10 Benefits of Popping Bubble Wrap to Reduce Stress

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bubble wrapWho likes to play bubble wrap? As we know, Benefits of Popping Bubble Wrap serves to protect fragile objects that exist in the packaging so as not to break or form with other hard objects. But whether bubble wrap only serves to protect objects only? The fact is not. Based on several studies, bubble wrap has health benefits, especially in the case of psychiatry.

A study conducted by Sealed Air Corporation found that 1 minute bubble wrap can reduce stress levels as much as 33% like doing a massage for 30 minutes. While popping bubble wrap can reduce stress as much as 7%. Reduced levels of stress effects are seen on the spot. And it does not take a long time to reduce the stress that occurs. It is very good for psychotherapy.

Based on the above explanation, the benefits of popping bubble wrap are:

  1. Reduce stress

When you popping bubble wrap, what arises is a pleasure. Pleasure arises instantly and does not require a long time. At that moment your stress can reduce drastically

  1. As a stress therapy

Popping bubble wrap is using for stress therapy. This is because instant satisfaction that arises when doing popping is great for psychotherapy. You can also read Health Benefits of Thai Tea

  1. Protect the goods in packaging

When we buy new items from electronics stores or other stores, we often get bubble wrap inside the box. Bubble wrap in the box serves to reduce the impact with other hard objects so that the items in the box is not damaged

  1. Develop motor skills

For children who are still in development stage, Benefits of Popping Bubble Wrap is very good to train motor skills. By way of building finger strength, hand coordination, and eye in Health Benefits of Taurine for Eyes for popping bubble wrap

  1. Good practice before writing

Writing requires finger strength and good hand coordination. While popping bubble wrap can be an alternative exercise before writing lessons are done.

  1. As a meditation tool

In fact, bubble wrap can use as a good meditation tool for psychotherapy. In addition to the cheap price, bubble wrap is also easy to get and applied by anyone.

  1. To decorate the room

Want to decorate a room at a low cost? Use bubble wrap. The trick is to put ink on the bubble wrap and decorate your room.

  1. Maintain food temperature

Bubble wrap can also keep your food temperature cool or warm. This is perfect for ice cream so it does not melt quickly. Read this: Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

  1. Eliminate aches in the legs

The trick is to insert Benefits of Popping Bubble Wrap in your shoes. Bubble air bubble wrap will make your legs more comfortable and avoid the stiff. Read this: Health Benefits of Frog Legs

  1. Pack the fruit in the refrigerator

In order for the fruit store in the refrigerator to last long and not easily wrinkled, wrap the fruits with bubble wrap before storing it in the refrigerator.