Unknown 6 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Hair

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Who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate has a great taste and it can change your mood. However, due to its bitter taste, some people may not like dark chocolate. Indeed, dark chocolate has unknown health benefits when it is eaten daily.

Dark chocolate is delicious and beneficial for your health. Moreover, it contains with minerals like zinc, iron, and copper. It is also rich in vitamins, like vitamin A, B12, and K. Antioxidants in chocolate are also good for your health, skin and hair.

Dark chocolate is beneficial for your hair too. Don’t you feel curious of the unknown health benefits of dark chocolate for your hair? Let’s see these unknown health benefits of dark chocolate for your hair.

1. Increase Hair Volume

Dark chocolate is rich in minerals like copper, iron, and zinc. These minerals are able to boost cell growth and increase blood flow to the skin and scalp. As a result, it facilitates better transfer of nutrients to the cells.

Then it will lead to healthier and stronger hair. The good blood circulation also helps preventing hair loss. The dormant hair follicles will be stimulated and it will spring them back to live. This improves hair volume and makes it fuller.

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2. Enhance the Quality of the Hair

The antioxidants, minerals, vitamin and other nutrients in dark chocolate are beneficial for your hair. Not only improving the volume of your hair, it also helps improve the overall hair health as well as the appearance of your strands.

Do you know health benefits of antioxidants for hair? This is one of the essential elements that you need to maintain your hair health.

2. Prevent Scalp Infections

Dark chocolate is rich in vitamins and minerals, such as iron and zinc. These minerals and vitamins reduce scalp infections and maintain a healthy scalp. Healthy scalp would be the key of healthy and strong hair. As a result, you will have lesser breakage and hair loss.

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3. Prevent Sun Damage

Another benefit of dark chocolate is protecting your hair from sun damage. All of the beneficial properties keep your hair strong. These properties will also help nourishing and hydrating the scalp.

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4. Stimulate Hair Growth

In order to stimulate hair growth, you should eat healthy food which is full of nutrients. Dark chocolate is rich in nutrients, including minerals and vitamins. Due to this fact, it is able to promote hair growth. Besides, it also stimulates blood flow to the scalp.

When the blood circulation is good, then your hair will look healthier and stronger.

In order to achieve those health benefits, you can use dark chocolate both as hair mask or you can eat it directly. Here are some ideas you can use to make a hair mask from dark chocolate.

  • Mix a half cup of yogurt, one table spoon of honey and 4 to 6 melted cubes of dark chocolate. Use the dark chocolate which uses at least 70% cacao. Wait until the mixture cools down, then you can apply it to your hair. Let it stay there for around 40 minutes then shampoo your hair and rinse it.
  • Mix 4 to 6 melted cubes of dark chocolate, one mashed banana and one tablespoon of honey. Then, apply the mixture to your hair once it cools. Let it stay for around 30-40 minutes, then shampoo and rinse your hair.

You can also consider using avocado as one of the ingredients for making hair mask. It is elaborated in benefits of avocado for hair mask.

Dark chocolate has a lot of amazing benefits, not only for your hair. It is also beneficial for your skin and health. It is known to be able to improve eyesight, cures anemia, prevent stroke, prevent premature aging, heal skin and many more.

Despite the amazing benefits of dark chocolate, you still need to pay attention to several things. Taking too much of it won’t be good as well. The maximum amount of dark chocolate someone can eat a day is around 30-60 g. Eating too much of it will increase your calorie intake and lead to some health problems, such as sleepiness, faster heartbeat, sweating, nervousness, and even some allergic reactions.