Top 7 Health Benefits of Sirloin Steak – Animal Protein Source

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There are a lot of people who decided to avoid steak due to health reason. Well, the fact is meat is the most excellent source of animal protein. Moreover, meat especially served for steak is the healthiest one because they were served without fat and chosen from the best part only well known as sirloin and tenderloin steak. That is why very important to buy steak meat from reliable and trustworthy supplier only, if you have access to the local butcher is even better because they are only serving the fresh meat in daily basis.

What Is Sirloin Steak?

What is sirloin steak and what is the different of sirloin and tenderloin steak? Sirloin is meat which cut from the rear back of the animal. From the quality classification, there are some types of sirloin and the best one is usually labeled as Top Sirloin and the other type is simply named as sirloin which cut from the bottom part of sirloin part. The main different of between sirloin and tenderloin steak is on their texture. Just like the name, tenderloin is more tender and leaner than sirloin that is why the price is higher, could reach three times of sirloin’s price. Though you need to cook sirloin in slightly different method with tenderloin so it will be tenderized but still there are a lot of health benefits of sirloin steak you should know.

Nutritional Value of Sirloin Steak

When it comes to fat content, sirloin steak is more compared to tenderloin. That is why for those who are currently in weight gain program, consuming sirloin steak is recommended. However, for those who are only looking for the animal protein without the fat, tenderloin is probably the best option. The list below is about the health benefits of sirloin steak that may tell you more about how beneficial this type of meat is for your health.

  1. Excellent Source of Healthy Fat

Some people may be wondering about whether healthy fat really exists. Well, fat may cause weight gain but fat is also essential to produce energy. Sirloin steak contains moderate amount of fat with low saturated fat. It means, sirloin steak is safe enough to be consumed without the need to worry about gaining weight.

  1. Meat is High in Protein

Protein is one of the essential substances required in body metabolism. Protein is essential to maintain the health of muscle. Moreover, sirloin steak is low in carbohydrate, so it is highly recommended to consume sirloin steak without additional dressing like mashed potato because it is not the meat that cause the weight gain but the mashed potato. If you are in low carb diet, don’t hesitate to add sirloin steak to your weekly menu.

  1. Source of Calories

People who are currently in weight loss diet may concern about the amount of calories they consume. The source of calories in sirloin steak comes from the fat and the protein. If you are about to lower the calories from your steak, be careful with the dressing you add to the steak, steak sauce may contain higher calories than the calories contained in the steak itself.

  1. Cholesterol

Those who have high cholesterol level may need to limit the consumption of red meat but do you know that aside from its bad effect, cholesterol is essential for cell growth and hormone release? What you need to do is just managing the amount of cholesterol you consume in daily basis. Sirloin steak contains 75 mg cholesterol per serving size while the daily intake of cholesterol is 300 mg.

  1. Source of Vitamin B Complex

There are several types of vitamin B well known as vitamin B complex. Each of them has essential function in body metabolism. Red meat such as sirloin and tenderloin steak is one of the foods with complete vitamin B complex. Vitamin B is essential to the production of red blood cells.

  1. Packed with Important Minerals

Not only packed with vitamins, sirloin steak is also packed with several important minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, selenium and calcium. It is a common knowledge that the health benefits of calcium is for bones while selenium is excellent immunity booster. Phosphorus and zinc may help in accelerating the wound healing.

  1. Great for Bodybuilding

If you are currently in bodybuilding program, adding sirloin steak to your weekly menu is highly recommended. It is because the animal protein is excellent for muscle building. Moreover, the moderate amount of calories, fat and saturated fat contained in sirloin steak is enough to provide energy during workout session but not enough to promote weight gain. So, you could have all the health benefits of red meat in a form of delicious and tasty sirloin steak.

Cautions of Sirloin Steak

When it comes to the cautions of steak as one of the types of meat, the list is probably endless. Some people are decided to be completely vegan because they know that the health benefits of not eating red meat may bring more benefits to them than the harms. However, the key to the health benefits of meat, poultry and fish is consuming them only in moderate amount when you could get all its benefits and avoids all the cautions as listed below:

  • For some people who are already diagnosed with certain cardiovascular conditions, limiting the meat consumption is obligatory. It is because meat is major source of cholesterol and dietary fat which in high amount may cause some heart diseases.
  • The other concern about meat is food safety. That is why as mentioned above is important for you to know from where your foods came from, especially meat. In recent years, case like foot-and-mouth disease is progressively increasing because this disease is very contagious. That is why is highly recommended to get your meat from the reputable or trustworthy supplier only and don’t easily fall to the discount or sale price of frozen meat because the risk of contamination is higher in frozen meat, especially when the supplier cannot tell you from where the meat came from.
  • The question why animal protein could be the trigger of weight gain has been discussed around the world by the experts for over centuries. The answer is probably has close association with the fact those who consume meat has higher insulin level and the high insulin level encourages the fat storage if it is not well-controlled will lead to obesity.

So, it is important to know what you eat and what they could affect your health. You probably don’t need to avoid meat or the tasty sirloin steak but instead you should control yourself. You could learn about the bad effects of eating too much meat every day and also the benefits if you consume it in moderate amount. The key to the health benefits of sirloin steak is to not over consume it and balance it with other healthy dishes such as fruits and vegetables.