Health Benefits of Thai Green Curry Chicken with Eggplant – Good for Cancer?

Thai green curry chicken with eggplant is the most famous Thai food recipes outside Thailand. This dish is one of the best Thailand food you can try if you visit Thailand or you visit a Thai restaurant in your country. But it contains some ingredient that might not be good for your body. The purple […]

10 Excellent Health Benefits of Chicken Salad Sandwich – Low-Fat Food

Sandwich is a common food, which people consume it regularly. In some countries, it even becomes one of main dish or staple food. Sandwich typically consist of meat slice (often beef), green vegetables, cheese, and a pair or sliced bread. A bacon or chicken meat can also used a to fill the sandwich. Mayonnaise can […]

12 Greatest Health Benefits of Chicken Lollipop for The Kids

Every kids love the health benefits of chicken lollipop due to its yummy taste and funny shape. Therefore, no wonder if this food is favorite among the children. Furthermore, it is popular among the children for daily meal including breakfast or lunch. Making a homemade chicken lollipop also a simple thing. This is one of […]

17 Top Health Benefits of Chicken Noodle Soup (No #2 is Best)

Soup is in the top list of balanced diet menu. If you are one of those who really care about ideal weight, start to have a bowl of soup into your daily menu. There are lots of health benefits of fish head soup. One of soup variants is chicken noodle soup. This soup serves as […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Chicken Biryani

Biryani is a rice dish that has its roots in the Indian subcontinent, particularly among the Muslim Indians. It is regarded as one of India’s signature dishes and are widely served in Indian diasporas across the globe. Biryani’s distribution has since expanded from India to other neighbouring regions with significant Muslim population, such as the […]

13 Undeniable Health Benefits of Chicken Dark Meat

Do you know what is chicken dark meat? This does not mean black on chicken. The word ‘dark meat’ in chicken refer the chicken thighs, where the white meat refers the chicken breast. The chest and thighs are the main choices when you order chicken. About the taste and texture of the meat is depending […]

16 Super Health Benefits of Lean Chicken Meats

As has been described in the  Health Benefits of Lean Pork, lean meat is a meat that has very little fat content. There are many benefits of lean meat. Some types of lean meat are like: Chicken breast Mahi-mahi – which is a term for steak fish Eye round – steak meat (cow) that has […]

17 Health Benefits of Chicken Feet #1 Evidence-Based

Chicken feet is a chicken part that is often thrown away because some people think that it is disgusting. However, other people find it delicious and use it for making an amazing dish. It has a unique flavor and soft texture that make it addicting. It can be combined with other ingredients or cooked in […]

10 Health Benefits of Poached Chicken (No.5 Super)

People who love chicken often cook it in many ways because chicken can be boiled, grilled, baked, and the most popular one is to fried it. Many fast restaurant offers fried chicken as their main menu. I will not say that these ways are forbidden because it is possible a common cooking methods in your […]

10 Health Benefits of Chicken Liver (No.1 Super Potent)

These days some people is doing vegetarian diet, but remember that there are many nutrients which we can get from meat and organ meats. It is essential to think that meat and organ meats contribute to our health. Even meat and organ contain high cholesterol, it can actually save out health. Cholesterol has been one […]