6 Surprising Health Benefits of Olive Oil During Pregnancy

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Essential oils are natural oils that are extracted from a certain type of plant, usually this oil is obtained from the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits.

Essential oils are usually used as aromatherapy which are believed to have various benefits for the health of the body. People may also get some benefits from it, like the health benefits of Oregano Oil.

Essential oils are a type of natural oil that has been used throughout history as medicine and for health therapy. Generally, this oil is used as aromatherapy which is inhaled to create a feeling of calm.

In addition, essential oils applied to the body are believed to have many benefits, such as warming the body, helping to cure itchy bacterial infections, and warding off insect attacks.

This oil works by stimulating the human brain by the sense of smell. In addition, this type of oil also has a healing effect when rubbing it on skin that is injured or bruised.

Some oils can be included as essential oils. One of them is Olive Olive. The oil, which is also known by the name of Zaitoon, has some benefits as well that are mentioned in the benefits of drinking Zaitoon Oil. Other benefits related to pregnancy also present, greatly helping those in need.

Most people use the olive oil to rub it on their tummy, thus reducing the stretch marks. But, the benefit of Olive Oil doesn’t stop there. There are some others that definitely useful, like :

1. Reducing Stretch Marks

Aside from consuming the benefits of eating Black Olives, applying Olive Oil may give a benefit of reducing signs of stretch marks. Problems for pregnant women related to stretch marks can be overcome by using olive oil.

Olive oil contains linoleic acid which can help heal the skin and maintain water content. In addition, the polyphenol content is high in antioxidants and helps regenerate skin when it starts to get damaged.

Olive oil only needs to be applied to the skin of pregnant women where stretch marks have started. Massage gently until the olive oil penetrates the skin, so that it can work optimally in dealing with stretch marks.

2. Helps Improve Fetal Brain Development

Every parent would want their children to be born intelligent. If you want to improve your little one’s brain development since they are in the womb, you need to regularly consume olive oil. The intake of olive oil combined with other nutritious foods can provide great benefits for fetal brain development.

The nutritional content of olive oil is quite diverse, it can improve fetal brain function and development. If consumed consistently, olive oil received by the fetus can improve the learning skills of your little one in the future.

3. Reduce Infections Risk

Other than having the Marula Oil benefits for hair health consuming Olive Oil can help mom to prevent infections. Keep in mind that infections can occur during pregnancy at any time, and some can even be harmful to the fetus in the womb. Before having a bad impact, pregnant women need to take protection so that their health is maintained.

Olive oil consumed during pregnancy can boost immunity. The natural antibacterial properties in olive oil can keep the body healthier from day to day. The content of vitamin A in olives will also increase immunity, so that pregnant women are not susceptible to infection.

Consuming olive oil consistently will provide positive benefits to the body of pregnant women.

4. Maintain Fetal Heart’s Health 

The development and health of the fetus’s heart can be helped by consuming olive oil. Arrived with the omega-3 content in it, it can keep the fetal heart healthier while in the womb.

When pregnant, moms can process several healthy dishes by adding olive oil in it. The menu of processed food cooked with olive oil does need variety so that pregnant women don’t get bored easily.

When consuming olive oil regularly during pregnancy, it will also help the development of the length and weight of the fetus, maintaining a normal body size and weight

5. Overcoming skin problems

Other than the benefits of hair massage with Olive Oil, this special oil can also help the moms for their skin problems. The fluctuation of hormones during pregnancy can cause various skin problems, including the annoying acne. Oftenly some women experience a dull face and start to grow pimples everywhere.

For the sake of brightening the face, pregnant women can use olive oil as a natural remedy for skin problems. The linoleic acid in olive oil can help maintain water content in facial skin. If you regularly use olive oil it can help your skin brighter as well, no extra medicine or skin care needed.

In addition to polyphenol antioxidants, the olive oil can flush out toxins in the body and prevent all kinds of infections. Olive oil, which has antibacterial properties, can cure acne. The anti-inflammatory substances in it are also useful for healing acne and its scars.

6. Avoid The Risk of Preterm Labor

Olive oil consumed during pregnancy may provide so many positive benefits. Another benefit that can be obtained from processed food with the addition of olive oil is that it is able to prevent pregnancy complications.

Please note that the content of vitamin E and vitamin K in olive oil can be useful as antioxidants for protecting the body from free radicals. When free from free radicals, pregnant women can be healthier and strong enough to avoid various diseases.

The content of vitamin E in olive oil consumed during pregnancy can also prevent birth defects and minimize the risk of preterm labor.