solution.