23 Health Benefits of Hydrolysed Beef Gelatin for Overall Uses

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Before we discuss the health benefits of beef gelatin, let’s first get to know closer to gelatin. Gelatin is a solid substance that is clear, tasteless, colorless and brittle in dry condition. Gelatin is obtained from animal collagen that can be found in fibrous tissue attached to bone and skin.

Collagen in this tissue is hydrolysed to obtain proteins and peptides that form gelatin. Gelatin on the market is usually taken from collagen fish, cattle, or pigs.

In general, gelatin is widely used as a gel-making agent in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and photography. Here are some of the health benefits of beef gelatin that can be found in everyday life.

 Beef Gelatin Food

Here are the health benefits of beef gelatin in food:

1. Marshmallow

A soft marsmallow texture like gel does not escape gelatin interference. Not only marsmallows, other similar chewy candies are also given a mixture of gelatin.

2. Agar-agar

Kind of gelatin that is called as Agar agar in Indonesia, is often equated with jelly, but very different. It’s just that one of the ingredients to make agar agar is gelatin. Gelatin serves to give gel texture to agar agar.

3. Jelly

Not only gelatin, jelly that in fact is a clear gel also contains gelatin. It’s just that the jelly has a more supple effect while the agar agar is not.

4. Ice cream 

Although ice cream is very different from the three examples above. Apparently gelatin also plays an important role in the manufacture of ice cream. Gelatin gives gel to ice cream so it does not melt quickly.

Beef Gelatin in Pharmacy and Health

Here are the health benefits of hydrolysed beef gelatin in pharmacy:

5. Wrap Drugs / Capsules 

As we know, unlabeled capsules / capsules are essentially translucent / transparent. Well this drug wrap is made of gelatin. This soft shell will help us avoid the extreme taste or odor of medicine. In addition, this shell protects us from drugs that contain high acid levels.

For patients who have gastric disturbances will be safe because the drug will be destroyed in the intestine rather than in the stomach.

6. Healthy Digestive System 

Apparently gelatin able to improve the mucosal layer in the stomach and intestines. In addition it is also able to keep the water in the digestive tract. In other words, gelatin is able to maintain and improve our digestive system.

7. Gentle digestive system 

Gelatin contains very high amino acids. This amino acid is very helpful in launching the digestive system. So, for those who have difficult bowel movements can consume gelatin or consume foods containing gelatin such as gelatin. But keep in mind, that agar agar is not a substitute for gelatin. Only at the time of its manufacture is given gelatin.  

8. Bone Strengthener

Collagen is one of the most important factors for forming healthy and strong bones. Because the gelatin is made of collagen, it is very good for consumed by patients with broken bones.

9. Healthy joints 

Because gelatin can be used as an anti-inflammatory, then this gelatin is very good for joints. The more old age of a person, the amount of lubricant found in the joints is also reduced. This resulted in the joints felt a tremendous pain. Gelatin helps repair lubricants in the joints.

10. Drug Pain

Gelatin contains a substance called chondroitin, which helps to reduce pain. Therefore, gelatin is often used as one of anti-pain medication.

11. Boosts Immunity

Glycine and proline are amino acids contained in gelatin that serves to boost immunity. Therefore, gelatin is suitable for consumption for those of us who are often sickly.  

12. Improving Sleep Quality 

The glycine contained in gelatin is shown to have a calming effect, so it’s good for people who have sleep problems like insomnia.

13. Fixing Liver Function

Apparently, gelatin is able to improve functionality or liver. The liver plays an important role to neutralize the toxins that enter the body. 

14. Improve Adrenal Function 

Gelatin contains excellent amino acids to enhance adrenal function. Adrenal is one of the glands in the human body located in the kidneys. 

15. Balancing Hormones 

The content in gelatin helps regulate insulin levels in the body so it is good for patients with hypoglycemia ie patients whose blood glucose levels are less than normal. However, it is safe for people with diabetes mellitus or diabetes. In addition, gelatin is also able to reduce excess estrogen levels. Estrogen is a hormone of women.

16. As a Wound Healer

Protein plays an important role in the wound healing process. The glycine contained in gelatin can reduce the occurrence of inflammation. Therefore, gelatin is able to help heal wounds faster because it slows the occurrence of inflammation.

Beef Gelatin Uses in Cosmetics and Beauty

Here are the health benefits of hydrolysed beef gelatin for beauty purpose:

17. Lose Weight

High protein content makes a longer satiety effect to the consumer. This can prevent a person from overeating. Therefore, someone who is on a diet is advised to consume foods high in protein one of them is gelatin.

18. Skin Lightening 

One of the beautiful skin parameters is free of wrinkles and cellulite. The main cause of wrinkles is the lack of collagen in the body. Gelatin is made of collagen that helps prevent wrinkles. In addition, the fossilized gelatin produces skin cells that later replace dead skin cells on the skin surface and help tighten the skin.

Gelatin also helps to reduce cellulite. Cellulite is the fold of fat trapped inside the skin. In addition, gelatin helps shrink the pores so the skin becomes more smooth.

19. Strengthening Hair 

For those who want healthy hair in a way that can easily utilize gelatin as a hair mask. Regular use can make the hair smoother, softer and more straight.

20. Nourishing the Nails

Although the nails are small body parts, many women want beautiful nails. They do a variety of treatments to beautify the nails. Beautiful nails are healthy nails. Nail health can be obtained by consuming gelatin regularly.

Beef Gelatin Uses in Photography

21. Gelatin also plays an important role in the world of photography. Formerly photography was only done by professionals because to create a photograph alone requires a very complex process. Around 1880, George Eatsman made rolls of film with gelatin so the world of photography developed rapidly.

For now, photography with the film has been displaced by the rise of photography with digital cameras. However, many professional photographers still like to use film rolls.  

Beef Gelatin Function in Education

Here are the health benefits of hydrolysed beef gelatin in education sector:

22. Materials Research

As a research material, gelatin can be used as one of the ingredients to develop biodegradable plastic. This plastic is a type of plastic that can decompose itself so as not to add to the pile of plastic waste.

22. Media Research

As a research medium, gelatin can be used for those who are doing development in agriculture. One example is the study of orchids using tissue culture techniques. This is because tissue culture techniques can use planting media in the form of gelatin like gelatin.

There are many benefits of gelatin that we discussed above. It turns out gelatin can be utilized in various fields. Whether used as a consumed ingredient or as a mixture of ingredients to make a product. For gelatin is consumed, it is good for you to consult first to the doctor. So in the future, get the maximum benefit from gelatin.