Amazing Benefits of Infant Massage for Mothers with Postnatal Depression

There are a lot of types of depression and the stage is also varying from mild to severe. Today, the case of postnatal depression is progressively increasing though the main factor that triggers this condition still remains unknown. There are several types of diabetes and there are also several types of depression and postnatal or […]

7 Unbelievable Benefits of Taking Medication for Mental Illness

The first mistake most people do when it comes to overcome mental illness is not taking medication or stop taking them because they feel ‘better’ or ‘fine’. The fact is once a person is diagnosed with mental illness, taking medication regularly becomes essential though of course it is depending on the stage of the illness. […]

16 Benefits of St. John’s Wort for Anxiety – Interesting Facts

Do you know what it is St. John’s Wort? This green plants that have bright yellow flowers have another name that is Hypericum perforatum. This plant has been used for thousands of years to treat mood disorders as well as to reduce anxiety and depression. According to a scientific study conducted by Cochrane Collaboration, this […]

17 Unexpected Symptoms of Depression : Early Signs

You must be familiar with the word depression. Depression is a kind of mood disorder, which is commonly characterized by the feeling of sadness, helplessness, and worthlessness. In the matter of fact, every people already suffers from this disorder and this is pretty normal. But, it becomes very dangerous whenever you’re feel it regularly day […]