Benefits of Games for Seniors – For Social Life and Brain Health

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What do you know about games? Aside from it is probably bad for children if they are too consume with the games they have spent most of their time for. Actually, some studies have found out some positive effect of games such as good for coordination and train children to focus. However, there are lesser studies about the benefits of games for seniors though recently there are some studies focusing on this subject.

Types of Games Good for Seniors

Speaking of type of games good for seniors you must be thinking about old-fashioned games like game arcade you could find in game centre. Actually, there are a lot of types of games that are actually designed for seniors or good for them that has specific benefits for their specific conditions. Games like puzzles, card games, checkers, board games, Yahtzee and connect four are types of games that are highly recommended for seniors because they are kind of games that are good to improve brain and proven to be effective in helping seniors preventing the risk of Alzheimer or dementia. Even they are also specific studies about benefits of playing bingo for the eldery. They are classic but also super fun to be played traditionally by using actual puzzles and cards or digitally.

  1. Improve Memory

During senior ages, memory sometimes could be a problem. A regular exercise to improve memory is strongly required to help them keeping their memory sharp. Playing games have been proven to be effective way to improve memory and at the same time reduce the risk of some degenerative condition in brain such as dementia or Alzheimer.

  1. Better in Multitasking

One of the main benefits you could get from playing game is you could improve your ability in multitasking. During senior ages, this ability is reducing significantly due to some lack of exercises or options of things to do. However, playing games regularly is good for seniors to keep their multitasking ability in take.

  1. Have a Better Focus

Some studies have found out about the connection of children who good in playing games are those who have a better focus. Those studies are also applicable for people in senior ages. It is strongly related to their cognitive and their ability in memorizing. Suggesting them to play some games could help them having a better focus.

  1. Enhance Cognitive Abilities

Cognitive abilities during senior ages are sometimes not seen as something important. Well, cognitive abilities are strongly related to nervous system and brain activity. It means, it has important role even when you have reached senior ages. Playing games could help enhance cognitive abilities even there is specific study about cognitive benefits of playing video games everyday though it is not strongly recommended for elderly due to vision problems.

  1. Social Interaction

Some games are required to be played in group. Well, during senior ages, a lot of people are feeling depressed just because they don’t have enough activities for them to spend their spare time. Well, assigning your parents to join a game club is one of the solutions in where they could get some healthy social interaction to improve their social life.

  1. Stress Relief Solution

Doing nothing could be really stressful and there are a lot of health risks of stress if you don’t solve it right away. Playing games could be a fun option for senior people in spending their time. They could choose games that they could play in group or games they could play individually. There are a lot of options of digital games for them if they need an instant stress relief. Though playing digital games in long time is not recommended for senior people.

  1. Enables Faster Thinking

When you have nothing to do in your senior ages is able, somehow, you will lose your ability to think faster. It is because brain is required regular exercise as well to keep it sharp. If you no longer have important jobs or decision to make because you are living in your quite retirement lifestyle, games could be a really good option for brain exercise solution.

  1. Learn to Strategize

There are a lot of types of games that required your ability to strategize even the simple games like checkers. It means, you could keep exercising your brain and the way you thinking during playing games. It is has been proven to be effective of how to prevent Alzheimer and dementia especially for people in senior ages.

  1. Good for Brain

Some points mentioned above have emphasized that there are a lot of reasons why playing games during your senior ages are not only good and fun option to kill time but also good for brain exercises. It is because, playing game is one of the ways to get the benefits of exercises recommendation for brain and brain required a regular exercises if you don’t want it to be dull. Your hair may be grey but your brain should be as sharp as it used to be.

  1. Instant Way to Have Fun

Even children know that playing games equal fun. During senior ages, you will find that the option of having fun is very limited especially when you have incapability of moving. Playing board games or card games or even digital games could be an instant way to have fun whenever you feel bored with the endless spare time you have during retirement days.

Cautions of Games for Seniors

Well, aside from the benefits of games for seniors as mentioned above, there are also some cautions you should aware of especially when they are too consumed or obsessed with the games they have been playing.

  • For seniors who love socialize is better to give them options of games in traditional way. Because digital games using tablet or computer may be put their vision in worse condition furthermore the light from tablet and computer is not really good for their brain.
  • Some games may consume their time and instead of giving them some funs, they may put them in frustration. It is important to give them the right game that based on their interest.
  • It is also important to introduce them some games that include physical activities which are mostly found in modern games like in console games unlike traditional games that force you to sit for hours.

The list of benefits of games for seniors mentioned above may open your mind that nothing is wrong if you give your parents who have reached senior ages some games that may help them spending their time in more effective way not only for them socially but also good for their health.