8 Unexpected Health Benefits of Gecko You Should Know

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health benefits of geckoGecko is a kind of reptiles which live at home like lizard. Gecko looks like lizard, but it is bigger than lizard. It also has green or yellow spots on its body. As same as lizard, gecko has skill to mimicry or it can drop off its tail to trick its enemy. Gecko’s bite is so strong, it make us so difficult to let it go. Gecko can bite its enemy for many hours or days.

Today, this species reptiles is hunted and cultivated, because it has high economy values. If it was taller, bigger, and heavier than the other gecko, so its price would be more expensive, too. There are many health benefits of gecko, so that it make gecko has high economy values. Here they are health benefits of gecko for solving problems our healthiness.

  1. Cure Skin Disease

Skin disease is not serious diseases. But if skin disease was not cure for a long time, it can become a problem performance and it would disturb, too. Of course, skin disease will make us itchy and painful  on our skin. Skin disease can be caused by toxic and allergic. We have to change health style and consume medicines, so that skin disease can cure quickly.

But some people are still get skin disease although they have consumed medicines and changed their health style. Beside that, some people believed that natural treatment for skin problem. They use gecko for it. Solving skin problem with gecko has not proved medically, but from some people experiences that solving a problem skin with gecko is more effective than use medicines.

  1. Prevent Cancers

Cancer is a dangerous diseases that has not be found exactly medicine for solving it. Commonly, doctor will use chemotherapy for cancer treatment. Cancer will attack someone who have low immune system. Some traditional treatment or natural treatment are used to solve cancer.

One of traditional medicine that have known can cure cancer is gecko. Gecko contains anti cancer substance  that it can push expression from VEGF and BFGF proteins. VEGF and BFGF proteins are support proteins for growing cancer cells.

Anti cancer substance in gecko can push expression those proteins. So that cancer cells will not grow or spread to another parts of body. You may also read how to prevent cancers naturally.

  1. Prevent growth of tumor cells

Tumor that attack someone can spread to another part of body quickly and it can cause died. Tumor cells will be spread quickly, if someone who has tumor body was weak or he was low immune system. Based on the research in China, in gecko’s body, there is a substance that works as anti cancer.

A substance in gecko can prevent growth tumor cells with increasing immune system and inducing apoptosis tumor cells. Tumor cells will kill itself, so that no more tumor cells that can be hold in our body.

  1. Increase Immune System

Gecko has function to increase immune system. So that, we will be avoid from some diseases. Consuming toxid also can increase immune system because it can help to take out toxin from our body. The improvement of immune system can help our body to prevent allergics that are caused by many factors. You can also read health benefits of mangosteen tea to take care your body systems. 

  1. Solve Asthma and Respiratory System Problems

The symptoms or anti respiratory system problem are so disturb our activities. Asthma or another respiratory problems can stop our activities. Asthma and respiratory system problem can happened because descendant factor or allergic of environments, like air. We can solve asthma and another  respiratory system problem with consume gecko.

By consuming gecko, it can help to neutralize toxic and lose allergic, include respiratory system allergic. Although it has not be proved medically, but many people use gecko to Asthma and respiratory system problem treatment. For the result, someone who use gecko to asthma and respiratory system treatment can cure and do his activities normally. For more information, you may also read symptoms of asthma and benefits of jimson weed.

  1. Regenerate Worn out cells

Cells in our body always do regeneration in every organs. This regeneration is done by cells, but sometimes it is fluent and sometimes it is hampered by some factors. Whereas, regeneration cells that is hampered will cause bad effects for every part of body. We can consume gecko to make regeneration of cells fluently.

Gecko, especially base of its tail can help us to regenerate cells well. So that it can change worn out cells or dysfunction cells directly.

  1. Increase Stamina and Man Vitality

Beside regenerating worn out cells, if we consume base of gecko tail, it can help us to make our spirit back after do some activities. Beside make our spirit back, if we consume base of gecko tail, it also can make man vitality back, so he still has high vitality after do activities and cure from pain.

You may also read ways to increase your stamina , health benefits of korean red ginseng and super health benefits of ginseng coffee for man vitality.

  1. Solve Flu and Cough

The health benefits of gecko is increasing immune system that can take care our body from bacteries and viruses from outside. That bacteria and viruses can cause flu and cough. Gecko can increase immune system and take out  substance that is not needed by our body and it can cause diseases. You have to read symptoms of flu

Cautions of Gecko

Besides that healthy problems, there is issue that gecko can solve HIV and AIDS. But, It has not known exactly  because scientists have not done the research about nutrients in gecko that can solve HIV and AIDS. You may also read health benefits of bitter kola for HIV treatment.

Today, WHO (World Health Organization), still do research about health benefits from skin and meat of gecko that many people said it can cure AIDS, Asthma, and another diseases. So that, The health benefits have not be too clear. But now, Gecko has been used for main substances of  traditional medicines, especially in China and in some parts of Indonesia.

Health Department of Philippines caution that the benefits of gecko has not proven medically. Besides it has not been effective, maybe gecko can give more bad effects for patients that consumed it. Besides gecko can make patient in dangerous condition, high consumption of gecko can make dangerous for environments. Gecko population will be less. It can cause ecosystem imbalance.

The health benefits of gecko are various, but the way to catch gecko is so difficult. It is as same as its variations health benefits. So, it makes gecko has high economic values. For noticed is the right way to catch gecko, so that you are not bitten by it. If you have some problems health like that, maybe you can try gecko for treatment.