11 Popular Health Benefits of Dill Leaves

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Dill is a plant that has scientific name Anethum graveolens. The plant is being used for several purposes such as culinary and medicinal purposes. In industry of food or culinary, dill is usually you can find in pickles and it placed commonly on fast food such as grilled burgers and sandwiches. In addition, the industry used dill seed, dill weed oil and fresh dill. Or you can also read health benefits dill seeds, health benefits of dill essential oil and health benefits fresh dill.

For years, it has been used for medicinal purpose or known as herbal plant. Just like other herbal plant, the most common parts of dill that are being used are seeds and leaves. With its strong, tangy, appetizing flavor and taste, the reason of the plant as medicinal plant is mainly come from certain compounds named monoterpenes, flavonoids, minerals, and certain amino acids. Those compounds are followed by many health benefits. The health benefits of dill leaves are:

  1. Reduces the risk of cancer

One of the health benefits of dill leaves is to reduce the risk of any type of cancer. It is due to the ability of the leaves to remove free radicals in the body and linked with ascorbic acid, alpha-tocopherol and quercetin. Moreover, the benefit has been proven by studies.

  1. Relieves menstrual cramps

Dill leaves tend to relieve menstrual cramps that often affects women in their period. It is also according to a study conducted by the Department of Biostatistics and Demography at Khon Kaen University in Thailand. The effect was not strong, but the students claimed that their cramps reduced after consumed dill supplement.

  1. Cures depression

Based on a study from American Journal of Therapeutics, dill can cure depression due to anti-depressant and analgesic properties. Furthermore, the benefit is related with the nutrients known as polyphenols, flavonoids and tannins.

  1. Boosts immune system

Antimicrobial activity in dill leaves will boost immune system as well. It is effective to prevent the body from microbial infections that probably happen in open wounds or the small cuts on skin. Since then, it also makes the process of healing faster.

  1. Improves digestion

The leaves of dill provide essential oil and it activated the secretion of bile and digestive juice. It eases the movement of bowels including treat constipation and other problems related to digestion. In addition, you can find dill in culinary application as it is known as appetizer.

  1. Treats epilepsy

Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder and there are many medications to reduce the symptoms including by consuming processed dill leaves. For centuries, third-word countries have been used the leaves to treat the condition.

  1. Prevents diabetes

Although the research is still limited, some people believed that dill leaves can reduce serum lipids fluctuations including insulin levels in corticosteroid-induced diabetes. However, the reducing of insulin levels has been long associated with dill leaves.

  1. Protects heart

With the ability of dill leaves to reduce bad cholesterol or LDL, it protects heart from the conditions such as heart attack and stroke. As it is being known, the conditions usually happen due to an excessive amount of LDL. Since then, when the heart is healthy then it influences overall health.

  1. Calms hiccups

Hiccups are the conditions when the gas trapped and the upward movement is repeated in the food pipe. Dill leaves can calm the condition that might happen as the result of allergies hyperactivity, or nervous disorders. Additionally, it reduces gas formation.

  1. Acts as dental care

Both dill seeds and leaves act as breath fresheners. The substances contained in dill leaves such as antioxidants help to reduce the damage from microbial infections in mouth, including gum and teeth due to free radicals.

  1. Treats insomnia

The other health benefit of dill is to treat insomnia. The leaves may stimulate enzymes as well as hormones that calming and giving hypnotic effects and thereby help those who are having problem with sleep. It is related with flavonoids and vitamin B complex in the leaves.

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