10 Amazing Health Benefits of Bamboo Charcoal Soap

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bamboo charcoal soapHave you ever imagined that charcoal can be very useful to humans? Surely most of us do not know that charcoal can be very beneficial for health especially on skin health. Today there are beauty products made from charcoal from bamboo or commonly called bamboo charcoal soap. Since the beginning of time charcoal for the use of charcoal for health and beauty has been done and currently experiencing growth both in terms of product hygiene and packaging aspects of a more practical and very attractive to consumers who see it. Health benefits of bamboo charcoal soap are now starting a lot of devotees because it is proven to have many benefits for skin health.

The main content of bamboo charcoal soap is bamboo charcoal or also called activated carbon that has a lot of benefits. Here we present some benefits of using bamboo charcoal soap regularly.

  1. Controlling excess oil

Bamboo charcoal content has a high ability to absorb oil. So if your skin has a problem of excess oil can be overcome by using bamboo charcoal soap or tomato health benefits.

  1. Lifting dead skin cells

The active carbon contained in bamboo charcoal soap serves as a natural exfoliant that has the function of helping to lift dead skin cells in health benefits of banana peel for skin.

  1. Eliminate acne

Bamboo charcoal which is the main ingredient of this soap is a natural ingredient that is effective in overcoming acne. Bamboo charcoal is more strongly absorbed by the impurities found in the skin pores than regular soaps.

  1. Prevent skin looks relaxed or contracted

Dirt on the pores of the facial skin is not cleaned will cause the skin seemed to relax or wrinkled. Use of bamboo charcoal soap is able to thoroughly clean up the dirt that is in the skin pores so your skin does not look loosened and you look young.

  1. Treating eczema

Skin diseases such as eczema if left will make you uncomfortable to do the activity because of the itching that sometimes accompanied also a sense of pain. Especially if the location of eczema is in the area of the ankles that make you uncomfortable use shoes. Bamboo charcoal soap and benefits of galangal kill bacteria and clean impurities on the skin so that the skin’s natural moisturizer will come back and automatically also help speed up the loss of eczema from your body.

  1. Prevent skin problems due to fungus

Activated carbon on the bamboo charcoal soap has the ability to remove molds that stick to the skin. this is because the activated carbon has an anti-fungal and anti-microbial function.

  1. Skin is more healthy and blushing

The power of scrap bamboo charcoal soap against dirt, toxins, and harmful substances on the skin makes your skin healthier and will look flushed. Activated charcoal content in this soap has pores on the surface so as to have the ability to bind and absorb substances on the surface, even can absorb up to 1000 times the weight of activated charcoal itself.

  1. Relaxation of the body

If you like bathing in a bathtub. Use bamboo charcoal soap as a mixture of water in your bathtub. While in the water, activated carbon will release minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium that have the function of creating a calm and relaxed body.

  1. Prevent infections from insect bites or other animals

The activated charcoal material on the bamboo charcoal soap has the ability to eradicate bacteria and germs and even viruses found in the area of insect bites or other animals. So it will keep the bite area remains sterile.

  1. Whiten skin

Bamboo charcoal soap and health benefits of honey for skin is very effective to clean the surface of the skin so that the dull-looking skin will disappear to change the new cultures are brighter and white.


Make sure you choose health benefits of bamboo charcoal soap product with activated charcoal composition. Between activated charcoal with regular charcoal has a significant difference. In ordinary charcoal, there is still the possibility of the presence of harmful substances in charcoal while activated charcoal is a pure charcoal that there are no substances that are likely to be dangerous again. this is because it has been through a certain heating process so that charcoal turned into activated charcoal.