9 Facts Health Benefits of Sandalwood Powder – Known for Your Skin

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Sandalwood powder is a form of sandalwood which is being crushed and dried. It belongs to the Santalum genus of woods and also plays a role in tradition ceremonies of Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese and Japanese.

In addition, completely dried powder you can turn into a paste by mixing it with water and other spices, such as saffron for the reason of health benefits. The most common health benefit of sandalwood is for your healthy skin. Furthermore, it is due to an effectively ingredient named santalol, which acts as powerful sesquiterpene.

The most important is that sandalwood powder has been scientifically proven for antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, and disinfectant qualities, so that brings it as an ideal treatment for almost all of your skin conditions. For more detail, here are some of health benefits of sandalwood powder:

  1. Moisturizes your skin

Sandalwood powder is commonly being used to beat skin dryness or acts as moisturizer.  It is an effective treatment to decrease skin dryness which now being the main component in a lotion and cream. The cells of your skin will improve as well as helps in provide more moisture that can lead to young, smooth and glossy look to the skin. What is more beneficial that Sandalwood moisturizes your skin without supplies acne.

  1. Slows down the aging

Sandalwood has anti-inflammatory that makes your blood circulation improves, that brings the nourishment on your skin. Moreover, sufficient waste material probably will be removed and it works as an antioxidant to the free radicals that lead to wrinkles.

The overall health benefits of sandalwood are for your healthy and young skin. It makes your skin tight as well as makes it more flexible. Put it on all of your body and face including legs and hands for all of your healthy skin is the best choice.

  1. Treats ocular diseases

Sandalwood powder you can find in Ayuverda with the mixing of other medicinal herbs like neem, bhringaraj, nirgundi, sobhanajana, punarnava, satapatri and madhu. The mixing of those herbals is being used to cure ocular disorders such as refractive error and cataract.

  1. Cures ulcer disease

Based on a study, sandalwood has the benefit to cure ulcers. Moreover, the researches show that sandalwood powder and extracts have compounds to control the ulcer.

  1. Gets rid of the dark circles

Dark circles are something that actually makes you feel uncomfortable, especially for female. Sandalwood powder has compounds to treat dark circle which you can take with simple steps. Try by mixing both 2 spoons of sandalwood powder and rose water or you can read in benefits of rosewater. Then smear that mixing powder to your dark circle which as the result, your dark circles will gone permanently.

  1. Heals swelling

The mixing of sandalwood powder, turmeric and lavender oil or you can read in health benefits of lavender oil can heal swelling that comes to itchiness due to a bite from an insect. It will reduce the swelling immediately as the warmth feeling from the oil in the paste seeps into the skin. The mixture also acts as a repellent to insects so that it will prevent you from swelling.

  1. Balances skin tone

Sandalwood paste also promotes skin tone. It prevents the forming your tan on your skin. The mild components in Sandalwood works in reduce the formation of keloid.

  1. Cures psoriasis/eczema

Sandalwood powder added with little amount of camphor and water will treat slight burns, rashes and allergies. In addition, skin diseases such psoriasis, psoriasis or eczema also you can heal by the mixture.

  1. Fades the wrinkles away

The ingredients you need in order to fade the wrinkles away is egg yolk, honey/curd, sandalwood powder and lavender essential oil. First, you can beat the egg then mix it with other ingredients until it become a thick paste. Put the paste on your face as a mask and your wrinkles will fade away immediately as well as slow down the process of sagging skin.

Some health benefits of sandalwood powder might help in support the health of your whole body. In addition, you need to concern that everybody has different type of skin and also for its sensitivity. So, for the best result treatment of your skin, consult to a doctor is needed. You can also read in benefits of carambola on skin, benefits of guava for skin and health benefits of macadamia oil for skin.