9 Wonderful Health Benefits of Ragi Powder

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Carbohydrates are essential for the health of your body and the high source of carbohydrates you can find in ragi.

Because it is too tiny to be polished or processed, it is commonly find in its purest form. However, it is also exist in powder with many of benefits.

In North India Ragi powder also known as Finger Millet or Nachni. The powder probably comes from Africa and for many years has been grown in Uganda and Ethiopia. Nowadays, we can find it easily in many different forms.

Ragi powder is as same as other grains such as barley, brown rice and amaranth for the benefit to lose weight. Or you can read in health benefits of young barley leaves and benefits of brown rice. Furthermore, here are the details health benefits of ragi powder:

  1. High in calcium

Compared to any other grains, ragi is high of calcium including for ragi powder. In 100 grams of ragi there are 344 mg calcium, based on the National Institute of Nutrition in India. That calcium supports in healthy bones and teeth while also can prevent osteoporosis. Therefore, ragi powder is very suitable for kids and also adults.

  1. Slows down the aging

Ragi powder works to keep your skin young. That is due to vital amino acids named methionine and lysine which has the benefit in reduce wrinkles and sagging on your skin. Ragi is also natural sources of vitamin D where we usually find it in sunlight. Vitamin D carries the molecule for calcium that has been counted for vitality.

  1. Helps the body and mind to relax

Anxiety, depression and insomnia you can treat by consuming ragi powder regularly. Tryptophan as kind of antioxidant and amino acids in ragi powder act as natural relaxants due to the conditions. Consume ragi powder also has been scientifically proven to relieve migraines.

  1. Helps to lose weight

Ragi powder is high in dietary fiber that makes full feeling in the stomach and prevents us from unwanted cravings. In addition, it will lead to reduce appetite then turn into weight loss. Dr. Sood also said that “Ragi brings your blood sugar to a low level by activating insulin. Like I said before, it is best consumed in the morning to make the most of its qualities and keep you full through the day.”

  1. Prevents anemia

Ragi powder is in relation with iron that is beneficial for those who are with anemia and low hemoglobin levels. In addition, vitamin C level will increase and easily absorbed through the bloodstream as well as ragi sprouted. Dr. Sood also add that, “For the optimum absorption of iron, you can consume it in the form of Ragi Dosa or Ragi Balls, with plenty of vegetables and a generous squeeze of lime or a bowl of tangy Sambar.”

  1. Controls diabetes

The low glycemic index in ragi powder reduces your appetite and preserves the digestive pace which can lead to a normal blood sugar level. Moreover, Dr. Sood told that “It is best to add it to your morning meal or have it for lunch in order to keep your system on track the whole day.”

  1. Prevents the risk of cancer

One of important health benefits of ragi powder is to prevent cancer. Excessive oxidation plays a role in improves the risk of cancer and aging due to cell damage. Ragi powder contains the phenolic acids, flavonoids and tannins which are act as effective antioxidant properties. In addition, ragi-based diets show to treat esophageal cancer than those who are with wheat or maize-diets.

  1. Decreases bad cholesterol

Cardiovascular diseases are related to bad cholesterol which can be reduced by taking ragi powder. Furthermore, it reduces serum triglycerides concentrations which also prevent the oxidation of lipid and LDL cholesterol. LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol is a problem when it is oxidized. Oxidized LDL probably brings arteriosclerosis which improves heart problems or even strokes.

  1. Keeps your metabolism

The other benefit of Methionine and Tryptophan in ragi powder is to keep your metabolism. It is important since our metabolism is fluctuating, moreover if we have so many things to do.

Those are some of health benefits of ragi powder, which is as well as other powder or you can read in health benefits of unsweetened cocoa powder, health benefits of arrowroot powder and health benefits matcha powder.