3 Unknown Health Benefits of Monkey Meat

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In Indonesia, Monkey is a kind of animal that is protected by government. We are avoid to hunt this species and eat it. But, in some region in Indonesia like Sulawesi, Lampung, Medan, West Java, even Jakarta, many monkey meat has been sold as fresh meat or foods where it is roasted or grilled.

Monkey Meat in Restaurant

In many restaurants, monkey meat is cooked with many seasoning for adding its tasty. Not only in Indonesia, in some countries like China and Africa, a tradition in there that people consume monkey meat or another primates. This condition make habitat of primates more less and it is caused by poaching.

Although its price is rather expensive, but people believed that if they consume primate meat like monkey, it can give them many benefits for their body. So, what are health benefits of monkey meat if we consume it? Before explore health benefits of monkey meat, it will be better if we know what is law from consuming monkey meat based on theory of Islam.

In Islam, monkey is considered as a kind of wild animals. Besides that, this primate also is considered as dirty animal (khotibs), so that this animal prohibited to be consumed. Based on Abu Hurairah, Nabi shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said, “every wild animal that is saber toothed, so it is haram if you consumed it.” (HR. Muslim)

Contains of Monkey Meat

Monkey meat consists of : calories 424 kkal, Fat 24.1 g, Carbohydrate : 7.5 g, and protein 43.3 g.

These are detail about contains of monkey meat :

  • Calories : 424 kkal
  • Fat : 24.1 g
  • Cholesterol : 124 mg
  • Sodium : 820 mg
  • Potassium : 23 mg
  • Carbohydrate : 7.5 g
  • Protein : 43.3 g
  • Vitamin A : 36 %
  • Vitamin C : 49 %
  • Calcium : 6 %
  • Iron : 60 %

Some Benefits of Monkey Meat

Although someone considers monkey meat  as disgust thing, but in many countries like China, it has been a tradition to consume extreme foods like monkey meat in some Asian regions. Because monkey meat contains high protein, this thing makes monkey meat has been used in the world of treatments, such as for

  • Curing eye disease
  • Symptomp stomachache
  • Increasing vitality

Although government has published law about avoid to consume that meat, but demand of monkey meat is still high in the market. These are some people trust about health benefits of monkey meat :

  1. Increase Vitality

If we consumed meat especially brain of primates like monkey, for some people has been considered to increase their vitality, especially for men. But that is a mitos and no clear research about it. Meat or brain from monkey is usually cooked to become some foods, such as curry, satay, stir fry and another foods.

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  1. Cure Itchy and Sore

Some people communities believed that if they consumed extreme foods like gecko meat or primates meat (monkey or ape) can help them to cure some skin diseases quickly such as ithcy and sore. You may also read health benefits of kakawate leaves and benefits of coconut oil for skin.

  1. Cure Symptoms of stomach and eyes

In China, High protein in monkey meat becomes a reason for using monkey meat as one of medicines to many diseases like stomachache or eyes disease.

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Bad Effects of Eating Monkey Meat

Besides there are some health benefits of eating monkey meat, there are some dangerous risk of eating monkey meat, too. Here they are

1. Can get HIV/AIDS/Ebola 

HIV or AIDS is the most dangerous of infectious diseases. If we contacted with its sufferer blood, we can get it, too. So, if we consumed monkey meat that get HIV/AIDS, we will get HIV/AIDSS, too. According to Richard Prestone in his book Hot Zone that tell us about two people who died after consuming monkey meat and antelope, they are diagnosed with beast ebola zaire.

Besides that, in 1979, Africa has attacked by disease like ebola that was called marburg virus. Although it still need more research, but this disease is caused by habit of consume primates like monkey in that country.  

2. We can get rabies

Monkey saliva is not different with dog saliva. If that saliva contacted monkey meat and we consumed it, we will get rabies, too.

3. Monkey meat contains worm

Monkey is a wild animal which is susceptible with parasite. So that, monkey meat has high potential worm content. This can cause bad effect for someone health if he consumed it.

Although the reason of using wild animals meat like monkey meat is curing a disease, but according to Indonesian Islamic Council (MUI) said that Consuming disgust and probihited animal meat for treatments is allowed, with noticed, no another halal and safe alternative medicines for consuming.

In other words, as long as there is halal medicines, if we consume extreme meat although the reason for treatment, its law is haram. For that, ulamas are very recommend people to go far away or avoid people to consume that animal meats.