7 Health Benefits of Drinking Through A Straw

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Drinking through a straw acts as a representative of the oldest eating utensils ever made. It is popular as the industrial revolution of 1800s introduce of rye grass straw. Furthermore, the popularity increases by the industrial production of paper straws.

Straw has the ability to transfer beverages from its container to the user’s mouth by short tube. It transfers the beverage to the user’s mouth, while giving some clear benefits for health, instead of drinking directly from containers. Also, there are some factors that make drinking through a straw increases its popularity and they are fashion and eating tradition. The tradition came in 19th century from Europe and United States.

Along with the tradition, the health benefits of drinking through a straw also are known as the reason why some people in many countries still use the straw. So, the health benefits are including:

  1. Prevents enamel deterioration

Related with the benefit of drinking through a straw can decrease the risk of teeth sensitivity, it also prevents enamel deterioration. The condition often happens when you are drinking acidic drink, such as alcoholic beverages. It tends to wear away enamel of layer due to the increasing of the acidic pH.

  1. Protects the teeth from cavity

Sugary drink will directly stick to the teeth and consequently it can lead to cavity. Since then, drinking through a straw can reduce the risk of cavity. As it has been known, cavity is condition when the teeth are being damaged by some factors including bacteria.

  1. Decreases the risk of teeth sensitivity

One of the health benefits of drinking through a straw is to decrease the risk of teeth sensitivity. It is because when you are drinking through a straw then the teeth are having less contact with the drink which may activated the sensitivity.

  1. Helps to reduce the risk of discoloration

Drinking through a straw can reduce the risk of discoloration since the drink has less contact with the teeth. The drinks that may cause discoloration are such as coffee and tea. Furthermore, it also linked with the preventing of some teeth problems.

  1. Increases safety

The other benefit of drinking through a straw is to increase safety. As the straw has the ability to control the amount of liquid through the mouth then it helps to increase safety. It will reduce the risk of choking as well as from the burning of too-hot beverages.

  1. More hygiene

Some harmful bacteria you can find in dishes including glasses in restaurant while it will be reduced by taking a straw. Consequently, it also will protect the body from some diseases or helps to keep the body healthy.

  1. Gives convenience

By drinking through a straw also means that it gives more convenience. It is better than you have to unscrew the cap and tilt the head back to gulp the glass. In addition, it helps people who are sick and can’t move their body normally.

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