8 Nutritional Benefits of Chinese Sausage (Must Read)

Sausage is a type of processed meat that shaped like cylinder. It is one of common foods that made from pieces of meat. Speaking of meat, sausage usually made  of beef, pork, or veal, and it can be cooked with various methods. In some countries, sausage have become a popular street snack. It had have […]

15 Thunder Tea Rice Health Benefits (#1 Healthy Traditional Chinese Dish)

When we talk about tea, the first comes to mind might be the clear and aromatic beverage. As far as we know, tea is a kind of beverage with good amount of antioxidants and health benefits, such as Health Benefits of Golden Monkey Tea, the legendary Chinese tea. However, it is different from what we […]

12 Best Health Benefits of Chinese Noodles to Increase Energy Level

People around the world already known the health benefits of Chinese noodles. This common food is spread out around the whole countries in the world. Starting from Asia up to western and any other places already tried the delicious Chinese noodle, instantly or directly. Therefore, this food is a common food everywhere. Including in Indonesia, […]

15 Super Health Benefits of Chinese Food for Energy and Immune System

Not only delicious, there are also several health benefits of Chinese food. This kind of food has been famous for many years. That is why Chinese food is distribute all around the world. Start from instant food up to the Chinese restaurant. Wherever we go, it is not difficult to find any Chinese food in […]

14 Unknown Health Benefits of Chinese Cupping Therapy

Traditional people in the country already know the health benefits of Chinese cupping therapy. Therefore, no wonder if there are many clinic that bring this therapy as one of the alternatives to deal with various medical condition. However, it is important to consult first with the doctor about the diseases. If the therapy can be […]

10 Impressive Health Benefits of Chinese Hot and Sour Soup in Rainy Season

The health benefits of Chinese hot and sour soup is one of the reason why this food are popular. This soup has been consume since ancient China and believe can deal with several diseases and symptoms. Therefore, it is always serve in various Chinese restaurant to bring the ancient recipe benefit that has been known […]

15 Health benefits of Chinese 5 spice (#1 Chinese food secret)

Every region or country might have a typical character of food. It is usually contributed by the region’s signature secret herbal and spices which are used as seasoning to enhance the flavor of the foods. Not only used in foods, the spices are also common to be used as traditional medication property. One of the […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Chinese Squash

Squash is one of the delicious fruit and commonly cooked in many countries. Including in Chinese, which also familiar with the health benefits of Chinese squash. Not only easy to find, it also easy to cook. The way to prepare the fruit is not too complicated. Normally, this Chinese green squash is cooked into a […]

12 List of Medicinal Plants in China for Home Remedy Solutions

Chinese medicine is one of the famous one in traditional and home remedy. The secret of Chinese herb health, traditional and home remedy has been well known for over centuries and some of them even have been applied to modern medicine and have been proven scientifically. Ginseng The first medicinal plant that supposed to be […]

Top 10 Chinese Herbs for Health You Must Know

When talking about traditional medicine, Chinese is probably in the top of the list. The practice of Chinese’s traditional medicine is including Chinese herbs for health, massage, acupuncture up to exercises. Even now, modern medicine is using Chinese’s traditional practice of medicine as references and herbs used to be used by Chinese traditionally are packed […]