10 Specific Health Benefits of Korean Bamboo Salt for Medication

Many people might not really familiar with the health benefits of Korean bamboo salt. Most of them might even thinking what comes to the different between Korean salt with other ordinary salt. Therefore, if want to know further, below are some explanations. If a common salt is coming from the seawater, bamboo salt is produce […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Bamboo Charcoal Soap

Have you ever imagined that charcoal can be very useful to humans? Surely most of us do not know that charcoal can be very beneficial for health especially on skin health. Today there are beauty products made from charcoal from bamboo or commonly called bamboo charcoal soap. Since the beginning of time charcoal for the […]

22 Health Benefits of Bamboo Shoot (#King of Vegetables)

Bamboo shoots is the edible part of bamboo that people used to consume. Bamboo shoot is the young or the sprouts and new canes of the bamboo plant that used to be harvested before it reaches two weeks or one feet tall. People loves the crisp and tender textures of bamboo shoot. It has also […]

15 Super Health Benefits of Bamboo Leaves (No.5 Is Best)

For Asians, Bamboo is common plant mostly in tropical countries. Bamboo has a great function to fulfill humans’ life. Since long time ago, bamboo’s stems are mostly known for handicrafts, making a house, weapons and so on. Since it is very well known as the multifunctional plant, many ancients also discovered that bamboo has the […]