Unpredictable Health Benefits of Nigerian Periwinkle

One of the unique culinary in the world which contains many health benefits is Nigerian periwinkle. Also called Littorina littorea, is a type of small sea slug that can be eaten. This small animal can be found in various countries with tropical climates such as Asia and Africa. However, the country famous for its cuisine […]

25 Health Benefits of Periwinkle Flower You Must Know

Periwinkle flower has the Latin name Catharanthus roseus, is a plant originating from Madagascar, but has spread to other tropical regions. For example, in Indonesia, the periwinkle flowers are known by various names such as sindapor (Sulawesi), kembang tembaga (Sundanese language), and tapak doro flower (Javanese). Malaysians generally recognize this flower with the name ‘kemunting […]