20 Excellent Health Benefits of Apple And Cinnamon Tea

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Apple cinnamon tea is a beverage made by brewing tea, apple peels, and cinnamon. The beverage is known for very refreshing with pleasant aroma. However, we are not only able to enjoy the aroma and taste, but also the health benefits of apple and cinnamon tea. We know that each ingredient has its own essential health benefits.

And how about having both ingredients together? There will be nothing other than the improved benefits of the benefits for our health. So, you might replace your regular boring tea with apple and cinnamon tea for some convincing reasons. Read through the whole page to get convinced of the health benefits of apple and cinnamon tea.

Nutritional Information of Apple and Cinnamon Tea

Black tea basically contains lots of antioxidants and goes very well with any kinds of fruit, such lemon and allied to presents the Health Benefits of Black Tea and Lemon. The same thing also happens with apple and cinnamon tea. From a cup of black tea, apple peels, and cinnamon brewing at least we can get the following nutrition:

  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Dietary fiber
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Polyphenol
  • Caffeine
  • Cinnameldehyde

The Health Benefits of Apple and Cinnamon Tea

Here are the health benefits of apple and cinnamon tea.

  1. Reduce high cholesterol level

All the ingredients of apple and cinnamon tea own the ability to reduce triglyceride level in the body, especially the apple peels. Apple peels with Health Benefits of Eating Apple Skin are able to speed up the metabolism of cholesterol in the body, so that the cholesterol level wouldn’t be piled up high and lead to some health problems.

  1. Lowering blood sugar

Drinking apple and cinnamon tea is good for those with diabetes. It is possible since the component in cinnamon as one of the Health benefits of Drinking Cinnamon Water is able to quickly lower blood sugar level by regulating insulin level in the body.

  1. Maintain healthy digestion

Both cinnamon and apple peels from the beverage contain good amount of dietary fiber which aid the healthy digestion. Helped by other vitamins, the dietary fiber aid the waste removal in the digestive organs and keep away digestive problems such constipation and stomach upset.

  1. Prevent colon cancer

Besides the ability in preventing constipation, the content of dietary fiber in apple and cinnamon tea is also found to effective to prevent colon cancer. the health benefits of apple and cinnamon tea in preventing cancer are supported by a study from U.S National Library of Medicine that cinnamon extract is able to act as chemo-preventive substance for colon cancer by actively protect the cells against oxidative stress.

  1. Reduce weight

Drinking apple and cinnamon tea is amazingly able to suppress the appetite. in addition, the beverage also lavish us with the needed nutrients although we don’t have much eat while burning more calories. This way, we can trim our waistline effectively by losing some pounds of weight.

  1. Energizing

The nutrients in apple and cinnamon tea can give us energy boost, especially if we add some beneficial ingredients such honey as it contain natural sugar which able to effectively boost the energy.

  1. Good for pregnancy

It is true that black tea for the mixture of apple and cinnamon tea contains caffeine. However, the caffeine level in this beverage is considered to be low. In addition, the low caffeine level in apple cinnamon tea is able to control fluctuating hormone levels especially for those in early pregnancy. Therefore, the consumption of apple and cinnamon tea is recommended for women in pregnancy.

  1. Lift mood

Drinking apple and cinnamon tea is proven to be able in lifting your bad mood. The woody sweet scent of cinnamon in the beverage will surely able to give you such relaxing effect and live up your mood in an instant way.

  1. Boost immune system

Apple peels and cinnamon included in the tea are able to aid vitamin B6 in increase oxygen intake in the body cell.  In addition, vitamin B6 also needed to improve the production of white blood cell which contributes to the improved immune system.  The antioxidants in the beverage can also prevent human epithelial cell damage.

  1. Great detox

The regular consumption of apple and cinnamon tea is able to effectively remove toxins and other unwanted material from the body by urine. It is possible since this kind of tea is able to perform its diuretic property very well.

  1. Excellent workout drink

During workout, we will lose lots of fluid which leads to fatigue and exhaustion. Therefore, we need to take much water to replace body fluid. In this case, apple and cinnamon tea is able to offer you the compact health benefits of apple and cinnamon tea by providing water as the replacement of the lost fluid with the energizing property and the ability to burn calories. It is clear that the tea support your workout goal very well.

The other health benefits of apple and cinnamon tea are:

  1. Improve body metabolism
  2. Replace fancy sodas
  3. Treat diarrhea
  4. Treat bloating
  5. Relieve respiratory problem
  6. Improve brain power
  7. Reduce inflammation
  8. Treat infections
  9. Treat common cold

Recommendation in Consuming Apple and Cinnamon Tea

It is true that we can get apple and cinnamon tea from any stores, these days. However, you can also make the brewing by yourselves at home. Here are the steps in gaining homemade health benefits of apple and cinnamon tea:

  • Peel some apples, you can use 5 – 6 apples and avoid the fruit as much as possible.
  • Prop the apple peel in a teapot along with 1 stick of cinnamon and two tea bags of black tea.
  • Our approximately 4 glass of water into the teapot.
  • Boil the teapot for about 5 minutes to let the mixture steep well.
  • Strain the mixture and serve while it warm.
  • You can add some beneficial ingredients such honey as natural sweetener or cloves to enhance the aroma. Besides, we can also have the addition Health Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon and Benefits of Cloves for Health.

What’s better than homemade healthy beverage? You can assure yourself to gain the optimum health benefits of apple and cinnamon tea.