11 Amazing Health Benefits of Black Squid Ink

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Black squid ink is one of ingredients that are being used to make the foods taste better with its deep flavor. The flavor comes from black color in the ink and furthermore it is being known as iron source. The other nutrients of black squid ink are including antioxidants as well as proteins, lipids, minerals, taurine and dopamine.

Consequently, some people used to think that the squid ink is good for heart disease treatment as it can prevent lipid oxidation. The treatment actually can be done when the patients are suggested by the doctor, while the studies are still needed to prove the benefits.  So, the other health benefits of black squid ink are:

  1. Boosts immune system

Some antioxidants and other essential nutrients in black squid ink help to boost immune syste.m in the body. Since then, it also reduces free radicals that might cause some conditions such as cancer as one the most popular conditions linked with free radicals.

  1. Reduces the risk of cancer

Related with the benefit of black squid ink to boost immune system, it reduces the risk of cancer. The condition happens due to the increasing amount of free radicals and while immune system is boosting by antioxidants then the radicals tend to be removed from the body. Consequently, it prevents cancer. Or you can also read benefits of soursop for cancer and benefits of aromatherapy for cancer patients.

  1. Protects heart

One of the health benefits of black squid ink is to protect heart. The benefit is due to the ability of the ink to lower high blood pressure in the body as well as cholesterol. As it has been known, high blood pressure can cholesterol can lead to heart diseases like stroke.

  1. Acts as antibiotic

Black squid ink has antibacterial properties and therefore it is being popular as natural antibiotic. As it is acts as antibiotic, but if conditions are getting worse then you are recommended to talk to the doctor to get the best treatment.

  1. Improves white blood cells production

White blood cells tend to be increased as the body is having enough antioxidants. Antioxidants are high in black squid ink and linked with the improving of white blood cells production. Consequently, it also may help those who are in chemotheraphy.

  1. Increases red blood cells

Iron in black squid ink has the ability to increase red blood cells and it is related with anemia patients. In addition, it is better to have good amount of red and blood cells since too much amount of those cells probably brings the body to some conditions.

  1. Slows down the aging

Antioxidants in black squid ink can slow down the aging by reducing wrinkles or any other sign of aging. The benefit is related with women that usually concern about skin. In addition, healthy skin can improve the appearance and influences many aspects

  1. Lowers blood pressure

The ability of black squid ink to protect heart is due to the lowering of blood pressure in the body. Additionally, some people with high blood pressure tend to be suffering from heart conditions and it also lowers overall health. Or you can also read foods that lower cholesterol level.

  1. Increases memory and concentration

Dopamine in black squid ink helps to increase memory and concentration. Those two things are necessary for children and furthermore, the children are suggested to consume the squid. Take more of healthy foods even make the benefit works successfully.

  1. Supports skin health

Although there is no strong evidence of the benefit of black squid ink to support skin health, antioxidants contained in the squid ink may help for skin health. For many years, the foods consist lots of antioxidants are being used to improve the health of the skin. Or you can also read list fruits healthy skin.

  1. Promotes oxygen in the body

Hemoglobin and myoglobin are two proteins that promote oxygen through the body due to iron. Since black squid ink is equipped with high of iron then the squid ink also has the benefit to spread oxygen in the body which can lead to the increasing of organs function.

Those are some health benefits of black squid ink and make sure that you consume the squid ink in moderation or it may lead to some side effects. In addition, the benefits of squid you can also read in health benefits eating squid.