Benefits of Eating Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

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Chocolate cake is everyone’s favorite dessert. However, the pros and cons of eating chocolate have risen up probably since several decades ago making people aware of eating it a lot, especially in the morning when your stomach is empty.

While chocolate cake is mostly avoided especially by those who are on a diet, this is actually one of the best foods to eat for breakfast. Researchers have shown that chocolate cake, the homemade version specifically, can even help you increase your body’s health. So, are you ready to enjoy this delicious, sweet treat in the morning?

Chocolate Cake Nutritional Value

Every 100 grams of chocolate cake without frosting containtining the nutrition listed below:

  • carbohydrates 53 g
  • Cholesterol 58 mg
  • Protein 5 g
  • Fat 15 g
  • Potassium 140 mg
  • Sodium 315 mg

From the list above it is clear that the carbohydrate content is the highest, which means you get enough energy to start your day by eating chocolate cake in the morning. With the total 371 calories you can stop your body to crave something sweet for the couple of hours or even till the end of the day because you have enough of it in the morning. So what other benefits that you can enjoy by eating a slice of chocolate cake to start your day?

Health Benefits of Chocolate Cake

  • Improving Your Focus

Have you ever felt like you are just too difficult to just focus on your work even in the morning after having good quality of sleep? Maybe you are lacking of eating chocolate. Try to get a slice of chocolate cake before going to work can be an amazing solution.

Chocolate contains flavonoid that aids in improving cognitive performance and memory, thus resulting in focus improvement too. Flavonoid can be found in dark chocolate, so ensure you get the right type of chocolate. Dove dark chocolate can be one of the best options to blend in your chocolate cake because there are numerous of health benefits dove dark chocolate you can enjoy.

  • Preventing You From Cheating

If you want to cheat during your weight loss plan because you think it is too straight to follow, then a slice of chocolate cake in the morning is the best cheating ever.

Let your body digest all the calories and fat from the chocolate cake in the morning to later use it as energy for the whole day and you can also hold on your cravings better for the rest of the day since your body has told you that you have got enough in the morning. Not only chocolate cake, you can also try chocolate muffin in moderation since your body probably also needs the health benefits chocolate muffin.

  • Helping You Lose Weight

It might sound strange, but eating chocolate cake for breakfast really help you lose weight. Chocolate can satisfy your cravings so that your brain thinks that you have had enough of something great. Moreover, the sugar and fat in the chocolate cake can be burned later when you start your activities and you don’t even need some other sweets for the rest of the day.

However, you surely only allow to eat the right amount of chocolate cake. If you eat too much, your body maybe needs more time to burn all the calories and a day wont be enough. Maybe you can try eating chocolate brownies since this desser is usually served without serving. There are some health benefits of chocolate brownies to collect too.

  • Making You Feel Happy

It is a popular benefit of chocolate you may have known, but the reason why chocolate can make you happe is because chocolate encouraging the brain to release the feeling-good endoprhins, the things that can make you happy like when you are falling in love.

Recommendation Intake in Eating Chocolate Cake

You shouldn’t get overwhelmed by the fact that chocolate cake is good for breakfast. It doesn’t mean that you can eat as much as you want. Paying attention to the amount of chocolate to eat is very important because this food is rich in fat and sugar. It is better to limit your sugar intake only for 6 teaspoons if you are women and 9 teaspoons if you are men. Eating too much sugary foods will just lead to obesity and it will prevent your body from getting the vitamins and minerals needed from the other foods.

Caution of Eating Chocolate Cake

Since the sugar intake should be limited, the amount of chocolate you can eat depends on how much sugar you put in it. That is why it is better to make your own homemade chocolate cake as you can control the sugar and other fats included. For a healthier chocolate cake, you can use almond powder instead of white flour so that your cake will be gluten-free. Also, the chocolate used should be the dark chocolate version without added sugar and milk.

You dont need to add any frosting as it will make your cake more fatty. The sugar amount can be very limited and you can even dress your cake with some fruit like strawberries to make it healthier. Choosing the right ingredient is the key if you want to eat more than one serving of chocolate cake. The amount of calories should be controlled and you can make any substitutions for the ingredients to keep the chocolate cake tasty.

Not only is good for breakfast, chocolate is also a great thing to take before going to bed. There are some health benefits of hot chocolate before bed so that you can start and end your day with chocolate. Moreover, dark chocolate is even a good food for diabetics since there are some benefits of eating dark chocolate for diabetics to take into account.

Surely you still have to pay attention to the sugar and fat added and chocolate shouldn’t be consumed daily, it should be in moderation.