14 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate and Red Wine

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Dark chocolate and red wine are the most romantic combination of gift. Valentine may have passed but giving gift to someone you love could be done anytime and anywhere. A romantic candle light dinner with a loved one will be complete when the red wine served with the company of dessert made of dark chocolate. However, less people know about the health benefits of dark chocolate and red wine when combined, they just know that they are super sweet and romantic.

Health Combination of Dark Chocolate and Red Wine

Everyone loves chocolate but it is closely associated with calories and weight gain. The fact is the high calories chocolate is actually candy or sweet products made of chocolate mixed with sugar and dairy products. In other words, they are not the real chocolate. Dark chocolate is rich of nutrients, antioxidants and actually great for weight loss. When chocolate is served with red wine, the health benefits of chocolate and the health benefits of red wine will be combined into one package. So, whenever you have a chance, don’t hesitate to order dessert made of chocolate as long as there is red wine on the menu.

Nutritional Values of Dark Chocolate and Red Wine

When it comes to the nutritional values, the list could be really long. However, in short chocolate is packed with all the natural nutrients including antioxidants present through vitamin E and vitamin C content found in dark chocolate while red wine is packed with antioxidants such as polyphenols. To learn more about the health benefits of dark chocolate and red wine, the list below may help you understanding more of how amazing they are.

  1. Maintain Healthy Weight

Are you currently in a weight loss diet? Well, don’t hesitate to add dark chocolate to your menu or red wine because they are perfect for maintaining healthy weight. Dark chocolate is rich of fiber and one of the health benefits of fiber is for weight loss while red wine contains specific substance that could reduce the amount of fat cells in your body.

  1. Great for Beauty

The antioxidants content found in both dark chocolate and red wine are excellent for beauty. Antioxidants will help you keeping your skin healthy and young in longer time by optimizing the cells regeneration.

  1. Improves Immunity

The polyphenols found in red wine is the reasons why this sweet beverage is excellent for immune system. At the same time, dark chocolate has all the vitamin C benefits and vitamin E that may help improving the function of immune system.

  1. Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Among the health benefits of dark chocolate and red wine, the combination is good for heart health. Dark chocolate contains flavanol essence that great for blood vessel and red wine contains vasorelaxing effect that may help lowering the risk or symptoms of high blood pressure.

  1. Solution to Anemia

Whenever you feel anemia is about to attack you, why don’t you enjoy some dessert made of dark chocolate and some sips of red wine. They are actually excellent solution to anemia though further studies are required.

  1. May Prevents Diabetes

Red wine may be sweet but in the right amount, the polyphenol found in red wine is giving positive effect for all patients diagnosed with certain types of diabetes, especially the type 2 diabetes.

  1. Fights Cancer

It is a common knowledge that all foods rich of antioxidants are great to fight cancer. Both red wine and dark chocolate are packed with super potent antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A and polyphenols.

  1. Good for Mood

Whenever you feel stressful, some sips of red wine always helpful. While dark chocolate contains substance with serotonin effect that could function as anti-depressant.

  1. Excellent Energy Booster

Both dark chocolate and red wine are excellent source of calories. Enough calories mean enough sources for you to produce energy you need.

  1. Protect the Liver

Some scientific studies have proven about the effectiveness of red wine in providing protection to liver damage.

  1. Prevents Bacteria Infection

Red wine contains alcohol that could act as antibacterial agent while dark chocolate is excellent antioxidants that has similar function.

  1. Delicious Way to Treat Cold

There is always a delicious way to treat cold without the need to meet your doctor and consume drugs. Some sips of red wine which is packed with antioxidants may help treating cold more effective than any drugs.

  1. Reduces the Risk of Alzheimer

There are a lot of studies have proven positive impact of the red wine consumption with the reduction risk of Alzheimer. The same thing applies to dark chocolate as well because dark chocolate is one of the super foods that great for brain.

  1. Natural Pain Relief

Red wine has been used for over centuries as natural pain relief though of course the dosage should be your main concern when you need it as pain relief.

Cautions of Dark Chocolate and Red Wine Combined

After discussing about the health benefits is just wise for you to learn about the cautions because surely you don’t want to get all the health benefits of dark chocolate and red wine but then later you should deal with the side effects caused by them.

  • Be careful with the caffeine content found in dark chocolate. The caffeine content is quite high and when combined with the alcohol in red wine may cause negative effect for your metabolism. It may cause nausea and anxiety especially those who have problems with depression.
  • There are a lot of types of red wine and be careful with the choice of brand. The cheaper the red wine, the more cautions you should have.
  • Consuming them in moderate amount is the key you should know because too much red wine may cause obesity and you need more than just dark chocolate to deal with it, no matter how effective dark chocolate in fighting obesity is.
  • Histamine found in red wine may cause conditions like headache and migraine. If you are sensitive to this substance is better to consume red wine in small amount only.
  • If you already have problem with insomnia is better to avoid dark chocolate and red wine, they may just worse the condition.

There is no better combination of red wine and dark chocolate. The deep red color of wine and the dark brown color of chocolate are just perfect when served together. Furthermore, the health benefits of dark chocolate and red wine are good enough reasons for you to spare sometime just to enjoy some sips of red wine and delicious dark chocolate. That is a happy life everyone deserves.