10 Unpredictable Benefits of Banana Soap

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banana soapYou must know bananas, fruits that are easy to find in the market or fruit shops roadside. This fruit is very beneficial to our health. This fruit helps the body store its calcium, nitrogen and phosphorus reserves, which are all useful for tissue repair and regeneration.

Benefits of banana soap are also rich in essential vitamins and minerals such as:

Currently, there have been processed products for beauty with the basic ingredients of bananas. With the nutritional content of a high banana fruit, of course, the soap with basic ingredients of bananas will also have a lot of benefits that we can get. We present to you some of the benefits that we can get if using banana soap.

  1. Moisturize the skin

Bananas have high antioxidant content and also phytochemicals that have a function as a natural skin moisturizer. That way your skin health will be maintained and you will be protected from dry skin problems. In addition, the content of vitamins A, B and E also participate treat and moisturize the skin.

  1. Removing excess oil

Oily skin for some people will be very disturbing. Banana soap is great for this problem. bananas are known to have an exfoliating function, so the production of excess oil on the skin can be well controlled. Regular use will make your skin health is maintained.

  1. Refresh the skin

Eliminate your mind from chemical substances or inject botox on your skin to get a fresh skin. The use of soap containing bananas on a regular basis has become a natural botox that is not at risk for your skin health. Bananas can prevent wrinkling of the skin that usually occurs in the eye area, forehead, and neck.

  1. Lifting dead skin cells

The content of vitamins in banana soap is very good for removing dead skin cells on your skin. The loss of dead skin cells will make your skin feel fresh and supple because it is replaced by a layer of new skin cells.

  1. Treating acne

For those of you who have acne problems on your facial skin, it never hurts to try the soap with this banana basic ingredients. Antioxidants on the banana soap will help get rid of your acne. While the vitamins and minerals will keep your skin healthy and prevent acne coming back.

  1. Flatten striped skin

For women who are fashionable, it is very important to have a bright skin evenly. For this problem, you do not worry because banana soap can also solve this problem. The content of potassium, vitamin E and C has the function of brightening the skin so that the skin is spotted by sunburn, scars or because dead skin cells will disappear. The skin will be bright evenly.

  1. Smooth the skin dry and cracked

The limbs that often experience this problem are the heel and the sole of the foot. Banana soap is a good natural moisturizer for the skin. Coupled with a high nutritional content can refine the broken feet.

  1. Provide nutrients to the skin

As the brain, muscles, and other organs that require nutrients to function properly, the skin also needs nutrients to stay healthy and not experience skin problems such as ringworm to skin cancer. Banana soap is rich in vitamins and minerals especially if there is banana soap add ingredients such as honey and olives, can provide good nutrition to the skin.

  1. Overcoming the itching due to mosquito bites

Banana soap is very helpful to overcome the itching caused by mosquito bites. Use a waterless banana soap just like using an ointment. After the itching subsided, rinse the remaining soap on the skin.

  1. Tighten the skin

Having a youthful face and body no indication of wrinkles is everyone’s dream, especially the women. With a body and face that looks young will increase the confidence to move every day especially in the workplace. The content of vitamin E on the banana soap is very good to tighten the skin, so it looks ageless.


Lots of soap brand variants with basic ingredients of banana benefits for skin and hair. Benefits of banana soap do have a lot of benefits, but advice for you, choose a banana soap that has a natural additional content such as honey or olives. This will increase the health benefits, especially your skin.