11 Health Benefits of Red Currant Fruit #1 Top Nutrients

Red Currant is a fruit that falls into the category of berries. The fruit named latin, Ribes rubrum, is still a relation with black currant fruit or white currant. Red currant fruit has a shape similar to grapes, it’s just red currant red fruit and smaller. The fruits included in this gooseberry family, have the albino […]

32 Health Benefits of Arnica Oil #1 Top Natural Medicine

Not only become a place to live for us and other living things, nature was laid out complete with a variety of natural solutions to problems in our daily life. Long ago, through the variety of herbs it produces, nature allows humans to be creative by creating spice seasoning cuisine, herbs to care for beauty, […]

25 Health Benefits of Tomatillos #1 Top Medical Uses

Tomatillos or in Latin known as Physialis Angulata is a wild plant species that will be commonly encountered, especially in the rice fields. Tomatillos is the foreign name is Tomatillos (Europe), the plant will usually grow very fertile after the farmers harvest the crop. The tomatillos plant itself consists of leaves, fruit, stems and also […]

22 Health Benefits of Huckleberry (#1 Proven)

Huckleberry (Solanum Nigrum L) is a plant of the eggplant (Solananceae) originating from Europe and West Asia, then spread to America, Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia. Huckleberry has another name Ranti (Javanese), bobose (Ternate) and black nightshade (Europe). Huckleberry plant can grow up to 120 cm tall. Huckleberry plants have the characteristics of stems that are […]

15 Benefits of Angelica Root for Health (#1 Top Herbal Cure)

Angelica root or Dong quai has the scientific name of Angelica sinensis. Dong quai is a member of the Apiaceae family. So they are still related to carrots, parsley, or celery. Dong quai is often used in Chinese medicine to treat health problems in women. Therefore, dong quai is also called “female ginseng”. People has been used […]

10 Proven Benefits of Soursop Leaves For Diabetes

Indonesia is one of the many countries where you can found many herbal medicine. Various types of herbal medicines from various plants have been proven to treat various types of diseases. Traditional medicine from various types of this plant can be mixed or can be consumed by the extract because it is more instant and […]

15 Benefits of Neem Leaves For Diabetes #1 Proven

Neem leaves are shrubs originally from the Hindustani region, precisely in Madya Pradesh, India. Therefore the name of the mimba sounds like Hindustan. Neem plants began to spread throughout the world, and managed to grow in Indonesia since the year 1500, precisely growing in the island of Java. This plant is not native to Indonesia, […]

15 Benefits of Ashwagandha Leaves For Weight Loss

Ashwagandha or practically Indian ginseng is known to have many health benefits. Ashwagandha has the latin name Withania Somnifera. Because Ashwagandha leaves has many benefits, this plant is used in ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. Related articles plant with ayurvedic: Benefits of Galangal Benefits of Kitchari Benefits of Cilantro What is Ashwagandha ? Withania somnifera, […]

18 Scientific Health Benefits of Dogfruit (#1 Surprising)

Jengkol (Archidendron pauciflorum, synonym: A. jiringa, Pithecellobium jiringa, and P. lobatum) or jering beans is distinctive plants in the Southeast Asian region. The West calls it a dog fruit. Its seed is popular in Malaysia (called “jering bean”), Myanmar (called “da nyin thee”), and Thailand (called “luk-nieng” or “luk neang”). Indonesian people know it as […]

30 Scientific Health Benefits of Petai Beans #Surprising

The petai beans (Parkia speciosa) or in Indonesian is called petai, probably many who hate this one fruit because of its odious smell. This fruit has a flat round shape with a distinctive green color. In addition, the seeds that are in the form of boards also add to the uniqueness of this stinky fruit. Why […]