14 Amazing Health Benefits of Tahitian Noni Juice

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Maybe you don’t know about this herbal medicine, Tahitian Noni. Tahitian Noni is a herbal medicine that is made with natural material such as 89% Noni extract and 11% grape or blueberry. Some people is not familiar with Noni. In Indonesia, Noni (Latin name: Morinda citrofolia) is more famous with name Mengkudu.

This fruit has been claimed by Polynesian people as miracle fruit because it can solve many diseases. In Southeast Asia, Noni is famous with its skill to treat mouth and gum disease. The best of Noni tree in the world is in French Polynesia Island. Polynesia people have known and used noni as medicine before there wasnot a research about many health benefits of noni.

Because of it is famous with its advantages, noni can’t be consumed by people easily. Its price is relative expensive. So people is difficult to get it. Tahitian Noni Juice that is famous in market now, can waste your money until IDR 2.9 million or more.

You can imagine, How much money you must spend to consuming Tahitian Noni Juice in many months that you got a complete healing. But, money is nothing for healing someone. Really, it is reasonable, if price of Noni product like Tahitian Noni is so expensive because Noni is come from Tahiti directly. So it make its production cost in Indonesia more expensive.

Based on the research, DR. Ralph M. Heinickle Ph. D, he found that Noni contains 230 nutrients and bioactive that was useful for healthiness, 157 nutrients source, 11 vitamins, 11 minerals, 17 essential amino acid. These are some nutrients and health benefits of Tahitian Noni for our body :

  1. It contains some vitamins, such as :
  • Vitamin A – Serve to take care eyes health, anti oxidant to avoid free radicals, prevent cancer, wound healing and help the growth of embryo in fetus.
  • Vitamin B1 – Serve to increase nerve system health, skin health, hair health, liver health, launch digestion, increase appetite, prevent premature aging and increase immune system to attack stress.
  • Vitamin B2 _ Serve to arrange reproduction, prevent acne, take care immune system, and many more.
  • Vitamin B6 – It is played important to launch menstruation cycle and pregnancy, prevent heart disease, help the growth of baby nerve and take care glucose level.
  • Vitamin B12 – Serve to help energy production, healthy nerve arrangement, take care skin, nail, hair health, and decrease risk of cancer.
  • Vitamin C – It is played important in immune system, cure flu, fix cells and damage skin tissue, and launch bloodstream, so skin keep healthy.
  • Vitamin E – Serve to protect our body from toxin, decrease pre menstruation syndrome, cure symptom of diabetes, attack bad effect of drugs, etc.
  1. It has a lot of minerals

Tahitian Noni is famous with its mineral contents, start from magnesium, calcium, iron, selenium, zinc, potassium, sodium. These minerals is very needed by human body, such as :

  • Calcium is served to take care bone health, teeth health, prevent osteoporosis and menopause.
  • Iron can be useful to build up hemoglobin for bloodstream and oxygen to all of body, prevent anemia, take care metabolism, oxygen, arrange body temperature.
  • Magnesium is a mineral that prevented asthma, cramp, heart attack, etc.
  • Selenium as anti oxidant for our body, prevent free radical establishment, potassium fix glucose, arrange blood pressure, increase bloodstream and enactive that oxygen flowed to all of our organs.
  • Besides that, Zinc is acted in the growth of sexual, taste sensation and wound healing.

Those are benefits of minerals for our body, they have different role and function for our health.

  1. It contains amino acid

Amino acid is very important in cells degradation, build up antibody, and protein include enzyme. This substance is many use for fixing muscle, hair, skin and nail. Some amino acid in Tahitian Noni like arginine can be useful for taking care heart health and liver detoxification. Glycine can break glycogen to glucose when body needed energy.

  1. It contains damnachantal

Damnachantal is one of substances in Tahitian Noni. It contains anti cancer, antibiotic, and anti parasite. This anti cancer is Tahitian Noni has been proven as the most effective substances to attack abnormal cells. 

  1. It contains nitric oxide

Nitric oxide in Tahitian Noni can be useful as neuro transmitter that transformed signal in metabolism. Besides that, nitric oxide can arrange artery elasticity, so bloodstream will launch. It can widen lung artery, too. So respiration will be well.

  1. It contains Alizarin

Alizarin is one of substances in Tahitian Noni or Mengkudu, too. Based on research, this substance has skill to attack bacterial infection, like salmonella and shigella which they were very dangerous. Alizarin can cut relation between artery and tumor, so tumor can’t grow. Alizarin can attack leukemia, too.

  1. It has a lot of terpenoids

Terpenoid is a compound which helped much our body in organic synthesis. Terpenoid has skill as anti microbe and anti allergic. It can attack bacteria, prevent malignant cells division such as cancer and leukemia. It can make that malignant cells to suicide, too.

  1. It contains glycoside

Glycoside in Tahitian Noni has important advantage to vital organs in human body such as it take care heart health and anti inflammatory of flavonol glycoside. Besides that, glycoside can black our hair and make pure hair from its root.

  1. Polysaccharide as anti microbe and anti cancer

Polysaccharide is a carbohydrate whose a number of sugar molecules bonded together. For exactly, Polysaccharide is a simple chain from sugar such as glucose and fructose. Besides as anti microbe and anti cancer, this glycogen can be hydrolyzed in pipe digest by amylase and its cellulose is a fiber source in food. You may read benefits of curcumin for anti cancer.

  1. Its scopoletin can reduce blood pressure

Scopoletin is a compound that had activity to take care many inflammatory diseases. Besides that, it has skill to lose symptom of allergic, normalizes and decrease blood pressure, launch bloodstream and widen artery, decrease depression with arrange serotonin and attack bacteria in our body.

  1. It can rejuvenate the skin

Thousand research has been done to find that Thitian Noni contains proxeronine. This substance has important advantage for cells health, activate, rejuvenate and regenerate cells. The research showed that this substance can regenerate died cells, increase immune system because it can fix damaged cells.

For stroke sufferer, this substance can revitalize the structure of damaged cells, give coronary pulse back to coronary heart. Proxeronine can open rhogocytes, so it can get out toxin maximally and absorb nutrients or medicines easily.

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  1. There are grape and blueberry as anti oxidant, resveratrol, and pterostilbene (anti cholesterol)

Anti oxidant in grape and blueberry can protect skin from free radicals effect, prevent premature aging, black spot and spot on skin, and keep our skin healthy with launching bloodstream in skin. Resveratrol in grape and blueberry can rejuvenate brain, fix heart, increase endotelim for heart health, and influence fat metabolism ,so it will happen weight loss naturally.

Besides that, resveratrol can increase brain oxygenation, so it can increase brain memory and cognition capacity. Resveratrol also blocks the growth of fat cells, so it can attack obesity. Relieve inflammatory that was caused by cancer, heart and alzheimer.

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  1. It contains antharaquinones as anti crystal, anti tumor, anti mushroom and anti inflammatory

In Tahitian Noni, antharaquinones is acted stronger than sulphoraphane in broccoli. It can help to lose chemical which caused cancer before that cancer broke human DNA. It can also prevent mushroom tumor and inflammation.

  1. Prevent cholesterol

One of cholesterols in Tahitian Noni is sterol. It can be anti cholesterol and blood thinner.

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Those are some health benefits of Tahitian Noni. Many diseases can be cured by consuming herbal medicines from Noni or Mengkudu, grape and blueberry extract.