15 Excellent Health Benefits of Kiwi Seed Extract

Kiwi is the source of essential nutrients. It is rich in vitamin C and other minerals as well. In fact, people love to eat this fruit as it has the good taste and benefits. In this article, we will talk about the extract of kiwi seed which is believed to have the good value for […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Bamboo Charcoal Soap

Have you ever imagined that charcoal can be very useful to humans? Surely most of us do not know that charcoal can be very beneficial for health especially on skin health. Today there are beauty products made from charcoal from bamboo or commonly called bamboo charcoal soap. Since the beginning of time charcoal for the […]

10 Unpredictable Benefits of Banana Soap

You must know bananas, fruits that are easy to find in the market or fruit shops roadside. This fruit is very beneficial to our health. This fruit helps the body store its calcium, nitrogen and phosphorus reserves, which are all useful for tissue repair and regeneration. Benefits of banana soap are also rich in essential […]

14 Amazing Health Benefits of Tahitian Noni Juice

Maybe you don’t know about this herbal medicine, Tahitian Noni. Tahitian Noni is a herbal medicine that is made with natural material such as 89% Noni extract and 11% grape or blueberry. Some people is not familiar with Noni. In Indonesia, Noni (Latin name: Morinda citrofolia) is more famous with name Mengkudu. This fruit has […]

10 Health Benefits of Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner

Coconut is one of the beneficial natural ingredients for health. Its essential oil has been known as the powerful moisturizer either for skin and hair. There are many products of coconut we can rely on to give the benefits for health. For example, we have known the Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair and […]

15 Health Benefits of Drink Milk with Turmeric Powder

Chocolate powder, sugar and cream are ingredients that make your milk taste better. However, instead of combine your milk with those ingredients, you can try by adding haldi doodh or turmeric in it. The combination has the power to treat diseases or has several health benefits. Some health benefits of drink milk with turmeric powder […]

9 Facts Health Benefits of Sandalwood Powder – Known for Your Skin

Sandalwood powder is a form of sandalwood which is being crushed and dried. It belongs to the Santalum genus of woods and also plays a role in tradition ceremonies of Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese and Japanese. In addition, completely dried powder you can turn into a paste by mixing it with water and other spices, […]

9 Wonderful Health Benefits of Ragi Powder

Carbohydrates are essential for the health of your body and the high source of carbohydrates you can find in ragi. Because it is too tiny to be polished or processed, it is commonly find in its purest form. However, it is also exist in powder with many of benefits. In North India Ragi powder also […]

All Unexpected Benefits of Arrowroot Powder in Deodorant

For over 7,000 years, the ancestors have used arrowroot for various things. Ranging from good thickeners in puddings, sauces, to veggie burgers. Arrowroot is made from a root system that is made like flour. However, it is now largely replaced by cornstarch and arrowroot slowly being abandoned. Apparently, arrowroot is not only used in food […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Licorice Powder

Licorice or Glycyrrhiza glabra means sweet root in Greek and it is kind of legume. It also called ‘Mulethi’ or known as Glycyrrhiza, Chinese Licorice, Gan Cao, Kan-ts’ao, Kuo-lao, Licorice, Licorice Root, Ling-t’ung, Liquorice, Mei-ts’ao, Mi-kan, Mi-ts’ao, Sweet Licorice, Sweet Wood, Yasti Madhu, It contains a compound named glycyrrhizin that is sweeter than sugar about […]