Benefits of Onions for Cold and Flu Symptoms – Natural Remedy

Why is the weather so extreme recently? Sometimes it could be extremely hot, but then suddenly the weather change and the rain fall heavily. The extreme weather and climate change often makes our body immune decrease and makes us vulnerable from suffering various diseases. Usually, it can cause us suffering fever and cold. If you […]

24 Signs of Lupus in Males and Females

The signs of lupus from one person with another may be different. Some are mild and some are severe. In order to diagnose this autoimmune disease, understanding some common symptoms can be helpful. The difference in the symptoms is caused by the different of body systems getting affected by the disease. You may find the signs […]

18 Symptoms of Dairy Intolerance (No.3 Important)

Dairy intolerance or also called as lactose intolerance is the condition whenever your body is unable to break down a type of natural sugar called lactose. Since lactose is commonly found in dairy products such as milk and cheese, there is no doubt that people often called it as dairy intolerance. A person could be […]

20 Symptoms of Dementia in Young – Adults Human

Do you know what dementia is? Dementia is not a disease, but rather the collection of the symptoms that result from the damage of the brain. So, dementia is commonly involves the damage of nerve cells in the brain and thus, the symptoms of the dementia could vary between one person to another, depending on […]

20 Symptoms of Flu in Adults (No.4 Unexpected)

You must know what influenza is. So, influenza, or commonly just called as flu, is a viral infection that attacks the respiratory system, which are your nose, throat, and lungs. This disease is classified as the common disease since every person would suffer from this disease at some point in their lives. But, commonly this […]

29 Symptoms of Hernia Base On Its 3 Types

All of your abdominal organs are supported by a muscular wall to keep them in place. However, when the supporting wall is weakened, the organs may move from their places and push through creating a bulge on your skin. When this condition happens, you may suffer from a hernia and there are many symptoms to […]

43 Symptoms of Botulism in Infans-Babies, Adults Early – Severe Stages

Botulism have very rare cases, but the disease is relatively severe and extremely urgent, as evidenced by the high number of deaths caused by this disease, about 50-70% Botulism is an intoxication, as well as tetanus. It is caused by the Botulinum Clostridium. Paralysis is a serious disease caused by the poison (toxin) which attacks […]

18 Symptoms of Pneumonia in Children and Elderly

Do you ever know the disease called pneumonia? Pneumonia is the disease that occurs whenever there is an infection in the lung that commonly caused by the bacterial or viral infection. This pneumonia is considered as the life-threatening disease because it could inflame the lung which then can cause you having the difficulty in breathing. […]

20 Symptoms of Lung Cancer in Men and Females

Lung cancer is the type of cancer that basically caused by the mutation in the DNA.So, when the cells divide, they will also form the identical cells, so that it enables the body to renew itself. But, when there is the contaminants that could stimulate the cancer like smoke, the cells will begin to grow […]

20 Symptoms of Lupus In Women and Man

Do you ever hear the disease called lupus? Well, lupus erythematosus is the disease that occurs whenever the autoimmune system mistakenly attacks the healthy tissue and thus, this could cause some pretty dangerous effects in the body. The resulting inflammation from this disease could cause the pain and damage to almost all of the part […]