11 Great Health Benefits of Eating Quail Meat

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Quail is a kind of birds that has a small body like chick and it can not fly so high like the other birds commonly.  In the market, there are many quail meat that sells for consuming people. This bird has Latin named Cortunix.

Commonly, many people consume its meat and eggs. Quail is cultivated and sold when it still alive or become foods. Although, it has a small body, some people are very interested with quail and in fact, there are many health benefits of eating quail meat for our healthiness. You may also read: Health Benefits of Quail Eggs

Contains of Quail meat

Although quail has a small body, it is possible that it has many nutrient in its meat. Commonly, quail meat has many nutrients such as protein, phosphor, fat, calcium, iron, and zinc. And quail egg also contains high protein and choline that is very good for our brain. These are vitamins in quail meat :

  • Vitamin B – riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, pantonenat acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid, cobalamin, that increase metabolisme and strengthen nerve system.
  • Vitamin D – promote the growth of bones, make macroelements assimilated, with thiamin and ascorbic acid increase immune system. You may also read vitamin D deficiency health risks , side effects of taking too much vitamin D and sources of vitamin D.
  • Vitamin A – strengthen bones, increase skin health
  • Vitamin K – processing metabolisme cells, increase blood clotting, calcium absorbtion. You may also another benefits of vitamin K.

The Health Benefits of Eating Quail Meat

From nutrients in quail meat or egg, quail has same benefits for our healthiness.  These are some health benefits of eating quail meat and eggs, such as :

  1. Take care eye vision

Yolk does not only contain protein, but yolk also has luthein and zeaksantin that can take care retina healthiness. That two nutrients protect eyes from blue light that come into the eyes. Because if blue light that comes into the eyes was not filtered firstly, it can cause bad effects for our eyes healthiness.

Besides luthein and zeaksantin, egg and meat quail also has vitamin A. Although vitamin A in quail is lower than carrot, but it still has benefits and influences to take care eye vision. You may also read benefits of honey for eyes.

  1. Take care our skin

Not only vitamin A and vitamin B in quail, but also there is vitamin E in it. Same with vitamin E in vegetables and fruits, vitamin E in quail can prevent early aging. Vitamin E in quail also can be used for skin regeneration.

  1. Strengthen Bones

Quail contains phosphor and calcium in its meat. This two nutrients has benefits to take care bones. So that, we can prevent from bones problems like osteoporosis that can be caused by less calcium and phosphor.

  1. Solve symptoms of respiratory system

If we consume quail meat, we can solve respiratory problems, like function of bat meat and squirrel meat. Some respiratory problem can be solved with consume quail meat, such as asthma, tuberculosis,  and vegetative vascular dystrophy.

  1. Fix Body’s tissues

Another health benefits of eating quail meat is fix damage of body’s tissues. Protein in quail meat and egg can help us to regenerate some tissue and cells in nails, skin, hair, and it also can increase production of hormone and enzyme in our body.

  1. Increase Immune System

If we consume quail meat regularly, it can increase immune system in our body. This increasing immune system has function to prevent body from get diseases easily. Besides that, the great immune system can kill bacterial and parasites that come into our body.

  1. Take care heart healthiness

Protein in quail meat and its egg can help to stabilize bad cholesterol in our body. Because of that, we have to consume quail meat and its eggs to take care our heart healthiness. You may also read early heart attack symptoms.

  1. Give nutritions for brain

Quail egg contains choline that can influence the growth function of brain. Choline in quail egg also can help nerves performance in brain for increasing our memories. If we consumed quail eggs, our memories would be better and not forget easily.

  1. Solve Anemia

Iron in quail meat has function to solve anemia or low blood. Iron also can help haemoglobin producing and erythrocytes that can solve less blood in our body. You may also read anemia treatment naturally

  1. Complete Energy Necessary

Quail also contains vitamin B2 that can change carbohydrate to sugar. AS we know that sugar is a energy substance that is needed by our body.

  1. Solve Problems of Digestion System

Digestion system is one of organs that very important. Because it is a place to absorb food that is bundled by blood and brought to all of body. When digestion system is disturbed, it can cause many health problems because the absorption process of food is disturbed too. The symptoms of digestion can be caused by bacterial in it. And another symptoms can be caused by pimple in testiness, gastritis and pimple in abdomen. Some of that problem can be solved by consuming quail meat regularly.

Cautions of Quail Meats

Although quail meats has many health benefits, but if we consume too excess quail, it can make us in dangerous condition. These are some risk if we consume too excess quail :

  • Symptoms of kidney
  • Build up kidney stone
  • Block absorption of nutrients
  • Mess up metabolisme system
  • Anemia
  • Build up cholesterol
  • Dermatomyositis
  • Low blood pressure
  • Alzheimer. You have to know ways to prevent Alzheimer.
  • Increase Ovomucoid protein

Although quail has little body, but it has many health benefits of eating quail meat for human body. If we consumed quail meat or its egg regularly and not too excess, it can help us to make our body health, solve and take care our healthiness.