13 Unexpected Health Benefits of Eating Pigs

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Pork is a kind of meat that is very popular in west and east people especially non-Muslims. Because Islam avoid to consume this animal for Muslim. But, based on the research, there are health benefits of eating pig like beef.

Pork texture is almost as same as beef. Because of that, some who never consume pork, she didn’t know different of pork or beef. Commonly, Pork can be cooked as :

  1. Pork satay
  2. Pork roast
  3. Red pork
  4. Semur
  5. Adding for Nasi Campur Hainam

Pork also can use as the main ingredient in Chinese foods with word “ba”, like

  • Bacang
  • Bakmi
  • Bakpau

That’s some short description about pork. Then, does the pork have health benefits? Yes, of course, there are many health benefits of eating pigs. Commonly, the health benefits of eating pigs is similar with the health benefits of eating beef, as well as their nutrition. These are the health benefit of eating pork:

  1. Energy

Pork in the ranch contains very high contents. It is caused by high fat content in pork, too.From 100 gr, pork in the ranch contains 457 kkal. Is it very high, right? This energy is very useful for  :

  • Give us energy for doing activities
  • Take care our immune system
  • Prevent exhaustion
  • Increase our focus when do activities

But, if you are very shock, you can try to consume boar meat. This boar meat contains lower energy content than pork in the ranch, it is about 367 kkal per 100 gr. You may also read health benefits of rice as energy source.

  1. High Protein

Commonly, Pork has health benefits as same as beef, and the other fresh meat. Pork contains high protein contents. It is 100 gr pork contain 11.9 gr protein that it is very good and useful for our body to :

  • Build up muscles
  • Take care strength and immune system
  • Tie fat

Boar meat contains lower protein than pork, it is about 14.1 gr protein per 100 gr.

For the caution, although  pork contains high protein contents, but it also contains very high fat contents. So that, you should not consume to excess, because it can cause obesity.

  1. Calcium

Pork contains high calcium content, too. 100 gr of pork contain 7 mg calcium and 100 gr boar meat contain 8 mg calcium. Calcium in pork also useful for :

  • Take care bones healthiness
  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Make our body more tall in growth levels 
  1. Phosphor

There is calcium, there is phosphor, too. In 100 gr pork contain 117 mg phospor and 100 gr boar meat contain 151 mg phosphor. Phosphor can be useful for our body to

  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Take care bones and teeth healthiness
  • Strengthen bones
  1. Prevent Anemia

As same as another meats, pork also can prevent anemia. The meat like pork, beef and goat meat contain selenium that useful for preventing anemia. These are effects and symptoms from anemia :

  • Weak
  • Get diseases easily
  • No energy
  • Fell headache and nausea

For more information about anemia, you can also read symptoms of anemia and super fast anemia treatment.

  1. Iron

Pork also has contain iron that it is good for our healthiness. Although it is not too high, but iron in pork can be useful to

  • Help erytrocyte production
  • Prevent anemia
  • Cure wounds quickly

100 gr pork contain 2 mg iron and boar meat also have contain as same as iron in pork.

Related :

  1. Additional seasoning in foods

Pork fried will produce oil, that we call as lard. According to people, the lard that is produced by pork are tasty and delicious when it is used as ingredient for stir fry or put it into our foods.

  1. Take Care Skin Healthiness

Another health benefits of eating pig is it contain high collagen content. Collagen in pork is useful as medicines of skin and face treatment, because it can :

  • Loosing acnes
  • Tightening skin
  • Prevent or reduce symptoms of aging / anti aging

and you may also read benefits of buttermilk and avocado face mask for skin healthiness

  1. As main material for making soap

Pork have fatty acids that have many benefits especially in soap industries and some beauty products. These are some soaps and beauty products which were producted from fatty acids from pork :

  • Body soap
  • Shampoo
  • Toothpaste
  • Anti aging cream
  • Detergent and softener clothes

The Other Health Benefits of Eating Pork

Besides pork, there are many part of pig, start from its hair, bones, blood, until its internal organs. Those part bofy of pig are many useful as material of medicines and they also have many benefits for our healhtiness. These are some another benefits from part body of pig :

  1. Material for making heparin
  2. Material for making cosmetics and beauty equipments
  3. Material for making filter in cigarettes
  4. Material for making capsule shell  

The cautions of eating pig

Pork is not only have health benefits, it has bad effects for our body, such as

  1. Obesity

Based on the research, scientist recommend people, did not to consume pork too excess. Because in pork, there is high fat content that can cause obesity. You may also read health risks of obesity.

  1. Increase Cholesterol

Besides fat in pork can cause obesity, high fat in pork also can cause high cholesterol levels. So that, if you want to consume pork, please don’t too excess, because it can make you in dangerous condition. Or you can add fiber and vegetables when you consume pork for stabilizing between fat and fiber in your body. You may also read list food that lower cholesterol.

  1. Can block bloodstream

Although pork contains high selenium and iron can make bloodstream fluently, but high fat content in pork can cause of block bloodstream and it can cause some diseases, too.

  1. Pork Contains Cestoda

Pork, if it did not be process well, it also have contain cestodas in its. Cestodas can cause some diseases for our body such as diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, feces contain cestodas, stomachache, and many more.

Those are some health benefits of eating pigs and its bad effects of pork Please consume pork well, not too excess. So that, you will get health benefits of eating pork and you didn’t get its bad effects.