Benefits of Hair Massage with Olive Oil for Natural Hair Treatment

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Choosing natural hair treatment is still one of the things most people still consider to do if compared to expensive professional treatment. The main reasons are because it is simple, cheap and good for hair with no side-effect. One of the natural ingredients commonly used for hair treatment, especially hair massage is olive oil. This article will discuss more about the benefits of hair massage with olive oil.

Why Olive Oil Is Good for Hair?

Is olive oil is good for your hair and why?” is probably the first question a lot of people will ask when suggested to use olive oil for home hair treatment. Well, some studies have emphasized that olive oil is rich of omega 3 fatty acid benefits and health benefits of vitamin E. Those two active compounds are enough to answer that question because omega 3 fatty acid health benefits are able to hold moisture in the hair to keep it soft, lush and shiny while benefits of vitamin E for hair is to protect it from side effect of free-radicals, sunlight and pollution. The list of benefits of hair massage with olive oil below will inform you in details.

  1. Eliminates Dandruff

It is a common knowledge that olive oil is a natural eliminator for dandruff. The nutrients found in olive oil will optimize the circulation in your scalp to prevent dandruff and promote healthy hair and scalp.

  1. Reduces Split Ends

Olive oil could help reducing split ends because the active compound in olive oil could provide the moisture required by your hair to stay strong and healthy. Furthermore the vitamin E and vitamin C benefits contained in olive oil could act as natural repair to damaged hair.

  1. Makes Your Hair Grow Longer

Most women who love their hair to be long and strong may face problems like split ends or frizzy hair. Well, you don’t need to worry about it anymore because olive oil could prevent split ends and frizzy hair so you could have your hair as long as you want.

  1. Natural Solution to Strong and Shiny Hair

Olive oil contains some essential minerals that could help promoting strong and shiny hair such as the benefits of calcium as well as potassium contained found in olive oil.

  1. Easier to Manage

Frizzy hair may not end your world but when you need your hair to be manageable in the most important time frizzy hair could become your biggest enemy. Well, it is important to maintain the moisture of your hair so it will be easier to manage and olive could act as natural moisturizer for your frizzy and untameable hair.

  1. Promotes Hair Growth

Some studies have found out about the health benefits of olive oil. The omega fatty acid found in olive oil has essential and prominent role in promoting the healthy hair growth.

  1. Prevents Hair Loss

Hair loss could be the problem for both women and men. This case may be higher in men and if you don’t want to lose your hair applying olive oil regularly may help preventing hair loss. Do it right now before it is too late.

  1. Good for Scalp Health

The key to healthy hair is healthy scalp. Applying olive oil regularly to your scalp could help stimulating the hair follicles to promote healthy scalp and healthier hair growth.

  1. Natural Ingredients

Though there are a lot of hair treatment solutions you could find out there but it is always better to choose natural ingredients over chemical-based hair treatment products.

  1. Solution to Easy Hair Styling

If you find your hair is hard to style, why don’t you applying some olive oil to your hair first before you styling it? You will find it as a pleasant surprise because you don’t need a professional at all if you have olive oil to solve your problem.

  1. Promotes Healthy Hair

The point of doing hair treatment is so you could have healthy hair. Healthy hair means easy to manage and you don’t need extra time just to make it look good and lush.

  1. Emphasizes Your Natural Hair Type

There are a lot of people are willing to do everything so they could emphasize their natural hair type instead of colouring it. Well, olive oil could help you fulfilling your dream if you want to have healthy and shiny look of natural hair.

  1. Cheap Hair Treatment

It is true that there are a lot of people who are willing to spend a lot of money to pay a professional just to take care of their hair. Well, now you have cheap and easy solution that you could do at home.

How to Use Olive Oil for Hair Massage Treatment

The next question that may appear after you find out about the possible benefits of hair massage with olive oil is how to use it for hair treatment. Below is the easy steps and additional ingredients for healthy and luxurious hair.

For Hair Massage Treatment

  • It is recommended to use a small amount of olive oil especially for you who are using it for the first time because the need of every person is different.
  • And then apply it to your scalp and massage it. Add more olive oil if you think your scalp needs more of it.
  • After you massage your scalp you could add more olive oil to be used in your hair until the very end of your hair.
  • Once you have done, cover your hair with shower cap and let the olive oil sit for at least 15 minutes.
  • After 15 minutes or more, you could rinse your hair by using warm water.
  • Shampoo your hair until you feel your hair and scalp is completely free from the greasy feeling caused by olive oil.

For excellent result you could use olive oil as ingredient to your DIY hair mask treatment as well by mixing olive oil with egg yolk and honey. However, as hair mask you don’t need to massage your scalp, you just need to use the paste to be applied to your hair and let it sit for about 20 minutes before you rinse it using shampoo and warm water.