Let’s Get to Know the Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Skin

Who likes to eat dragon fruit? The vitamin content of dragon fruit is very much claimed to have a myriad of benefits for the body. In fact, the benefits of dragon fruit for beauty are also unquestioned! Want to know anything more about it? You can also check the dragon fruit benefits for diabetes. Dragon […]

Dragon Fruit Benefits for Diabetes Treatments

Those who have been diagnosed with certain types of diabetes must find it really hard to manage their diet. It is because patients with diabetes should manage the blood sugar level really well if they don’t want to suffer the side effects. Though fruit is rich of vitamins, minerals and natural, still diabetic patients should […]

Unique and Exotic Benefits of Dragon Fruit Flower Buds

Dragon fruit is one of the exotic fruits with juicy and tasty flavour. There are two types of dragon fruit, dragon fruit with white and dark purple flesh, though the flavours of those two types of dragon fruits are quite similar. What Is Dragon Fruit Flower? Dragon fruit has scientific name Hylocereus undatus. It has […]

Amazing Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Pregnant Women

Speaking of exotic, tasty and healthy fruit, dragon fruit is one of the fruits in the top of the list. The crunchy texture and mild sweet flavour is the signature of dragon fruit though the appearance may drawback some people to taste its sweet flesh inside. Dragon fruit is also packed with nutrients and highly […]

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit Peel – Wondrous Contents

Dragon fruit is a fruit that grows a lot in mainland North America to Mexico. This fruit has the name of the fruit “dragon” because it has a skin like dragon scales. In China, this fruit is usually always present in various religious ceremonies because it is considered one of the sacred fruits to be […]

12 Important Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Gout Treatment

Uric acid or gout is one type of disease that comes from the residual metabolism of purine substances. Purine itself comes from the food we consume daily. Purines are substances that exist in every food ingredient in the body of living things. People who suffer from Uric acid or gout usually feel the pain that […]

15 Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Weight Loss #1 Works

Dragon fruit is a kind of fruit that is now happening and it is very popular for trading in the traditional market and also modern market like a mall. You can see that its affordable price and its unique shape make people interested to buy and consume it. Scientifically, dragon fruit or usually called as […]

17 Health Benefits of Purple Dragon Fruit (Proven)

Purple dragon fruit or usually called Pitaya is a fruit that originally came from South America. This fruit is called the dragon fruit, because the skin of this fruit look like dragon scales. Over time, dragon fruit is widely cultivated and spread to various parts of the world to have many kinds, one of which […]

21 Health Benefits of Red Dragon Fruits (No.4 is Best)

Health Benefits of Red Dragon Fruits is difference with white one. Dragon fruit or Pitaya or Pitahaya has rise its popularity nowadays. The fruit called as dragon fruit since the shape which more likely the dragon body with red skin coat. It has sweet and a bot sour taste which make people loves to consume […]