25 Health Benefits of Enjoying your Job (#3 Surprising You)

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Have you ever consider that your job may affected your health? Because the fact is working not always about good salary and good company but it’s also about your fulfillment in life. Doing a job you love will definitely bring you happiness. And this happiness is the key of your health. So we can say that loving our job is like loving ourselves.

There are ways to enjoying your job. You may find work based on your hobbies or you may enjoying more good environment. I suggest you not to push yourself too hard for the job which can tore you apart. Moreover, there are benefits of enjoying your job for your health you may not realize yet. Now I have made some long list of the health benefits of enjoying your job below:

  1. Lower High Blood Pressure

There have been studies shown that happiness can lower blood pressure. A happy worker will have a better blood pressure because they can release stress better than they who feel unhappy about what they are doing.

  1. Prevent Heart Attack

A study in 2010 shows that workers who show positive emotions while working is more likely decrease the development of coronary disease and lower their heart rate about six beats slower per minute. It also shows that they can lower the heart disease as much as 22 percent lower.

  1. Lower Risk of Stroke

One factor that can lead to stroke is negative emotions. Most of men and women do their job for maybe more than a half of their life. And they who can not enjoy their time working have a higher risk of stroke. A study in 2004 shown that happier elderly people were likely have lower risk to have a stroke in the next 6 year.

  1. Boost Energy

What is in your mind when ‘Monday’ is coming? You perhaps feel tired already. But if you enjoy your job your passion may boost your energy. You even won’t feel tired at all.

  1. Enjoying Life More

When you can enjoy your job you can also enjoy your life more. An unhappy worker can spill their unhappiness and frustration over all areas of his/her life. As the result, your life will be affected by negatives emotions you experienced from your work time.

  1. Boost Surviving Motivation

Desperation. Un-passionate. Bored. These things may make your motivation to survive close to zero. You may have a good job, consist, and good salary, but if it don’t bring you happiness you may look like a zombie.

  1. Have a Longer Life

In some study to the elderly of English show that happier people were about 35 percent have a lower risk to die over the course for 5 years than the unhappier ones. Considering almost all their time spent in doing their job, it can be linked to the fact of “how they enjoy their job”.

  1. Bring Fulfillment

A director of E-Edge, Vivaldi Partners Group, Philip Ryan says that It’s important to love your job because a job is about personal fulfillment as it is about a paycheck and people want to change lives. I somehow agree with him. You can achieve a meaningful and fulfilling day by enjoying your work.

  1. Less Anxiety

There are lots of factors that can increase your anxiety. The rate of thing that can enhance your anxiety is most likely different for everyone. But a certain factor that can highly increase your anxiety is what you do during your day life. Your work. You may feel anger at your boss. You may feel not confident with what you are doing. As the result you cannot enjoy your job. Now think the other way. If you feel enjoy working you will have more confident to your duty and this confidence is the cure of anxiety. It will help you through your mental difficulties during your work.

  1. Improve Mental Health

People who can enjoy their job may have more positive thought than they who don’t. These positive thoughts can help them to improve their mental health. They can develop a powerful mind to maintain their responsibility about their job.

  1. Natural Pain Control

What can control pain but happiness and love? If you enjoy your job you may not need to take pain killer. You can more focus to your job than your pain. And for they who have been a workaholic, working may be the best medicine of their pain.

  1. Less Depression

Depression is a very common thing among the worker. Those who find that their job is somehow boring and tiring is more likely have increasing their depression. But enjoying your job can less your depression. Why? Because you can feel more comfort doing what you do. It makes you feel calm and peace.

  1. Better Stress Management

Here’s the key. Stress management is not so different as emotion management. The joy of working can teach you how to manage your stress better. You can never avoid work stress experience but you can always learn how to control it because you want to preserve your joy in your work.

  1. Fewer Colds

In 2003 there has been done an experiment to prove that people who can show positive emotions during their job can lower the development of cold. And it did. They who had positive experiences somehow can fight against cold and keep healthy.

  1. Faster Healing

It’s the power of loving your job can make you have a quick recovery from injures and wounds. The enjoy and happiness feeling about their job may release dopamine in their brain. It’s a hormone which linked to optimism and can help improving your health.

  1. Happier Life

When unhappy experiences of your job affected your whole life you can’t definitely have a happy life. In the other side, if you can enjoy your job even bad experiences you got from working will not stress you out that much. You may have more motivations to improve your self and this can be a good factor you make your gloomy days happier.

  1. Strengthens Immune System

It’s already a big issue that immune system can react to happiness. The happiness you can earn from your job can protect you from all sorts of physical illness. A study done in 2006 shows that people who experience positive emotions can release more antibody to response their illness as a vaccine.

  1. Fewer Aches and Pain

A study done in 2005 proves that positive emotions like interest, enthusiasm, and inspirations can reduce aches and pain on the women with arthritis and chronic pain. This study shows that you can earn your own anti-pain cure on how you can enjoy your life, including your job.

  1. Combat Disease and Disability

A study done in 2004 observed elderly worker who have enjoyment, happiness, self-esteem, and hope in their daily activities for 7 years. After 7 year, the participants who have more positive emotions were less likely have a risk of disability.

  1. Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

There is a study published in 2002 about stress and cardiovascular disease. The result is proven that stress can play a big role to develop cardiovascular disease because it’s impact upon circulatory system is significant. This study may realize you that a pressure of doing what you do not like may increase the cardiovascular risk. In the other hands, enjoying what you do is more likely lower the risk of this disease.

  1. More Life Passion

Passion can only earn if you have enjoyment in what you are doing. Your passion can lead you to more productive life than they who don’t enjoy what they are doing. So it is important to have more passion in your job because your job can be your life time spending for.

  1. Faster Recovery

A study done to patients who have illness to show how their frustration can affect their recovery. The result show that patients who have frustration, mostly from their job, recover longer than patients who have less anxiety even both of groups were given the same best medical care.

  1. It may clear up your skin.

A New York City-based dermatologist, Genaise Gerstner, MD says that there is less free-floating cortisol and thus less skin breakouts and pimples. It means that high cortisol levels may increase stress-induced acne on your face.

  1. Headache

A physician state that stress caused of work is poisonous and it can also cause physical symptoms. You may have already witness that when a deal went bad or when your boss criticized you and mad at you, it could be followed by a headache or migraine in a blink of eye.

  1. Prevent Death

In Japan there have been cases of karoshi. Karoshi means “death by overwork’. The cause of these cases is most likely the uncomfortable feeling of work environment. Karoshi can happen to healthy people and even young people. How? Apparently it’s the impact of stress that activates sympathetic nervous system, raises blood pressure and heart rate, and over-stresses the cardiovascular system. Most of karoshi victims always undergo combinations symptoms like nausea, dizziness, sever headache and stomach ache. Based on observation, 95 percent of the death can occur within 24 hours after the symptoms. Now imagine the contrarily.

Now after you read those benefits above i wonder if your view of your job will change. There are definitely more factors that make you can’t enjoying your job and you may also cannot avoid it as well. For you who don’t know how to reduce your stress caused by depression and frustration work experiences, i have some tips for you:

  • Meditate. According to the author of The Relaxation Response, Dr. Herbert Benson a mediation can do by repeating and focusing a word on your mind while passively disregarding other thoughts.
  • Laugh. Laugh can miraculously trig your body relaxation response. Even in the worst situation try to laugh a bit. But too much laugh may be a symptom that tell you there’s something wrong with your head. So, be careful.
  • Having a pet. Playing with your pet can make you feel better. I prove it my self.
  • Schedule some vacation every month. This can refresh your mind and soul.
  • Do what you love. Even it’s not in your work area you can do your hobbies outside, after work. This can stimulate nervous system to relaxes more.

Finally, the conclusion of these information is likely point to the stress rate and relax rate. You should already notice now how your body may response to your stress rate and relax rate. So, why don’t you start to make your happy life plan for now? Don’t let work stress you out and avoid unhappy life by enjoying what you do more.